Geography [GGR courses - includes JFG470H1, 475H1, JGE321H1, 331H1 and JGI216H1,346H1, 454H1 and JUG320H1]

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Explanation on codes and Enrolment Indicators

Geography [GGR courses - includes JFG470H1, 475H1, JGE321H1, 331H1 and JGI216H1,346H1, 454H1 and JUG320H1]
Course SC Title
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Ind Controls
GGR100H1FIntro Phy GeographyL0101YTR2 MC 102 N.HewittPSee Details
    P0601 Cancelled
    P0801 Cancelled
GGR101H1SAncient Civ EnvironL0101YR2-4 BA 1160A. DavisPSee Details
GGR107H1FEnv, Food & PeopleL0101YF10-12 ES 1050S. WakefieldPSee Details
GGR112H1FGeog Globaliz & Dev'tL0101YW10-12 LM 159R. SilveyPSee Details
GGR124H1FUrbanizationL2001Y W6-8 (note: time change) MP 103 D. DupuyRSee Details
   L5101YW6-8 (note: time change) MP 103D. DupuyP

(note: section added)

N R3      
GGR124H1SUrbanizationL0101Y R2-4
(note: time change)
ES 1050D. CowenP
   L5101YW6-8 ES1050 D. CowenP
   T0102 Cancelled
    T0201 N R12 BF 215   
    T0301 N R1 LM 155   
    T0302 N R1 RW 142   
    T0401 N R12 SS 1078   
    T0501 N R4 LM 155   
    T0502 N R4 MP 118   
    T0601 N W4 BF 323   
    T0602 N W3 LM 157   
    T0701 N R11 SS 2111   
    T0801 N W10 SS 1078   
    T0901 N W11 LM 157   
    T1001 N W12 BF 215   
    T1101 N W1 MP 118   
    T1201 N W2 SS 2128   
    T5101 N R5 LM 155   
    T5102 N R5 LM 123   
    T5201 N W8 SS 1078   
    T5202 N W8 RW 142   
    T5203 N W8 SS 2128   
    T5204 N R6 SS 1078   
    T5301 N W5 BA 2195 (note: room change)   
    T5401 N W5 UC 67   
GGR201H1SGeomorphologyL5101YT6-8 SS 2106 TbaP*See Details
GGR203H1FIntro ClimatologyL0101YMWF10 SS 2127L. HarveyPSee Details
GGR205H1FIntro to Soil SciL5101YT5-7 SS 2106C. SmithPSee Details
GGR206H1SIntro HydrologyL0101YT1-3 ES B149
(Note: room change)
StaffPSee Details
GGR221H1SNew Econ SpacesL0101YM1-3 SS 2118 TbaPSee Details
GGR223H1SEnv, Soc & ResourcesL0101YW2-4 ES 1050A. BolandPSee Details
   T5102 Cancelled
GGR225H1SPower Maps &GGR InfoL0101YR12-2 SS 1069M. FortinPSee Details
GGR240H1SHist Ggr of N. Amer.L0101YT1-3 LM 162M. FarishPSee Details
   T0401 Cancelled
GGR241H1FHis GGR Urb Excl&SegL0101YW10-12 SS 2135R. LewisPSee Details
GGR246H1FGeography of CanadaL5101YM6-8 BA 1160 J.MayPSee Details
GGR252H1SMarketing GeographyL2001YT5-7 MS 2158TbaRSee Details
   L5101YT5-7 MS 2158TbaP
GGR254H1SGeography USAL0101YW10-12 LM 159R. LewisPSee Details
GGR270H1FAnalytical MethodsL5101YW6-9 HS 610A. DanierePSee Details
GGR271H1SSocial Research MethodsL0101YM11-1 NF 003TbaPSee Details
GGR272H1FGeo Info & Mapping IL0101YT10-12 SS 2135D. BoyesPSee Details
    P0101 Cancelled
      P0201 Cancelled
    P0301 Cancelled
    P0401 Cancelled
    P0501 Cancelled
    P0602 Cancelled
GGR273H1SGgr Info & Map IIL0101YT10-12 SS 1069TbaPSee Details
    P0101 Cancelled
    P0201 Cancelled
    P0301 Cancelled
    P0401 Cancelled

Spec Top Geog I
(Comparative Geography of Innovation and Entrepreneurship) subtitle add

L0101YM3-5 WI 524 TbaPSee Details
GGR301H1FFluvial Geomorphology L0101 Cancelled See Details
GGR301H1 S Fluvial Geomorphology L0101
(note: section added)
Y M1-3 SS 2105 (note: room change) J. Desloges P
GGR303H1FClim Bio InteractL0101YR10-12 WI 523S. CowlingPSee Details
GGR305H1SBiogeographyL5101YR6-8 SS 2127TbaPSee Details
GGR308H1SPhys Aspect Cdn ArctL0101YR12-2 SS 1072 TbaPSee Details
GGR314H1SGlobal WarmingL5101YM5-8 BA 1160L. HarveyPSee Details
GGR320H1FGGR Trans MigrationL0101YR10-12 SS 1072R. SilveyPSee Details
GGR326H1SRemaking Global EcoL0101YW4-6 SS 2105J. ZhangPSee Details
GGR327H1FGeography and GenderL0101YM11-1 RW 229 D.SeitzPSee Details
GGR328H1SLabour Geographies

