Physics [PHY courses - includes ENV237H1, 238H1, JOP210H1, JPH441H1]

The following timetable information is the most current information available. Courses and meeting sections added will be listed below. Courses and meeting sections cancelled will be indicated as such.

PHY131H1F/PH132H1F/PHY151H1F Practicals will meet every week. Students cannot alternate their practical, on the same day, with any 100-level BIO or CHM course lab. Students will by able to add/change practical (P) sections using the SWS until September 2. Starting September 3, adding or changing Practical can be requested online at:

PHY131H1S/PH132H1S/PHY152H1F Practicals will meet every week. Students cannot alternate their practical, on the same day, with any 100-level BIO or CHM course lab. Students will by able to add/change practical (P) sections using the SWS until January 4, 2015. Starting January 5, 2015 adding or changing Practical can be requested online at:

For E indicator courses: contact T. Baptista, Undergraduate Coordinator, in room 301, McLennan Physical labs.
For general inquiries, contact the Undergraduate Office, Room 301, McLennan Physical Labs.

Explanation on codes and Enrolment Indicators

Physics [PHY courses - includes ENV237H1, 238H1, JOP210H1, JPH441H1]
Course SC Title
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Ind Controls
ENV237H1SPhy of Change Env AL0101YTR12 K. WalkerRSee Details
   P0101NM12-2  R
ENV238H1SPhy of Change Env BL0101YTR12 K. WalkerRSee Details
   P0101NM12-2  R
JPH441H1SSciences in SocietyL5101YT5-7 R. Orr  
PHY100H1SThe Magic of PhysicsL0101YTR11    
PHY131H1FIntro Physics IL0101YMW11 Meyertholen/HarlowPSee Details
   L5101YMW5 Meyertholen/HarlowP
   P0103NM1-3  P
   P0105NM3-5  P
   P0201NT10-12  P
   P0203NT1-3  P
   P0205NT3-5  P
   P0303NW1-3  P
   P0305NW3-5  P
   P0401NR10-12  P
   P0402NR12-2  P
   P0404NR2-4  P
   P0501NF10-12  P
   P0502NF12-2  P
   P0504NF2-4  P
   P5302NW6-8  P
PHY131H1SIntro Physics IL0101YMW11 N. KrasnopolskaiaP
   P0402NR12-2  P
   P0404NR2-4  P
   P0501NF10-12  P
   P0502NF12-2  P
   P0504NF2-4  P
PHY132H1FIntro Physics IIL0101YMW11 N. KrasnopolskaiaPSee Details
   P0501NF10-12  P
   P0504NF2-4  P
PHY132H1SIntro Physics IIL0101YMW11 Meyertholen/HarlowP
   L5101YMW5 Meyertholen/HarlowP
   P0103NM1-3  P
   P0105NM3-5  P
   P0201NT10-12  P
   P0202NT12-2  P
   P0205NT3-5  P
   P0303NW1-3  P
   P0305NW3-5  P
   P0402NR12-2  P
   P0404NR2-4  P
   P0501NF10-12  P
   P0502NF12-2  P
   P5302NW6-8  P
PHY151H1FFound Physics IL0101YMWF1 James/HarlowPSee Details
   P0101NT2-5  P
   P0102NT9-12  P
   P0201NM9-12  P
   P0202NW9-12  P
   P0301NR9-12  P
   P0302NR1-4  P
   P0401NF9-12  P
PHY152H1SFound Physics IIL0101YMWF1 Kim/HarlowPSee Details
   P0101NT1-4  P
   P0201NW1-4  P
   P0202NW1-4  P
   P0301NR9-12  P
   P0302NR9-12  P
   P0401NR1-4  P
PHY189H1SCutting Edge PhysicsL0101YR2-4 A. Steinberg  
PHY202H1FPhysic of Sci Fi & GamingL0101YMW3    
PHY205H1SPhysic Everyday LifeL0101YTR2 J. Harlow  
   L5101YTR5 J. Harlow 
PHY224H1FPractical Physics IL0101YTR9-12 R. Serbanescu  
   L0201YTR1-4 R. Serbanescu 
   L0301YM3-6 R. Serbanescu 
     F11-2 R. Serbanescu 
PHY231H1FPhysics Living SysL0101YMW11 R. Serbanescu  
     F1-3 R. Serbanescu 
PHY250H1SElectricity & MagL0101YMW11 R. Serbanescu  
PHY252H1FThermal PhysicsL0101YMW11 Y. Kim  
PHY254H1FMechanics Osci ChaosL0101YMW11 S. Morris  
