History [HIS courses - includes JHA384H1, 394H1 and JHP454Y1]

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History [HIS courses - includes JHA384H1, 394H1 and JHP454Y1]
Course Section
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
HIS102Y1YEmpires, Encounter & ExchL0101YTR3 TbaPSee Details
HIS103Y1YStatecraft & StrategyL0101YMW2 D. SmythP*See Details
   L5101YM6-8 TbaP*
HIS106Y1YThe AmericasL0101YMW4 Tba See Details
HIS109Y1YEur Civ 1350 - 1945L0101YMW3 K. BartlettP*See Details
HIS202H1SGender Race ScienceL0101YT3-5 Tba  
HIS205H1STopics Women's HistoryL5101YR5-7 Tba  
HIS208Y1YJewish HistL0101YMW2 Meyerson/Tba  
HIS220Y1YMediaeval SocietyL0101YTR10 Cochelin/Tba  
HIS241H1F19th Century EuropeL0101YTR1 Tba  
HIS242H1SContemporary EuropeL0101YTR1 Tba  
HIS243H1FEurope 1450 - 1648L0101YTR11 Tba  
HIS244H1SEurope 1648 - 1815L0101YTR10 P. Cohen  
HIS263Y1YIntro to Can HistoryL0101YTR1 Bertram/Mills  
HIS271Y1YAmer Hist Since 1607L5101YW6-8 Tba  
HIS280Y1YHistory of ChinaL0101YTR10 Tba  
HIS282Y1YHistory of S. AsiaL0101YMW2 Tba  
HIS283Y1YSE Asian CrossroadsL0101YM1-3 N. Tran  
HIS291H1FColonial Lat AmericaL0101YTR3 Tba  
HIS292H1SNational Lat AmericaL0101YMW10 L. Van Isschot  
HIS293H1SAtlantic WorldL0101YTR2 B. Mandelblatt  
HIS294Y1YCaribbean HistoryL0101YT10-12 M. Newton  
HIS300H1SNA Energy HistoryL0101YT12-2 S. Penfold  
HIS309H1FEuropean RefrmationsL0101YF11-1    
HIS311Y1YCan Internat RelatnsL0101YTR2 Bothwell/TbaPSee Details
HIS312H1FImmigration to CanL0101YT3-5 I. Radforth  
HIS314H1FQuebec & French CdaL0101YW1-3 S. Mills  
HIS317H1F20th Cent GermanyL0101YW1-3 J. Jenkins  
HIS318H1SWest in CanadaL0101YT10-12 L. Bertram  
HIS320H1FBarbarian InvasionsL0101YW10-12 N. Everett  
HIS321H1SDark Age Eur 7th-10th CL0101YW10-12 N. Everett  
HIS324H1FBritish Empire 16-20cL0101YTR11 J. Mori  
HIS325H1FImperial RussiaL0101YT2-4 A. Smith  
HIS326H1FTops in Chinese His
(Bandits, Barbarians, and Bureaucrats in Early Modern China)
L0101YT10-12 Y. Wang  
HIS328H1FModern ChinaL0101YT1-3 Y. Wang  
HIS330H1F19th Cent GermanyL0101YW1-3 Tba  
HIS331H1SModern Baltic HistoryL5101YW5-7 J. Kivimae  
HIS333H1SCatholic AsiaL0101YT10-12 N. Tran  
HIS335H1FSoviet Cultural HistoryL5101YT5-7 T. Lahusen  
HIS337H1S18th Century BritainL0101YTR11 J. Mori  
HIS338H1FThe Holocaust to 1942L0101YF10-12 D. Bergen  
HIS343Y1YModern EspionageL0101YT12-2 TbaPSee Details
HIS344Y1YConflict and Co-OperL5101YT5-7 TbaPSee Details
HIS350H1FWar, State & SocietyL0101YT3-5 D. Penslar  
HIS351Y1YHis of 20th C RussiaL0101YM3-5 L. Viola  
HIS353Y1Y10-20th Cent PolandL0101YW10-12 P. Wrobel  
HIS357Y1YThe RenaissanceL0101YT3-5 Tba  
     R3 Tba 
HIS361H1SHolocaust from 1942L0101YF10-12 D. Bergen  
HIS362H1FThe Hansa MerchantsL5101YW5-7 J. Kivimae  
HIS364H1SHistory of HungaryL0101YW10-12 R. Austin  
HIS366H1SAb His Gr Lks Pt 2L0101YW2-4 Tba  
HIS372H1STop: US History
(God and Religion in America)
L5101YM6-8 R. Gordan  
HIS376H1SU.S. Now and ThenL0101YTR11 R. Pruessen  
HIS377H1S20th C Amer Foreign RelL0101YF11-1 Tba  
HIS378H1FAmerica in the 1960'sL0101YF11-1 Tba  
HIS383Y1YWomen in African HistL0101YW10-12 N. Musisi  
HIS385H1FHistory of Hong KongL0101YF12-2 Tba  
HIS387H1FFrance 1610-1848L0101YF11-1 Tba  
HIS388H1SFrance since 1848L0101YF11-1 Tba  
