St. Michael's College Courses [SMC courses]

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St. Michael's College Courses [SMC courses]
Course Section
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Enrolment # Wait
List #
SMC103Y1YCatholicismL0101YMW1 R. Locklin   50290
   T0101NM2    25170
   T0201NW12    25120
SMC141Y1YIntro to Irish LangL0101YT10-12 U. Ni Sheanain   30150
   T0101NW10    1580
   T0201NW12    1570
SMC176Y1YMedieval LatinL0101YMW10-12 A. Wilson   15120
SMC188Y1YCornerstones Justice (Mediums of Justice and Culture)L0101NT12 J. SunkenbergESee Details 25170
     W1 J. Sunkenberg     
  Cornerstones Justice (Constructing the Self and Community)L0201NT2 J. SunkenbergE 25150
     W1 J. Sunkenberg     
  Cornerstones Justice (Resistance and Rebellion)L0301Cancel    
  Cornerstones Justice (Resistance and Rebellion)L0301Cancel    
  Cornerstones Justice (Poverty and Politics in the Christian Traditions)L0401NW11  RodricksE 25100
     W1 Sunkenberg     
SMC201H1FChristian Imaginatn IIL0101YF10-12 G. Sheldon   50160
SMC203Y1YXtianity & SocietyL0101YM10-1 Donovan/McGowan   35190
SMC210H1FEarly MediaevalL0101YT2-4 G. Sheldon   41300
SMC212H1SLater MediaevalL0101YT2-4 K. Allen   41350
SMC213H1FDante ImaginationL0101YR10-12 K. Allen   40180
SMC215H1SVariety of Xian ComL0101YW2-4 G. Silano   50350
SMC217H1FLit & Xtn ChildL0101YT3 M. O'Connor   50260
     R4 M. O'Connor     
   T0101NT4    25110
   T0201NR3    25140
SMC219Y1YMass MediaL0101YWF10 S. HoseltonPSee Details 1981900
SMC222H1SMediaeval Lat Lit IL0101YMW12-2 M. Elliot   2050
SMC226H1SKing ArthurL0101YW2-4 B. Miles   68550
SMC228H1FBiblio & Print CultL0101YT2-5 E. TersigniPSee Details 1981650
SMC229H1SReaders & ReadershipsL0101YF2-5 J. SunkenbergPSee Details 1981700
SMC232H1SModels Xty & ScienceL0101YR2-4 P. Chung   50420
SMC240H1FCeltic Cultures IL0101YMW11 B. Miles   33260
SMC241H1SCeltic Cultures IIL0101YMW11 T. Morris   25200
SMC242Y1YIntro Scottish GaelicL5101YR6-9 D. Livingston-Lowe   2570
SMC243Y1YModern WelshL0101YF10-1 H. Philips   2590
SMC250Y1YCeltic MythologyL5101YW6-8 G. Gos   68470
SMC251H1FIntermed Irish IL0101YR10-12 U. Ni Sheanain   2090
   T0101NR12    2090
SMC252H1SIntermed Irish IIL0101YR10-12 U. Ni Sheanain   2070
   T0101NR12    2070
SMC291H1SBroadcast Media & CultrL0101YT12-3 P. BabiakPSee Details 68490
SMC300H1FSpecial Topics BMS (Libraries, Special Collections and Archives)L0101YM2-4 J. ReidPSee Details 35260
SMC307Y1YScript in Xian TradL0101Cancel     
SMC309H1FXty and PoliticsL0101YM2-4 G. Silano   50320
SMC312H1SCatholicism & EducL0101YM2-4 G. Silano   68520
SMC313H1SCatholic Ed in OntL0101YF10-12 P. Reale   35250
SMC314H1FMedia RevolutionsL0101YF2-4 J. SunkenbergPSee Details 67530
   L0201YF2-4 J. ReidP 67320
SMC315H1FNewspaper in CanadaL0101YM10-12 M. ValpyPSee Details 100740
SMC316H1SSocial TechnologyL0101YW2-4 S. GrimesPSee Details 50520
SMC318H1SEarly TelevisionL0101YR10-12 S. HoseltonPSee Details 68680
   L0201YR10-12 P. BabiakP 68650
SMC319H1SMedia EthicsL0101YR2-4 A. CristianoPSee Details 60560
   L0201YR2-4 M. ValpyP 60560
SMC322H1SXtianity & FeminismL0101YW4-6 S. Hopkirk   50340
SMC323H1FMediaeval Lat Lit IIL0101YMW4-6 K. Lindeman   1260
SMC324H1FMediaeval BibleL0101YR10-12 U. Andree   3580
SMC330Y1SChrist in Xian TradL0101Cancel     
SMC334H1SCeltic Study Top II (Scottish Witchcraft)L0101YW10-12 S. Macdonald   30150
SMC337H1FEarly Celtic HistoryL0101YM2-4 D. Brielmaier   50260
SMC347H1STrad Celtic MusicL0101YW4-6 T. Morris   35270
SMC355H1SContemp Celt CinemaL5101YM6-9 K. Urschel   68240
