Sociology [SOC courses]

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Students in a course without the prerequisites (as listed in the Arts and Science Calendar) will be removed at any time they are discovered.

For SOC101Y1: Arts and Science students enroll in L0101 only. Section L2001 is reserved for Physical Health and Education students and Transitional Year Program students.

For SOC102H1F: Arts and Science students enroll in L5101 only. Sections L2001 and L2002 are reserved for Transitional Year Program students and the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, respectively. Sections L3001 to L3003 are reserved for STEPS-to-University program students.

For SOC102H1S/Y: Sections L3001 to L3003 are reserved for STEPS-to-University program students.

For SOC103H1S: Arts and Science students enroll in L5101 only. Sections L2001 and L2002 are reserved for Transitional Year Program students and the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, respectively.

For SOC202H1 S: Students enrolled in L0101 must enroll in either T0101 or T0201; students enrolled in L0201 must enroll in either T0201 or T0202; students enrolled in L5101 must enroll in either T0301 or T0302.

For Topics in Sociological Research courses: Topics vary every session. See timetable on the Faculty of Arts & Science website for current offerings.

For Independent Research courses: Deadline for submission of applications to department, including supervisor's approval, is the first day of classes for the session. See website for prerequisites, instructions and forms.

For 'E' indicator courses: students must contact the Undergraduate Program Administrator via

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Monday to Friday 1:30 to 4:00 p.m.

