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Students in a course without the prerequisites (as listed in the Arts and Science Calendar) will be removed at any time they are discovered.

For SOC101Y1: Arts and Science students enroll in L0101 only. Sections L2001, L3001 through L3011; L2001 is reserved for Physical Health and Education students and Transitional Year Program students; L3001 through L3011 are off-campus and for Steps to University program students only.

For Topics in Sociological Research courses: Topics vary every session. See website for current offerings.

For Independent Research courses: Deadline for submission of applications to department, including supervisor's approval, is the first day of classes for the session. See website for prerequisites, instructions and forms.

For 'E' indicator courses: students must contact the professor. Contact information is available on the department website

Departmental Hours: Monday to Friday 1:30 to 4:00 p.m.

Explanation on codes and Enrolment Indicators

Sociology [SOC courses]
Course SC Title
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Ind Controls
SOC101Y1YIntro SociologyL0101YW12-2 CHCaron/Brym  
   L2001NW12-2 CHCaron/BrymR
   L3001NTBA TbaR
   L3002NTBA TbaR
   L3003NTBA TbaR
   L3004NTBA TbaR
   L3005NTBA TbaR
   L3006NTBA TbaR
   L3007NTBA TbaR
   L3008NTBA TbaR
   L3009NTBA TbaR
   L3010NTBA TbaR
   L3011NTBA TbaR
SOC102H1FSocial InequalitiesL2001NT6-8 CH L. TeppermanR 
   L2002NT6-8 CH L. TeppermanR
   L5101YT6-8CH L. Tepperman 
SOC103H1SSocial InstitutionsL2001NT6-8CH R. LieflanderR 
   L2002NT6-8CH R. LieflanderR
   L5101YT6-8CH R. Lieflander 
SOC200H1FLogic of Soc InquiryL0101YT12-2 SS 2135 A.MarinRSee Details
   L0201YW12-2 SS 2135M. EastonR
SOC201H1FTheory IL5101YM6-8 SS 2117J. VeugelersRSee Details
SOC202H1SQuantitative MethodsL0101YT10-12 MP 134M. SchaferRSee Details
     R1-2:30 FE 36M. Schafer 
   L0102YT10-12 MP 134M. SchaferR
     F10:30-12 FE 36M. Schafer 
   L0201YT10-12 FE 36N. LightmanR
     W4-6 SS 1085N. Lightman 
   L0202YW4-6 SS 1085N. LightmanR
     R10-12 FE 36N. Lightman 
   L0301YT1-3 FE 36M. MajerskiR
     R10-12 SS 1085M. Majerski 
   L0302YW10-12 FE 36M. MajerskiR
     R10-12 SS 1085M. Majerski 
SOC203H1STheory IIL5101YM6-8 MB 128S. HayleRSee Details
SOC205H1SUrban SociologyL0101YR12-2 WI 1016B. Berry  
SOC210H1FEthnic RelationsL0101YM1-3 BI 131
(Note: room change)
SOC212H1FCrime & DevianceL0101YT2-4 BA 1130C. Kruttschnitt  
   L5101YR6-8 RW 110C. Caron 
SOC212H1SCrime & DevianceL0101YT3-5 RW 117C. Caron 
SOC218H1SAsian CommunitiesL0101YM1-3 SS 2135 G.Mo  
SOC220H1FSoc StratificationL0101YM2-4 FG 103G. Wodtke  
SOC243H1FSociology of HealthL0101YM10-12 UC 140W. Magee  
SOC244H1SSociol of HealthcareL0101YW2-4 SS 2118C. Rangel  
SOC250Y1YSociol of ReligionL5101YW5 Contact department for information J. Bryant  
     W6-8 KP 108
(note: room change)
J. Bryant 
SOC256H1FLives and SocietiesL0101YR2-4 SS 1087B. Erickson  
SOC260H1SPolitical SociologyL0101YM3-5 WI 1016 B.Abdalrahmanalaraj  
SOC265H1FGender & SocietyL0101YR12-2 WI 1016B. Fox  
SOC279H1SContentious PoliticsL5101YR4-6 SS 2135J. Hristov  
      T0101 section added N R1        
      T0102 section added N R1        
      T0201 section added N R2        
      T0202 section added N R2        
      T5101 section added N R6        
SOC281H1FCulture & InequalityL0101YT2-4 BA 1170B. Erickson  
SOC300H1FQuant ApplicationsL0101YM1-3 SS 1084B. WheatonRSee Details
     R1-3 FE 36B. Wheaton 
SOC302H1SQualitative AnalysisL0101YF1-3 SS 2111S. AbjiRSee Details
      T0101 section added N F12        
      T0201 section added N F3      
SOC303H1FFamily DemographyL0101YR1-3 SS 1085R. Lieflander 
SOC304H1SStatus AttainmentL0101YM2-4 RW 117C. Jones  
SOC305H1SChild DevelopmentL0101YW12-2 SS 2102C. Jones  
SOC309Y1YSociology of AidsL0101YF10-12 SS 2117R. Travers  
SOC312H1SPopulation & SocietyL0101YT12-2 RW 110B. Berry  
SOC313H1FSocial ControlL0101YW10-12 FG 103L. Tepperman  
SOC313H1SSocial ControlL0101YW11-1 SS 2135C. Kruttschnitt 
   L0201YR3-5 SS 2118C. Caron 
SOC314H1FFamily RelationsL0101YT12-2 SS 1087B. Fox  
      T0101 section added N T2        
      T0201 section added N T3        
SOC336H1FImmig/Race Rels CanadaL0101YT10-12 SS 1069J. Reitz  
SOC355H1FIntro Social NetworksL0101YW12-2 SS 2127A. Marin  
SOC356Y1YTechnology & SocietyL0101YM11-1 WI 1016G. Mo  
SOC357H1SLives in CanadaL0101YT2-4 WI 523B. Erickson  
SOC362H1SQuality of Social LifeL0101YR12-2 SS 2108W. Magee  
SOC363H1FSoc of Mental HealthL0101YW12-2 SS 2102B. Wheaton  
SOC364H1FUrban HealthL0101YR12-2 WI 1017B. Berry  
SOC365H1SGender RelationsL0101YR3-5 WI 1017A. Green  
SOC366H1SWomen and WorkL5101YR6-8 UC 179A. Rodney  
SOC367H1FRace, Class, GenderL0101YW3-5 SS 1087S. Abji  
      T0101 section added N F10        
      T0201 section added N F11        
      T0301 section added N F1        
      T0401 section added N F2        
SOC371H1SComparative Polit SocL0101Y T11-1 (note: time change) RS 211
(Note: room change)
      T0101 section added N T1        
      T0102 section added N T1        
      T0201 section added N T2        
      T0202 section added N T2        
SOC376H1SContemp Sociological TheoryL0101YM10-12 SK 720M. GodboutRSee Details
SOC384H1FNeighbourhood & CommL0101Cancel 