SMC360H1SMediaeval Vern LitL0101Cancel     
SMC361H1FMedieval LawL0101YR2-4 G. Silano   40240
SMC362Y1SDev Justice DignityL5101NT7-9 R. LocklinE  12120
SMC373H1SCeltic PoetryL0101YM2-4 D. Brielmaier   35150
SMC378H1FIreland Since the FamineL0101YW2-4 D. Wilson   25160
SMC380H1FSMC Indep StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE   00
SMC380H1SSMC Indep StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE  00
SMC381Y1YSMC Indep StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE   20
SMC385H1FNumbers & Humanities (Multicultural Toronto)L0101YT10-12 M. McGowanPSee Details 68690
   L0201YT10-12 G. Pawlus KasprzakP 50470
SMC386H1FBook & Media InternshipL0101NTBA TbaE   20
SMC386H1SBook & Media InternshipL0101NTBA TbaE  60
SMC387H1FAdvertising & MediaL0101YR2-4 C. ThompsonPSee Details 68610
   L0201YR2-4 P. SaeediP 68620
SMC388Y1YIndependent Studies B&ML0101NTBA  E   20
SMC390Y1SIndep Study Xty-CultL0101Cancel     
SMC390Y1YIndep Study Xty-CultL0101Cancel    
SMC391H1FIndep Study Xty-CultL0101NTBA StaffE   00
SMC391H1SIndep Study Xty-CultL0101NTBA StaffE  00
SMC395Y1YIndep Study Celt StuL0101NTBA StaffE   00
SMC396H1FIndep Study Celt StuL0101NTBA StaffE   00
SMC396H1SIndep Study Celt StuL0101NTBA StaffE  00
SMC397H1FReligion & MediaL0101YW10-12 J. PungentePSee Details 68620
SMC398H1FIndependent Stud B&ML0101NTBA StaffE   30
SMC398H1SIndependent Stud B&ML0101NTBA StaffE  60
SMC399Y1SIndependent Stud B&ML0101NTBA      30
SMC406H1FMedieval Seminar II (The Bishop and his Church in the High Middle Ages)L0101NW2-4 G. SilanoE  1550
SMC406H1SMedieval Seminar II (Medieval Criminal Law)L0101Cancel    
SMC411H1FCeltic Study Top IL0101Cancel     
SMC413H1SIrish & Scots in CanadaL0101YR2-4 S. Conway   20140
SMC416H1FIrish Nat in CanadaL0101YM10-12 D. WilsonPSee Details 2540
SMC430H1SAdv Topics BMS I (Media Manipulation and History)L0101YT10-12 M. McGowanPSee Details 30280
SMC431H1SAdv Topics BMS II (What is Information?)L0101YT1-3 R. LoganRSee Details 30280
SMC433Y1SInd Studies Xty CultL0101Cancel     
SMC433Y1YInd Studies Xty CultL0101Cancel    
SMC434H1FInd Studies Xty CultL0101NTBA StaffE   40
SMC434H1SInd Studies Xty CultL0101NTBA StaffE  30
SMC435H1FInd Mediaeval StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE   00
SMC435H1SInd Mediaeval StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE  20
SMC436H1SAdvanced LatinL0101YR10-12 U. Andree   3030
SMC440Y1YMiddle WelshL0101YT2-4 B. Miles   2520
SMC451Y1YSen Essay Celt StuL0101NTBA StaffE   20
SMC457H1FDirected ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE   30
SMC457H1SDirected ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE  40
SMC459H1SSocial JusticeL0101Cancel     
SMC463H1FMedia in EducationL0101YR10-12 S. HoseltonPSee Details 30320
SMC464H1FChurch, Ethics, and MediaL0101YW2-4 M. O'ConnorPSee Details 30240
SMC465H1FMcLuhanL0101YT1-3 R. LoganPSee Details 30280
SMC471H1FInternshipL0101NTBA  E   100
SMC472Y1YResearch SeminarL0101Cancel     
SMC480H1FSMC Indep StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE   00
SMC480H1SSMC Indep StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE  30
SMC481Y1FSMC Indep StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE   10
SMC481Y1SSMC Indep StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE  10
SMC481Y1YSMC Indep StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE  20
SMC490Y1SSenior Essay Med StuL0101NTBA  E   10
SMC490Y1YSenior Essay Med StuL0101NTBA StaffE  10

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