Psychology [PSY courses]

The following timetable information is the most current information available.

The Department of Psychology undergraduate website ( contains course details and updates, as well as a listing of academic advising office hours.

There is no prerequisite for PSY100H1, however, all PSY courses beyond PSY100H1 require prerequisites. Please consult the Arts & Science Calendar or the undergraduate Psychology website for details. Transfer, Non-degree, and Visiting Students must bring a photocopy of their transcripts to the Undergraduate Administrator during academic advising hours before enrolling in any PSY course at the 200-level or above if they have completed the prerequisites at another institution. This is to ensure that the Department knows you have the appropriate equivalent prerequisites for the course(s) in which you wish to enroll. Failing to do so may result in your removal from the course(s). Students who have taken the prerequisites at the University of Toronto, including the UTSC and UTM campuses, need not provide such proof as this information will be available to the Department via ROSI.

For PSY405H1/Y1 and 406H1/Y1: Project proposals must be submitted by the second week in September for F and Y section code courses, and by the second week in January for S section code courses.

For 'PE' indicator courses: Enroll via the SWS during the St. George Campus round of enrolment. Starting August 15, 'PE' course enrolment and cancellation is processed by the Undergraduate Administrator in SS 4014 during regular academic advising office hours.

Departmental Hours (September 1 to 4):
Tuesday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Explanation on codes and Enrolment Indicators
Psychology [PSY courses]
Course Section
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Enrolment # Wait
List #
PSY100H1FIntro PsychologyL0101YT11 D. DoldermanPSee Details 150012170
     R11-1 D. Dolderman     
PSY100H1SIntro PsychologyL0101YT10-1 A. Waggoner DentonP 150012320
   L5101YM6-9 J. VervaekeP 5004010
PSY201H1FStatistics IL0101YT10-1 A. Waggoner DentonPSee Details 2001780
   L5101YR6-9 G. RoweP 2001870
PSY202H1SStatistics IIL5101YR6-9 G. RowePSee Details 2001580
PSY210H1FIntro DevelopmentL5101YT6-9 E. AkbariPSee Details 1881620
PSY210H1SIntro DevelopmentL0101YM1-4 E. AkbariP 1881670
PSY220H1FIntro Social PsychL0101YR10-1 A. Waggoner DentonPSee Details 2081910
PSY220H1SIntro Social PsychL0101YR9-12 J. PlaksP 1881650
   L5101YR6-9 A. Waggoner DentonP 1881580
PSY230H1FIntro PersonalityL0101YW10-1 D. DoldermanPSee Details 1881620
PSY230H1SIntro PersonalityL0101YTR1:30-3 J. PetersonP 1881300
PSY240H1FIntro Abnormal PsychL0101YF1-4 S. KushnerPSee Details 1881600
PSY240H1SIntro Abnormal PsychL0101YF12-3 A. DarosP 1881590
   L5101YW6-9 S. KushnerP 1881750
