Mathematics [MAT courses includes APM]

The following timetable information is the most current information available. All changes (additional courses, meeting sections, time changes, course or meeting cancellations) since the original on-line date will be noted in the Information Updated column.

For MAT133Y1: tutorials will begin during the fourth week of classes. The list of room assignments will be posted on the course website.

For MAT135H1 F: tutorials will begin during the third week of classes. The list of room assignments will be posted on the course website on the Monday of the third week of classes. After September 23, tutorial enrolment and changes cannot be done on the SWS; contact the department starting September 24 for tutorial enrolment or changes.

For MAT136H1 S: tutorials will begin during the third week of classes. The list of room assignments will be posted on the course website on the Monday of the third week of classes. After January 20, tutorial enrolment and changes cannot be done on the SWS; contact the department starting January 21 for tutorial enrolment or changes.

For MAT223H1/224H1:
tutorials will begin during the third week of classes. The list of room assignments will be posted on the course website, at the end of the second week of classes.

For 'E' indicator courses: Contact Donna Birch, Rm 6290 at the Bahen Centre, 40 St. George Street.

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Explanation on codes and Enrolment Indicators

Mathematics [MAT courses includes APM]
Course Section
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
APM236H1FAppl Linear ProgL0101YMWF12  Tba    
APM236H1SAppl Linear ProgL5101YW6-9 S. Homayouni-Boroojeni 
APM346H1FPartial Diffl EquatL0101YMWF9 N. Hoell    
   L5101YTBA   Tba 
APM346H1SPartial Diffl EquatL5101YTBA  Tba 
     TBA  Tba 
   L5102YTBA V. Ivrii 
     TBA V. Ivrii 
APM351Y1YDiff Equa of Mat PhyL0101YT9 C. Sulem    
     R9-11 C. Sulem 
APM421H1FFdtns Quantum MechL0101YF2-5 M. Lein    
APM426H1SGeneral RelativityL0101YTR3-5 V. Schlue    
APM446H1SApp Nonlinear EquL0101YR3-6 I. Sigal    
   L5101YTBA Tba 
APM461H1SCombinatorial MethodL0101YTR10:30-12 K. Rafi    
   L5101YTBA Tba 
APM462H1SNonlin OptimizationL5101YM6-9 R. Jerrard    
APM466H1SMath Theory FinanceL0101YW9-12 L. Seco    
APM496H1FIndependent StudyL0101NTBA StaffE   
APM497H1SIndependent StudyL0101NTBA StaffE   
APM498Y1YIndependent StudyL0101NTBA StaffE   
APM499Y1YIndependent StudyL0101NTBA StaffE   
MAT133Y1YCalc Lin Alg CommercL0101YM1 P. KerginPSee Details  
     W1-3 P. Kergin 
   L0201YM2 L. ShorserP
     F1-3 L. Shorser 
   L0301YT10-12 A. IgelfeldP
     R10 A. Igelfeld 
   L0401YMTR12 A. IgelfeldP
   L0501YW1-4 D. TateP
   L5101YM7-10 D. TateP
MAT135H1FCalculus I (A)L0101YMWF9 P. RobinsonPSee Details  