PHY256H1SIntro Quantum PhysicL0101YMW9 A. Meyertholen  
PHY299Y1YRsch Opportunity PrgL0101NTBA P. KushnerE 
   L0201NTBA  E
   L0301NTBA  E
   L0401NTBA  E
PHY324H1SPractical Physics IIL0101YTR9-12 R. Serbanescu  
   L0201YTR1-4 R. Serbanescu 
PHY331H1SIntro Bio PhysicsL0101YM11 A. Zilman  
     W12-2 A. Zilman 
     R12 A. Zilman 
PHY350H1FElectromagnetic TheoryL0101YMW10 P. Krieger  
PHY354H1SAdv Classical MechanL0101YM3 E. Poppitz   
     F1 E. Poppitz 
PHY356H1FQuantum Mechanics IL0101YTW2 A. Steinberg 
PHY357H1SNucl & Particle PhysL0101YM10 R. Orr  
     W10 R. Orr 
     R12 R. Orr 
PHY358H1SAtoms, Molecules & SolL0101YMW2 H. Kee  
     R11 H. Kee 
PHY371Y1YSupervised Reading 1L0101NTBA P. KushnerE 
PHY372H1FSupervised Reading 2L0101NTBA P. KushnerE 
PHY372H1SSupervised Reading 2L0101NTBA P. KushnerE
PHY385H1FIntro to OpticsL0101YM3-5 N. Krasnopolskaia  
     TR1 N. Krasnopolskaia 
PHY392H1SPhysics of ClimateL0101YMW1 D. Jones  
PHY395H1SPhysics of the EarthL0101YTR12 S. Stanley  
PHY405H1FElectronics Lab IL0101YT1 J. Wei  
     F1-4 J. Wei 
PHY407H1FComputational PhysicsL0101YW1 S. Stanley  
     W3-6 S. Stanley 
PHY408H1STime Series AnalysisL0101YT1 Q. Liu  
     W10-12 Q. Liu 
PHY424H1FAdv Physics LabL0101YT9-12 Clark/Wei/Van Driel/Burch  
     F10-1 Clark/Wei/Van Driel/Burch 
PHY424H1SAdv Physics LabL0101YT9-12 Krasnopolskaia/Wei/Morris/Clark 
     F10-1 Krasnopolskaia/Wei/Morris/Clark 
PHY426H1FAdv Practic Physics IL0101YT9-12 Burch/Wei/Van Driel/Clark  
     F10-1 Burch/Wei/Van Driel/Clark 
PHY426H1SAdv Practic Physics IL0101YT9-12 Krasnopolskaia/Wei/Morris/Clark 
     F10-1 Krasnopolskaia/Wei/Morris/Clark 
PHY428H1FAdv Practic Physics IIL0101YT9-12 Burch/Wei/Clark/Van Driel  
     F10-1 Burch/Wei/Clark/Van Driel 
PHY428H1SAdv Practic Physics IIL0101YT9-12 Krasnopolskaia/Wei/Morris/Clark 
     F10-1 Krasnopolskaia/Wei/Morris/Clark 
PHY429H1FAdv Practic Physics IIIL0101YT9-12 Burch/Wei/Clark/Van Driel  
     F10-1 Burch/Wei/Clark/Van Driel 
PHY429H1SAdv Practic Physics IIIL0101YT9-12 Krasnopolskaia/Wei/Morris/Clark 
     F10-1 Krasnopolskaia/Wei/Morris/Clark 
PHY431H1STopics Bio PhysicsL0101YTR1 W. Ryu  
PHY450H1SRel ElectrodynamicsL0101YWF1 E. Poppitz  
     F2 E. Poppitz 
PHY452H1SBasic Stat MechanicsL0101YMW12 Y. Kim  
PHY454H1SContinuum MechL0101YM11    
PHY456H1FQuantum Mechanics IIL0101YMWR11 S. John  
PHY460H1SNonlinear PhysicsL0101YMW1 A. Zilman  
     W4 A. Zilman 
PHY471Y1YSupervised Reading 3L0101NTBA P. KushnerE 
PHY472H1FSupervised Reading 4L0101NTBA P. KushnerE 
PHY472H1SSupervised Reading 4L0101NTBA P. KushnerE
PHY478H1FPhysics ProjectL0101NTBA P. KushnerE 
PHY478H1SPhysics ProjectL0101NTBA P. KushnerE
PHY479Y1YPhysics ProjectL0101NTBA P. KushnerE 
PHY483H1FRelativity Theory IL0101YMTF1 C. Dyer  
PHY484H1SRelativity Theory IIL0101YM4-6 C. Dyer  
PHY485H1FAdv Classical OpticsL0101YT12 J. Thywissen  
     R2 J. Thywissen 
PHY487H1FCondensed Matter IL0101YM2 S. Julian  
     F10 S. Julian 
PHY489H1FIntr:High Energy PhyL0101YMW12 P. Krieger  
PHY489H1SIntr:High Energy PhyL0101YTBA   
PHY491H1SInterp of QmL0101YMW2-4 J. Sipe  
PHY492H1FAdv Atmos PhysL0101YR9-11 D. Jones  
PHY493H1FSeismologyL0101YTR11 Q. Liu  
PHY494H1FGeophysical ImagingL0101YTBA    
PHY494H1SGeophysical ImagingL0101YTR11 B. Milkereit 
PHY495H1FResearch GeophysicsL0101YMF11 B. Milkereit  

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