PSY260H1FLearning & PlasticityL5101YT6-9 M. RalphPSee Details 1881440
PSY260H1SLearning & PlasticityL0101YT11-2 S. GroppeP 2302170
PSY270H1FIntro Cognitive PsychL0101YT2-5 S. FerberPSee Details 1881510
PSY270H1SIntro Cognitive PsychL0101YR1-4 D. ChanP 1881720
   L5101YM6-9 K. WilsonP 2242080
PSY280H1FSensation & PerceptionL0101YR2-5 D. Bernhardt-WaltherPSee Details 1881550
PSY280H1SSensation & PerceptionL5101YT6-9 C. BurtonP 1881540
PSY290H1FPhysiol PsyL0101YM11-2 S. GroppePSee Details 1881630
PSY290H1SPhysiol PsyL5101YT5-8 J. KimP 1881600
PSY299Y1YRsch Opportunity PrgL0101NTBA M. BarenseE   10
   L0201NTBA D. Bernhardt-WaltherE  10
   L0301NTBA D. BuchsbaumE  40
   L0401NTBA A. ChasteenE  40
   L0501NTBA  E  00
   L0601NTBA I. SpenceE  20
   L0701NTBA G. EinsteinE  30
   L0801NTBA J. GrusecE  20
   L0901NTBA C. HoneyE  00
   L1001NTBA H. LempertE  20
   L1101NTBA J. PrattE  10
   L1201NTBA N. RuleE  30
   L1301NTBA  E  00
   L1401NTBA  E  00
   L1501NTBA  E  00
   L1601NTBA  E  00
   L1701NTBA  E  00
   L1801NTBA  E  00
   L1901NTBA  E  00
   L2001NTBA  R  00
PSY305H1STreatment Psych DataL0101YF12-3 X. XuPSee Details 40390
PSY307H1FPsy Special Topics (Neuroscience of Complex Human Behaviour)L0101YW9:30-12:30 J. DownarPSee Details 55400
PSY309H1SRes Spec: PracticumL0101NM11-2 P. LockwoodRSee Details 20150
PSY311H1FSocial DevelopmentL5101YM6-9 A. ShermanPSee Details 55450
PSY311H1SSocial DevelopmentL0101YM1-4 A. ShermanP 55490
PSY312H1FCognit DevelopmentL0101YT11-2 E. TecwynPSee Details 55280
PSY312H1SCognit DevelopmentL0101YT1-4 J. VervaekeP 55340
PSY313H1FAgingL0101YW3-6 G. IliePSee Details 55430
PSY313H1SAgingL5101YM6-9 G. IlieP 55320
PSY319H1SDevelopmental LabL0101CancelSee Details    
PSY320H1FSoc Psy: AttitudesL5101YR6-9 C. BurtonPSee Details 55440
PSY320H1SSoc Psy: AttitudesL0101YF10-1 C. BurtonP 55410
PSY321H1FCultural PsychL0101YM4-7 J. WilsonPSee Details 55480
PSY321H1SCultural PsychL5101YT5-8 K. TskhayP 55450
PSY322H1FIntergroup RelationsL0101YT10-1 A. ChasteenPSee Details 55460
   L5101YW6-9 L. CaryP 55300
PSY322H1SIntergroup RelationsL5101YM6-9 J. CadieuxP 55480
PSY323H1FSex Roles & BehavL0101YF10-1 N. StucklessPSee Details 55410
   L5101YR6-9 K. CostP 55500
PSY323H1SSex Roles & BehavL0101YF1-4 N. StucklessP 55410
PSY328H1FPsy LawL0101YW11-2 W. HuggonPSee Details 55510
   L0201YW4-7 W. HuggonP 55450
PSY328H1SPsy LawL0101YW11-2 H. GordonP 55460
   L0201YW4-7 H. GordonP 55440
PSY329H1FSocial Psych LabL0101NM1-4 A. Waggoner DentonPESee Details 15150
PSY329H1SSocial Psych LabL0101NM2-5 A. Waggoner DentonPE 15140
PSY331H1FSoc Psy of EmotionL0101YT11-2 A. LubyPSee Details 55360
   L5101YT5-8 A. LubyP 55320
PSY331H1SSoc Psy of EmotionL0101YT11-2 A. LubyP 55310
   L5101YT5-8 A. LubyP 55380
PSY333H1FHealth PsychologyL5101YM6-9 G. IliePSee Details 55500