Top: Soc Research
Jews, A Diaspora People (subtitle added)

L0101YM4-6 UC 52I. Zeitlin  
SOC386H1STop: Soc Research
(Sociology of Murder)
L0101YM12-2 WI 524J. Lee 
SOC387H1STop: Soc Research
(Employment & Immigration)
L0101YT10-12 SS 2105J. Reitz  
SOC388H1FSoc Everyday LifeL0101YR10-12 BL 205
(Note: room change)
V. Leschziner  
SOC390Y1YIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE 
SOC391H1FIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE 
SOC392H1SIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE 
SOC395H1FTop: Sociol Research
(Foundations of Class Analysis)
L0101YT1-3 WI 524G. Wodtke  
SOC396H1FTop: Sociol Research
(Sociology of Hip Hop)
L0101YM12-2 WI 523J. Lee  
SOC397H1STop: Sociol Research
(International Criminal Justice & Atrocities)
L0101YW4-6 WW 120R. LeviP*See Details
SOC412H1SMedicalization of DevL5101YW6-8 SS 1078A. KlassenRSee Details
SOC413H1SSoc of PunishmentL0101YT11-1 SS 2120C. KruttschnittRSee Details
SOC422H1FPolitical SociologyL5101YW5-7 SS 1078B. AbdalrahmanalarajRSee Details
SOC427H1SFamilies & HealthL0101YW10-12 SS 570M. SchaferRSee Details
SOC448H1FSociology & EmotionsL0101YR12-2 SS 2129W. MageeRSee Details
SOC455H1SSocial NetworkL0101YW12-2 FE 36A. Marin (Note: no enrolment indicator)  
SOC478H1SSoc Context Public PolicyL0101YT2-4 BL 112I. PengRSee Details
SOC481H1SCulture & Soc NetworksL0101YR2-4 SS 2129B. EricksonRSee Details
SOC483Y1YCulture and CognitionL0101YW10-12 BF 315V. LeschzinerRSee Details
SOC490Y1SIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE 
SOC490Y1YIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE
SOC491H1FIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE 
SOC492H1SIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE 
SOC493H1FTop: Soc Research
(Sociology of Disability)
L5101YT5-7 SS 2101
(Note: room change)
T. TitchkoskyRSee Details
SOC494H1FTop: Soc Research
(Professing Sociology)
L0101YT3-5 RL 14081M. SchaferRSee Details
SOC496H1FTop: Soc Research
(Housing, Households & Inhabitance)
L0101YT12-2 SS 1078B. BerryRSee Details
SOC496H1STop: Soc Research
(Social Psychology)
L0101YT1-3 SS 2101G. WodtkeR
SOC497H1FTop: Soc Research
(Research Design)
L0101YR4-6 SS 2129A. GreenRSee Details
SOC498H1STop: Soc Research
(Mental Health over the Life Course)
L0101YM1-3 RL 14081B. WheatonRSee Details
SOC499H1FTop: Soc Research
L0101YM3-5 RL 14081J. LeeRSee Details

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