   L0102YMWF9 Y. LiokumovichP  
   L0201Y MWF11 E. MazzeoP Time Changed:
May 20, 2015
   L0301YMWF12 J. OrtmannP  
   L0401YMWF1 K. ThompsonP  
   L0501YTRF10 A. LamP  
   L0502Y TRF1 J. HuangP Time Changed:
May 20, 2015
   L0503YTRF10 M. MourtadaP  
   L0601YTR10 P. SamuelsonP  
     F12 P. Samuelson   
   L0701YTR10 C. Arias AbadP  
     F1 C. Arias Abad   
   L0801YT12-2 E. LeblancP  
     R12 E. Leblanc   
   L0901YW3 A. LamP  
     F2-4 A. Lam   
   L5101YR6-9 E. LeblancP  
   L5102YM6-9 P. SastryP Day Changed:
May 20, 2015
MAT135H1SCalculus I (A)L0101YTR10 I. HalachevaP  
     F1 I. Halacheva   
   L5101YR6-9 W. GeorgeP  
    T0201N T12     
    T0301N T4     
    T0401N W4     
    T0501N R12     
    T0601N R4     
MAT136H1FCalculus I (B)L0101YMWF9 D. RowePSee Details  
   L0201YMWF12 TbaP  
   L5101YR6-9 D. SoukupP  
MAT136H1SCalculus I (B)L0101Y MWF11 TbaP Time Changed:
May 20, 2015
   L0201YMWF9 A. KolpakovP  
   L0202YMWF9 X. ShenP  
   L0301YMWF11 J. HuangP  
   L0401YMWF12 TbaP  
   L0501YMWF1 M. AdrianP  
   L0601YMWF3 M. AdrianP  
   L0701YTRF10 A. LamP  
   L0801YTR10 Y. SongP  
     F12 Y. Song   
   L0901YT12-2 E. LeblancP  
     R12 E. Leblanc   
   L1001YW3 A. LamP  
     F2-4 A. Lam   
   L5101YR6-9 E. LeblancP  
   L5201YTBA TbaP  
MAT137Y1YCalculus!L0101Y MWF10 A. Gracia-SazPSee Details Time Changed:
May 20, 2015
   L0102YMWF9 T. HoldenP  
   L0201YMWF12 I. KhatchatourianP  
   L0301YMWF1 A. Gracia-SazP  
   L0401YT9 A. Belotto Da SilvaP  
     R9-11 A. Belotto Da Silva   
      L0501 Y M10-12   Tba P Added:
May 20, 2015
          F10   Tba  
   L5101YR6-9 V. MouquinP  
MAT138H1FIntroduction to ProofsL0101YTBA TbaPSee Details  
   L5101YTBA C. ProP
     TBA C. Pro 
MAT157Y1YAnalysis IL0101YT9-11 E. BierstonePSee Details  
     R12 E. Bierstone 
MAT221H1FApplied Linear AlgebraL0101YT4-6 S. UppalPSee Details  
     R3 S. Uppal 
   L5101YT6 TbaP
     R6-8 Tba 
MAT223H1FLinear Algebra IL0101Y M1-3 M. Mota GaytanPSee Details Time Changed:
May 20, 2015
      W2 M. Mota Gaytan 
   L0201YT1-3 S. UppalP  
     R1 S. Uppal   
   L0202YT1-3 N. JungP  
     R1 N. Jung   
   L0301YM1-3 P. SastryP Day & Time
May 20, 2015
      W2 P. Sastry 
   L5101YT6-9 P. CrooksP  
   L5201YM6-9 P. SamuelsonP  
MAT223H1SLinear Algebra IL0101YT1-3 N. JungP  
     W3 N. Jung   
   L0201Y T1-3 S. UppalP  
   L0301Y TWF2 H. WuP Day & Time
May 20, 2015
   L5101YT6-9 A. IzosimovP  
   L5201YW6-9 D. MuthiahP  
MAT224H1FLinear Algebra IIL5101YT6-9 C. EaglePSee Details  
MAT224H1SLinear Algebra IIL0101YT1-3 M. Mota GaytanP
     W1 M. Mota Gaytan 
   L0201YW3-5 S. UppalP
     R3 S. Uppal 
   L5101YT6-9 A. Garcia RabosoP
MAT235Y1YCalculus Sci IIL0101YMWF2 N. JungPSee Details  
   L0201YT4 S. ChoP  
     R4-6 S. Cho   