PSY333H1SHealth PsychologyL0101YW3-6 G. IlieP 55280
PSY336H1FPositive PsychologyL0101YT2-5 D. DoldermanPSee Details 55470
   L5101YW6-9 C. BurtonP 55490
PSY336H1SPositive PsychologyL0101YT10-1 D. DoldermanP 55510
   L0201YR1-4 D. DoldermanP 55470
   L5101YM6-9 C. BurtonP 55450
PSY339H1FIndividual Diff LabL5101NT5-8 N. RulePESee Details 1570
PSY339H1SIndividual Diff LabL5101NT5-8 J. WilsonPE 15110
PSY341H1FPsychopath ChildhoodL0101YW2-5 C. HetheringtonPSee Details 55400
PSY341H1SPsychopath ChildhoodL0101YM1-4 C. HetheringtonP 55470
PSY342H1FCognition & PsychopathologyL0101YR12-3 H. MorganPSee Details 55490
PSY342H1SCognition & PsychopathologyL0101Cancel    
PSY343H1FTheory PsychotherapyL5101YR6-9 T. BoritzPSee Details 55460
PSY343H1STheory PsychotherapyL0101YW4-7 T. BoritzP 55480
PSY362H1SAnimal CognitionL0101YR2-5 K. TakeharaPSee Details 55440
PSY370H1FThinking & ReasoningL0101YR1-4 J. VervaekePSee Details 55450
PSY371H1SHigher Cog ProcessesL0101YR1-4 J. VervaekePSee Details 55430
   L0201YF10-1 J. VervaekeP 30210
PSY372H1FHuman MemoryL0101YM10-1 D. DouglasPSee Details 55500
PSY372H1SHuman MemoryL0101YR10-1 D. DouglasP 55500
PSY379H1FMemory & Learn LabL5101NW5-8 G. RowePESee Details 1560
PSY379H1SMemory & Learn LabL0101NR2-5 L. HasherPE 15110
PSY390H1FBehavioural GeneticsL5101YT5-8 J. KimPSee Details 55510
PSY396H1FNeurochem of BehavL0101YT1-4 S. GroppePSee Details 55460
PSY396H1SNeurochem of BehavL0101YR1-4 S. GroppeP 55510
PSY397H1FBiological RhythmsL0101YM11-2 M. RalphPSee Details 55370
PSY397H1SBiological RhythmsL0101YM11-2 M. RalphP 55350
PSY399H1FPsychobiology LabL0101NR1-4 S. GroppePESee Details 14110
PSY400Y1YThesisL0101NR2-5 A. ChasteenRSee Details 15130
PSY402H1FSem Res PsychologyL0101NTBA StaffE   10
PSY402H1SSem Res PsychologyL0101NTBA StaffE  00
PSY403H1FSem Res PsychologyL0101NTBA StaffE   00
PSY403H1SSem Res PsychologyL0101NTBA StaffE  00
PSY404H1FSem Res PsychologyL0101NTBA StaffE   00
PSY404H1SSem Res PsychologyL0101NTBA StaffE  00
PSY405H1FInd ProjectsL0101NTBA StaffE   50
PSY405H1SInd ProjectsL0101NTBA StaffE  80
PSY405H1YInd ProjectsL0101NTBA StaffE  40
PSY405Y1YInd ProjectsL0101NTBA StaffE   220
PSY406H1FInd ProjectsL0101NTBA StaffE   00
PSY406H1SInd ProjectsL0101NTBA StaffE  00
PSY406H1YInd ProjectsL0101NTBA StaffE  20
PSY406Y1YInd ProjectsL0101NTBA StaffE   90
PSY407H1SPsy Special Topics (Drugs, Sex and Rock 'n' Roll: Addiction as a Disorder of Consumption)L0101YW4-7 P. SelbyPSee Details 55420
PSY408H1SPsy Special Topics (The Psychology of Mindfulness: Theory, Empirical Evidence and Clinical Impact)L0101YM1-4 B. TonerPSee Details 30280
PSY409H1FRes Spec: TheoryL0101NT1-3 C. HelwigRSee Details 20130
PSY414H1FMoral DevelopmentL0101YR1-4 C. HelwigPSee Details 55250
PSY420H1FSem Social Psy (The Psychology of Human Sexuality)L0101NW1-3 G. MacDonaldPESee Details 20200