(note: section added)

Y R3-5 WI 523TbaPSee Details
      L5101 Cancel
GGR329H1SGlobal Food SystemL0101YF11-1 WI 523 TbaPSee Details
GGR334H1FWater ResourcesL0101YW1-3 SS 2110 R.VermaPSee Details
GGR336H1SUrban Hist GeographyL0101CancelSee Details
GGR337H1SEnviro Remote SensingL0101YM10-12 SS 2106J. ChenPSee Details
GGR339H1SUrb Ggr, Pln & Pol PrL5101YT6-8 SS 2127
(note: room change)
TbaPSee Details
GGR341H1SGGR Latin AmericaL0101YM11-1 SS 1074C. AbizaidPSee Details
GGR343H1FChng Ggrphy of ChinaL0101YR4-7 SS 2125
(note: room change)
A. BolandPSee Details
GGR347H1FEfficient EnergyL0101YW4-6 SS 2106L. HarveyPSee Details
     W6 SS 2106L. Harvey 
GGR357H1SHousing & Commun DevL0101YM3-5 SS 2105J. HulchanskiPSee Details
GGR359H1SComp Urban PolicyL0101YW12-2 UC 163J. HackworthPSee Details
GGR360H1SCul Hist & LandscapeL0101YW4-6 SS 2108TbaPSee Details
GGR361H1FUnderstand Urb LandsL0101YR12-2 SS 2127 J.Markovich PSee Details
GGR363H1SCritical GeographiesL0101YT10-1 RW 143K. GoonewardenaPSee Details
GGR373H1FAdv Geog Info SystL0101YT1-3 SS 2125
(note: room change)
K.LarsenPSee Details
GGR374H1FImp Change Urban/RegL0101YW11-1 SS 2105 R. DiFrancescoPSee Details
GGR381H1FField EnviroL0101NF12-2 SS 5017AS. PrudhamE 
     F2-4 SS 5017AS. Prudham 
GGR382H1FField HumanL5101NM5-7 SS 5107AD. CowenE 
GGR390H1FField MethodsL5101NTBA J. DeslogesE 
GGR403H1SGlob Ecol Bgc CycleL0101YT10-12 UC 65S. CowlingPSee Details
GGR405H1SSustain Nat Res MgmtL0101YM3-5 ES 4000 (note: room change)C. SmithPSee Details
GGR413H1FWatershed HydroecolL0101YW11-1 SS 2125J. LiuPSee Details
     R1 SS 2125J. Liu 
GGR416H1FEnviron Impact AssesL5101YT5-7 PG 101 Maclaren/SavanPSee Details
     T7 PG 003 Maclaren/Savan 
GGR424H1STrans Ggr & PlanningL0101YT11-1 SS 2125 (note: room change)TbaPSee Details
GGR430H1FGeographies MarketL0101YT12-3 UC 376J. ZhangPSee Details
GGR431H1SRegional DynamicsL0101YW2-4 BL 112 R. DiFrancescoPSee Details
GGR433H1SBuilt Env & HealthL0101YR12-3 SS 2128P. KaufmanPSee Details
GGR434H1SCommunity ResilienceL0101YW11-2 BA 2195B. PolandPSee Details
GGR438H1SEnv and DevelopmentL5101YR6-9 UC 65 (note: room change) A. BolandPSee Details
GGR452H1FSpace, Power, GgrL5101YT6-9 AH 204S. RuddickPSee Details
GGR458H1FAdv Top in Urban GGRL0101YW2-4 SS 2125
(note: room change)
J. HackworthPSee Details
GGR462H1SGIS ResearchL0101YT1-3 PG 003TbaPSee Details
GGR482H1FToronto Geog FieldL5101NR5-8 SS 570R. LewisE 
     F1-5 SS 570R. Lewis 
GGR491Y1YResearch ProjectL0101NTBA StaffE 
GGR492H1FSenior PracticumL0101NTBA StaffE 
GGR492H1SSenior PracticumL0101NTBA StaffE
GGR492H1YSenior PracticumL0101NTBA StaffE
GGR492Y1YSenior PracticumL0101NTBA StaffE 
GGR493Y1YGeography ProfessionalExperL0101NM1-3 SS 2115 Leslie/RayE 
GGR497H1FIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE 
GGR497H1SIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE
GGR498H1FIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE 
GGR498H1SIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE
GGR498H1YIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE
GGR498Y1YIndependent StudyL0101NTBA StaffE 
GGR499H1FIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE 
GGR499H1SIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE
GGR499H1YIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE
JGE321H1SMulticultural EnvironL0101YR10-12 C. AbizaidPSee Details
JGE331H1SRes & Envir TheoryL0101YW2-4 TbaPSee Details
JGI216H1SUrbanizationL0101YR4-6 IN 112 (note: room change)D. RobertsP See Details - controls updated
JGI346H1SUrbn Planning ProcesL5101YW6-8 UC 163TbaPSee Details
JGI454H1FRole of the PlannerL0101NT9-11 PG 101 P.BedfordE 
JUG320H1FCanadian WildernessL0101YT10-12 UC 144E. GilbertPSee Details

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