HIS389H1FTopics in History
(Political Violence and Human Rights in Latin America)
L0101YT10-12 L. Van Isschot  
   (The Material Culture of Canada)L0201YW1-3 L. Bertram 
HIS391Y1YBlack FreedomL0101YT2-4 S. Hawkins  
HIS392Y1YScreening FreedomL0101YR2-5 S. Hawkins  
HIS394H1FMedia & African IconsL0101YM2-4 N. Musisi  
HIS395H1FIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE 
HIS395H1SIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE
HIS395H1YIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE
HIS395Y1YIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE 
HIS401H1FHist of Cold WarL0101YF1-3 TbaP*See Details
HIS402H1FCanada and DecolL0101YT2-4 S. MillsPSee Details
HIS404H1STopics in U.S. Hist
(Taking Shots at the Man)
L5101YW6-8 TbaPSee Details
HIS412Y1YMedieval BalticL5101YR5-7 J. KivimaeP*See Details
HIS414H1FDown & Out in MedievalL0101YW10-12 I. CochelinPSee Details
HIS415Y1YNat & Mem in Mod EurL0101YM3-5 J. JenkinsPSee Details
HIS423H1FSocial His MedicineL0101YR4-6 E. ShorterP*See Details
HIS424H1FViolence in Mdvl SocL0101YW10-12 M. MeyersonPSee Details
HIS430H1FCan & the World WarsL0101YM3-5 I. RadforthP*See Details
HIS433H1SPolish JewsL0101YW10-12 P. WrobelP*See Details
HIS437H1SLies About HitlerL0101YW1-3 J. RetallackPSee Details
HIS443H1FRenaiss & ReformatnL0101YM4-6 N. TerpstraP*See Details
HIS444H1FTopics in Jewish His
(Jewish Identity in the Modern World)
L0101YR4-6 D. PenslarPSee Details
HIS451H1FWWII in E Cent EurL0101YR10-12 P. WrobelPSee Details
HIS452H1SSci & Soc 17-19C BritL0101YR3-5 J. MoriP*See Details
HIS459H1FSov His & Film IL5101YM5-7 T. LahusenP*See Details
     M7-9 T. Lahusen 
HIS460H1SSov His & Film IIL5101YM5-7 T. LahusenPSee Details
     M7-9 T. Lahusen 
HIS466H1FTopics in Can Hist
(Commemoration and Public History in Canada)
L0101YT2-4 C. MorganPSee Details
HIS466H1STopics in Can Hist
(Upper Canada: Creating a Settler Society)
L0101YT2-4 C. MorganP
   (History of Sex Trade in Canada)L0201YR10-12 L. BertramP
HIS470H1FRights in South AsiaL0101YW1-3 R. BirlaP*See Details
HIS479H1FUS Foreign Pol Sin Wrld War IIL0101YR10-12 R. PruessenP*See Details
HIS481H1SElite Women AfricaL0101YM2-4 N. MusisiP*See Details
HIS488H1FSecret War 1939-1945L0101YM4-6 D. SmythPSee Details
HIS488H1SSecret War 1939-1945L0101YM4-6 D. SmythP
HIS489H1FHis Psych IllnessL0101YF10-12 E. ShorterP*See Details
HIS492H1FEmpire Fren AtlanticL0101YW3-5 B. MandelblattP*See Details
HIS493H1SHumanity in WarL0101YW10-12 M. MarrusPSee Details
HIS495Y1YTopics in HistoryL0101YT10-1 TbaP*See Details
HIS496H1FTopics in History
(Can Foreign Relation)
L0101YW2-4 R. BothwellP*See Details
HIS496H1STopics in History
(Historical Memory and Justice in Latin America)
L0101YT10-12 L. Van IsschotP*
   (History of Rurual Canada)L0201NT12-2 R. SandwellP*
   (Slave Emancipation in the Atlantic World)L0301NW11-1 M. NewtonP*
HIS497H1SAnimal Pol & ScienceL0101YW10-12 S. HawkinsP*See Details
HIS498H1FIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE 
HIS498H1SIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE
HIS499Y1YIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE 
JHA384H1SJapan in the WorldL0101YTBA T. FujitaniPSee Details

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