PSY420H1SSem Social Psy (Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Stigma)L0101NT12-2 A. ChasteenPE 20150
  Sem Social Psy (Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Stigma)L0201NM2-4 A. ChasteenPE 1090
  Sem Social Psy (Philosophy of Psychology as a Social Science)L0301NR1-3 R. TafarodiPE 1040
PSY421H1FPerson PerceptionL5101YM6-9 D. RePSee Details 55250
PSY421H1SPerson PerceptionL0101YT11-2 D. ReP 55300
PSY424H1FRelationshipsL5101YR6-9 G. MacDonaldPSee Details 55520
PSY424H1SRelationshipsL0101YW2-5 J. MaxwellP 55540
   L0201YR10-1 Le/DayP 55480
PSY426H1FMotivational TheoryL0101YR9-12 J. PlaksPSee Details 55210
PSY426H1SMotivational TheoryL0101YT9-12 J. PlaksP 55250
PSY427H1FMedia PsychologyL0101YT12-3 R. TafarodiPSee Details 55330
PSY427H1SMedia PsychologyL0101YT12-3 R. TafarodiP 55440
PSY430H1SSem Res Personality (Self-Deception)L0101NR4-6 J. PetersonPESee Details 20200
PSY434H1SMaps of MeaningL0101YW1-4 J. PetersonPSee Details 55460
PSY435H1FEnvironmental PsychL0101YR2-5 D. DoldermanPSee Details 55500
PSY435H1SEnvironmental PsychL0101YT2-5 D. DoldermanP 55490
PSY440H1FSem Res Abnormal Psychology (Current Trends in Developmental Neuropsychology)L0101NM10-12 C. HetheringtonPESee Details 20170
PSY440H1SSem Res Abnormal PsychologyL5101NM6-8 T. GriederPE 20160
PSY450H1SHistory of PsychL5101YR6-9 G. HuffmanPSee Details 55430
PSY460H1SSem Res Learning (Animal Cognition)L0101NT3-5 K. TakeharaPESee Details 2080
  Sem Res Learning (Comparative Cognition)L0201NT11-1 E. TecwynPE 1270
PSY470H1FSem Res Memory (Aging, Attention, and Memory)L0101NR1-3 L. HasherPESee Details 20180
PSY471H1FSem Cognition (Computation in Psychology)L0101NT10-12 C. HoneyPESee Details 2080
PSY471H1SSem Cognition (Hot Topics in Human Cognition: The Consumption and Communication of Scientific Findings)L0101NW12:15-2:15 M. BarensePE 1050
  Sem Cognition (A Critical Examination of the Mindfulness Construct)L0201NT10-12 J. VervaekePE 20140
PSY471H1SSem Cognition (Cognitive Dysfunction in Neurological Disorders)L5101NW6-8 K. DuncanPE 2070
PSY473H1SSoc Cog NeuroscienceL0101YW12-3 S. TrittPSee Details 55500
PSY475H1FAttention & PerformL5101YT6-9 J. TaylorPSee Details 55440
PSY490H1SSem Res Brain & Beh (Optogenetic Probing of Animal Behaviours)L0101NF2-4 J. KimPESee Details 20160
PSY492H1FNeurobio of Learn & MemL0101YR2-5 K. TakeharaPSee Details 55360
PSY493H1FCog NeuroscienceL0101YT10-1 H. MeloPSee Details 55470
   L5101YR6-9 M. RestivoP 55320
PSY493H1SCog NeuroscienceL0101YT2-5 C. HoneyP 55480
   L5101YR6-9 H. MeloP 30260
PSY494H1FPhysio and Psy EmotionL0101YF12-3 J. HughesPSee Details 55430
PSY494H1SPhysio and Psy EmotionL0101YF12-3 J. HughesP 55440
PSY495H1FSex and the BrainL0101YTR2-3:30 G. EinsteinPSee Details 55250

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