Explanation on codes and Enrolment Indicators

Sociology [SOC courses]
Course Section
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Enrolment # Wait
List #
SOC101Y1YIntro SociologyL0101YW12-2 C. Caron See Details 14401640
   L2001NW12-2 C. CaronR 5000
   T0101NM10    62140
   T0102NM11    62200
   T0103NM12    6280
   T0104NM1    62170
   T0105NM2    6250
   T0106NM3    6290
   T0201NT10    6220
   T0202NT9    6200
   T0203NT12    6240
   T0204NT12    6240
   T0205NT1    6250
   T0206NT2    6210
   T0207NT1    6220
   T0208NT2    6250
   T0209NT3    6220
   T0301NT5    6250
   T0302NT6    6200
   T0303NT7    6200
   T0304NW9    6240
   T0401NW10    62270
   T0402NW11    6290
   T0403NW9    6210
   T0404NW10    6210
   T0405NW11    62110
SOC102H1FSocial InequalitiesL2001NT6-8 L. TeppermanRSee Details 1501500
   L2002NT6-8 L. Tepperman  2000
   L3001NTBA  R  00
   L3002NTBA  R  00
   L3003NTBA  R  00
   L5101YT6-8 L. Tepperman  9902200
SOC102H1SSocial InequalitiesL3001NTBA  R  00
   L3002NTBA  R  00
SOC102H1YSocial InequalitiesL3001NTBA  R  00
   L3002NTBA  R  00
SOC103H1SSocial InstitutionsL2001NT6-8 J. HristovRSee Details 1501500
   L2002NT6-8 J. HristovR 2500
   L5101YT6-8 J. Hristov  9651900
SOC200H1FLogic of Soc InquiryL0101YT12-2 A. MarinRSee Details 1701080
   L0201YR10-12 A. MarinR 1631100
SOC201H1FTheory IL5101YM6-8 J. VeugelersRSee Details 1701150
SOC202H1SQuantitative MethodsL0101YF10-12  RSee DetailsStudents in L0101 must enroll in eitherT0101, T0102 or T0103 1201202
   L5101YM5-7 M. SchaferRStudents in L5101 must enroll in either T5101, T5102, or T5103 120740
   T0101NM10-12    40400
   T0102NT1-3    40400
   T0103NW10-12    40400
   T5101NR10-12    40240
   T5102NR1-2:30    40330
   T5103NF10:30-12    4040
SOC203H1STheory IIL5101YM6-8 J. VeugelersRSee Details 2101290
SOC205H1SUrban SociologyL0101YT12-2 B. Berry   13013078
SOC210H1FEthnic RelationsL0101YT9-11 E. Fong   130970
SOC212H1FCrime & DevianceL0101YT11-1 C. Kruttschnitt   13013090
   L0201YR2-4 C. Tatham  13013087
SOC214H1FFamily PatternsL0101YR12-2 B. Fox   13013019
   T0101NR2    65650
   T0201NR3    65570
SOC218H1FAsian CommunitiesL0101YM1-3 E. Fong   130950
SOC220H1FSoc StratificationL0101YT12-2 G. Wodtke   1301220
SOC243H1FSociology of HealthL0101YM10-12 W. Magee   13013026
SOC244H1SSociol of HealthcareL0101YW2-4 J. Rangel   13013051
SOC246H1FSoc of Aging IL0101YT10-12 M. Schafer   2101430
SOC250Y1YSociol of ReligionL5101YW5 J. Bryant   90670
     W6-8 J. Bryant     
SOC260H1SPolitical SociologyL0101YM10-12 M. Faruque   1301302
SOC265H1FGender & SocietyL0101YT12-2 B. Fox   1301100
   T0101NT2    65650
   T0201NT3    65380
SOC279H1SContentious PoliticsL0101YR11-1 J. Hristov   130940
   T0101NR1    35350
   T0102NR1    30210
   T0201NR2    35250
   T0202NR2    3070
SOC281H1FCulture & InequalityL0101YT2-4 B. Erickson   13013011
SOC299Y1YRsch Opportunity PrgL0101NTBA C. CaronE   20
SOC300H1FQuant ApplicationsL0101YR1-3 B. WheatonRSee Details 32230
   T0101NW12-2    32200
SOC301Y1YTheories InequalityL0101Cancel     
SOC302H1SQualitative AnalysisL0101YF1-3 S. AbjiRSee Details 40260
   T0101NF3    20190
   T0201NF4    2060
SOC303H1FFamily DemographyL0101Cancel     
SOC309Y1YSociology of AidsL0101YF9-11 R. Travers   1401400
SOC312H1SPopulation & SocietyL0101YW12-2 B. Berry   1401260
SOC313H1SSocial ControlL0101YT9-11 S. Hayle   130770
   L0201YR2-4 A. Shvarts  1301190
SOC314H1SFamily RelationsL0101Cancel     
SOC336H1FImmig/Race Rels CanadaL0101YT10-12 J. Reitz   10010019
SOC355H1FIntro Social NetworksL0101YW12-2 A. Marin   505132
SOC356Y1YTechnology & SocietyL0101YM11-1 G. Mo   75490
SOC357H1SLives in CanadaL0101YT2-4 B. Erickson   505012
SOC363H1FSoc of Mental HealthL0101YT1-3 B. Wheaton   14014137
SOC365H1SGender RelationsL0101YT4-6 A. Green   120730
SOC367H1FRace, Class, GenderL0101YW3-5 T. Giacomini   10010012
   T0101NF10    25210
   T0201NF11    25250
   T0301NF1    25250
   T0401NF2    25200
SOC376H1FContemp Sociological TheoryL0101YM10-12 J. VeugelersRSee Details 40170
SOC384H1FNeighbourhood & CommL0101YT4-6 E. Fong   100960
SOC386H1FTop: Soc Research (Jews, A Diaspora People)L0101YM4-6 I. Zeitlin   40170
SOC388H1FSoc Everyday LifeL0101YT10-12 V. Leschziner   909010
SOC390Y1YIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE   00
SOC391H1FIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE   00
SOC392H1SIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE   00
SOC395H1STop: Sociol Research (Gender & Sexuality)L0101YR4-6 A. Green   96590
SOC396H1FTop: Sociol Research (Sociology of Hip Hop)L0101Cancel     
SOC397H1STop: Sociol Research (International Criminal Justice & Atrocities)L0101YM1-3 R. LeviP*See Details 50450
SOC412H1SMedicalization of DevL5101NW5-7 A. KlassenRSee Details 25250
SOC478H1SSoc Context Public PolicyL0101NT2-4 I. PengRSee Details 25200
SOC481H1SCulture & Soc NetworksL0101NR2-4 B. EricksonRSee Details 25250
SOC483Y1YCulture and CognitionL0101NW10-12 V. LeschzinerRSee Details 25170
SOC490Y1SIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE   00
SOC490Y1YIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE  10
SOC491H1FIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE   10
SOC492H1SIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE   00
SOC493H1FTop: Soc Research (Sociology of Disability)L5101NT5-7 T. TitchkoskyRSee Details 25210
SOC493H1STop: Soc Research (Philosophy of Social Science)L0101NT2-5 C. CaronR 2580
SOC494H1FTop: Soc Research (Social Psychology Inequality)L0101NT3-5 G. WodtkeRSee Details 25230
SOC494H1STop: Soc Research (Researching Social Networks)L0101NW12-2 A. MarinR 25110
SOC496H1FTop: Soc Research (Social Psychology)L0101CancelSee Details    
SOC496H1STop: Soc Research (Sociology of Creativity & Innovation)L0101NR10-12 V. LeschzinerR 25120
SOC497H1FTop: Soc Research (Racial & Ethnic Identity)L0101YM12-2  RSee Details 25220
SOC497H1STop: Soc Research (Gun Violence)L0101NM12-2 J. LeeR 25250
SOC498H1STop: Soc Research (Gender, Health, and Medicine)L0101YT12-2  RSee Details 25150
SOC499H1FTop: Soc ResearchL0101CancelSee Details    
SOC499H1STop: Soc Research (Sociology of Food: Canadian Foodways)L0101YM10-12  R 25140

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