Y M10-12   N. Jung P Added:
May 20, 2015
          W11   N. Jung  
   L5101YR6-9 M. GazeauP  
   L5102 Cancelled May 20, 2015
   T0101N T9     
    T0202N R9     
MAT237Y1YAdvanced CalculusL0101YMWF9 S. Homayouni-BoroojeniPSee Details  
   L0201YMWF2 H. NuchiP
   L5101YR6-9 K. LeungP
MAT240H1FAlgebra IL0101YM9 D. Bar-NatanPSee Details  
     T1-3 D. Bar-Natan 
     W9-11 D. Bar-Natan 
MAT244H1FOrdinary Diff EquatL0101YMTR10 Y. SongPSee Details  
   L0102YTBA  TbaP
   L5101YW6-9 V. IvriiP
   L5102YW6-9 P. MilmanP
MAT244H1SOrdinary Diff EquatL0101YMTR10 F. SolovievP
   L5101YW6-9 B. KhesinP
   L5102YTBA TbaP
MAT246H1FAbstract MathematicsL5101YW6-9 F. Murnaghan    
     R6 F. Murnaghan 
MAT246H1SAbstract MathematicsL0101YMF3 V. Kapovitch 
     W3-5 V. Kapovitch 
   L5101YT6-9 P. Rosenthal 
     W6 P. Rosenthal 
MAT247H1SAlgebra IIL0101YTR1-3 S. KudlaPSee Details  
MAT257Y1YAnalysis IIL0101YMWF2 J. Bland    
     R4-6 J. Bland 
MAT267H1SAdv Ord Diff EquatL0101YT9-11 D. Panchenko    
     RF9 D. Panchenko 
MAT271H1FInsights From MathsL0101YMWF10 J. Repka    
MAT301H1FGroups & SymmetryL5101YW6-9 A. Mousavidehshikh    
MAT301H1SGroups & SymmetryL5101YW6-9 F. Murnaghan 
MAT309H1FIntro Math LogicL0101YT1-3 D. Ojeda Aristizabal    
     R1 D. Ojeda Aristizabal 
MAT315H1SIntro Number TheoryL0101YMWF9 H. Kim    
MAT327H1FIntro to TopologyL0101YM2 R. Rotman    
     R2-4 R. Rotman 
MAT329Y1YConcepts Elemt MathL5101NM6-9 F. RecioE   
MAT332H1FIntro to Graph TheorL0101YT2-4 K. Rafi    
     R3 K. Rafi 
MAT334H1FComplex VariablesL0101YMWF10 G. Benyamini    
   L5101YT6-9 G. Benyamini 
MAT334H1SComplex VariablesL0101YMWF9 I. Graham 
   L5101YT6-9 D. Muthiah 
MAT335H1FChaos Fractals DynamL0101YMWF12 B. Brando Albino Galvao De S    
MAT336H1SElements of AnalysisL0101YM4 J. Kitagawa   
     W2-4 J. Kitagawa 
   L2001YM4 J. KitagawaR See Details  
     W2-4 J. Kitagawa 
MAT337H1SIntro Real AnalysisL0101YW2-4 R. RotmanPSee Details  
     F4 R. Rotman     
   L2001Y W2-4  R. RotmanR See Details  
          F4   R. Rotman      
MAT344H1FIntro CombinatoricsL0101Y T3 S. Tanny   Time Changed:
May 20, 2015
     R2-4 S. Tanny 
      T0101 N T4         Tutorials Added:
May 20, 2015
      T0102 N T4        
MAT347Y1YGroups, Rings & FieldsL0101YMW11 A. Gracia-Saz    
     F10-12 A. Gracia-Saz 
MAT354H1FComplex Analysis IL0101YT12-2 E. Bierstone    
     R10 E. Bierstone 
MAT357H1SReal Analysis IL0101YMWF12 J. Quastel    
MAT363H1SDiff Geometry IL0101YMWF1 V. Kapovitch    
MAT367H1SDifferential GeometryL0101YMWF1 E. Meinrenken    
MAT390H1SHis Math to 1700L0101YMWF9 C. Fraser    
MAT391H1SHis Math After 1700L0101YTBA C. Fraser    
MAT393Y1YIndependent StudyL0101NTBA StaffE   
MAT394H1FIndependent StudyL0101NTBA V. IvriiE   
MAT394H1SIndependent StudyL0101NTBA StaffE
MAT395H1FIndependent StudyL0101NTBA StaffE   
MAT396H1YIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE   
MAT397H1YIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE   
MAT401H1FPolnon Equ & FieldsL5101YM6 G. Scott    
     W6-8 G. Scott 
MAT402H1SClassical GeometriesL5101YM6 A. Khovanskii    
     W6-8 A. Khovanskii 
MAT409H1SSet TheoryL0101Y TR3-4:30 W. Weiss   Day & Time
May 20, 2015
MAT415H1SAlg Number TheoryL0101YMTR12 J. Tsimerman    
MAT417H1FAnalyt Number TheoryL0101YM10-12 Tba    
     W1 Tba 
MAT425H1FDiff TopologyL0101NTBA Tba    
MAT436H1FIntro Linear OperatorsL0101NTBA Tba    
MAT436H1SIntro Linear OperatorsL0101YMWF2 G. Elliott 
MAT437H1FTop Operator AlgebrasL0101YMWF2 G. Elliott   Section Code
May 20, 2015
MAT454H1SComplex Analysis IIL0101YMWF10 J. Bland    
MAT457H1FReal Analysis IL0101Y M12 J. Quastel   Day & Time
May 20, 2015
          W11-1   J. Quastel    
MAT458H1SReal Analysis IIL0101YMWF11 A. Burchard    
MAT464H1FDiff Geometry IIL0101YTW1-2:30 R. Rotman    
MAT475H1FProblem Solving SemL0101Y T12-2  Tba   Day & Time
May 20, 2015
          R12   Tba    
MAT475H1SProblem Solving SemL0101 Cancelled May 20, 2015
MAT477Y1YSeminar in MathL0101YT4-7 A. Nabutovsky    
MAT495H1FReadings in MathematL0101NTBA TbaE   
MAT495H1SReadings in MathematL0101NTBA TbaE
MAT496H1FReadings in MathematL0101NTBA TbaE   
MAT496H1SReadings in MathematL0101NTBA TbaE
MAT497H1FReadings in MathematL0101NTBA TbaE   
MAT497H1SReadings in MathematL0101NTBA TbaE
MAT498Y1YReadings in MathematL0101NTBA J. RepkaE   
MAT499Y1YReadings in MathematL0101NTBA TbaE   

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