Geography [GGR courses - includes JGE321H1, 331H1 and JGI216H1, 346H1]

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For 'PE' and 'E' indicator course: contact Undergraduate Counselor at Sidney Smith Hall, room 5044, Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

GGR491/492/497/498/499: The application for 4th year Independent Research courses can be found at Applicants should first contact a potential supervisor for the proposed project. Applications should be submitted to the Undergraduate Counselor by the beginning of term.

Recommended Preparation: The course will be taught in a manner that assumes students have achieved the level of study (e.g., third year standing) and completed courses listed (or equivalent background).

Prerequisites: These are strictly monitored requirements. In some cases Prerequisites may be waived if equivalent background exists. Please consult the department or the course instructor.

Explanation on codes and Enrolment Indicators

Geography [GGR courses - includes JGE321H1, 331H1 and JGI216H1, 346H1]


Course Section
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
GGR100H1FIntro Phy GeographyL0101YTR2 TbaPSee Details  
   P0601 Cancelled June 15, 2015
   P0801Cancelled June 15, 2015
GGR101H1SAncient Civ EnvironL0101YR2-4 TbaPSee Details  
GGR107H1FEnv, Food & PeopleL0101YF10-12 TbaPSee Details  
GGR112H1FGeog Globaliz & Dev'tL0101YW10-12 TbaPSee Details  
   T0401N R10   
   T0501N R12   
   T0601N R2   
   T0701N R4   
    T5101N W6   
GGR124H1 F Urbanization L5101YW6-8 TbaP See Details  
GGR124H1SUrbanizationL0101YR2-4 D. CowenP
   L5101YW6-8 D. CowenP
   T0101N W10    
    T0201N W11   
    T0301N W12    
    T0401N W1    
      T0402 N W1      
    T0501N W2    
    T0601N W3    
    T0701N W4    
    T0801N R10    
    T0802N R10    
    T0901N R11    
    T1001N R12    
    T1101N R1    
    T1102N R1    
    T1201N R4    
    T1202N R4    
   T5101N W5    
   T5102N W5    
    T5301N R5   
     T5302N R5    
   T5401N R6    
GGR201H1SGeomorphologyL5101YT6-8  TbaP*See Details  
GGR203H1FIntro ClimatologyL0101YMWF10 L. HarveyPSee Details  
GGR205H1FIntro to Soil SciL5101YT5-7 C. SmithPSee Details  
GGR206H1FIntro HydrologyL0101YT1-3 J. ChenPSee Details  
   T0101N W12   
Time Changed:
May 22, 2015
   T0201N W3   
Time Changed:
May 22, 2015
   T5101N T5   
Day Changed:
May 22, 2015
GGR217H1FUrban Landscape PlanL0101Y M1-3 K. RankinPSee Details
Time Changed:
June 8, 2015
GGR221H1 FNew Econ SpacesL0101Y M2-4  PSee Details
Time and Session
May 22, 2015
   T0101N M1   
Time Changed:
May 22, 2015
   T0201N M4   
Time Changed:
May 22, 2015
GGR223H1SEnv, Soc & ResourcesL0101YW2-4 A. BolandPSee Details  
      T0302 N R11      
Tutorial Added:
May 22, 2015
      T0602 N R4      
Tutorial Added:
May 22, 2015
GGR225H1SPower Maps &GGR InfoL0101YR12-2 M. FortinPSee Details  
GGR240H1FHist Ggr of N. Amer.L0101YT1-3 M. FarishPSee Details  
GGR241H1FGeog Urb/Soc ExclusionL0101YW10-12 R. LewisPSee Details  
GGR246H1FGeography of CanadaL5101YM6-8 TbaPSee Details  
GGR251H1SGeography of InnovationL0101Y T1-3 J. ZhangPSee Details
Time Changed:
May 22, 2015
GGR252H1 S Marketing Geography L5101YT5-7  P See Details  
   T0301N T4   
    T0302N T4   
    T0401N W12   
    T0501N W1   
GGR254H1SGeography USAL0101YW10-12  TbaPSee Details  
GGR270H1FAnalytical MethodsL0101YW2-4  M. WidenerPSee Details  
   T0101N W4    Time Changed:
June 15, 2015
   T0201N W5    Time Changed:
June 15, 2015
   T0301N R11    Time Changed:
June 15, 2015
   T0401N R12    Time Changed:
June 15, 2015
   T0501N R2    Time Changed:
June 15, 2015
   T5101N W6    Time Changed:
June 15, 2015
GGR271H1SSocial Research MethodsL0101YM11-1 M. SiemiatyckiPSee Details  
GGR272H1FGeo Info & Mapping IL0101YT10-12 D. BoyesPSee Details  
GGR273H1SGgr Info & Map IIL0101YT10-12 D. BoyesPSee Details  
GGR300H1FSpec Top Geog IL0101Y R10-12  M. WidenerPSee Details
Time Added:
May 22, 2015
      P0101   R12        
Practical Added:
May 22, 2015
      P0201   R1        
Practical Added:
May 22, 2015
GGR305H1SBiogeographyL5101YR6-8 TbaPSee Details  
GGR308H1SPhys Aspect Cdn ArctL0101YR12-2 TbaPSee Details  
GGR314H1SGlobal WarmingL5101YM5-8 L. HarveyPSee Details  
GGR320H1FGGR Trans MigrationL0101YR10-12 R. SilveyPSee Details  
GGR326H1FRemaking Global EcoL5101YW5-7 J. ZhangPSee Details  
GGR327H1FGeography and GenderL0101YM11-1  TbaPSee Details  
GGR328H1FLabour GeographiesL0101YR2-4 TbaPSee Details  
GGR329H1SGlobal Food SystemL0101YF11-1 TbaPSee Details  
GGR334H1FWater ResourcesL0101YW12-2 TbaPSee Details  
GGR337H1SEnviro Remote SensingL0101YM10-12 J. ChenPSee Details  
GGR338H1SEnvt Prob Dev CountriesL0101YW10-12 TbaPSee Details  
GGR339H1SUrb Ggr, Pln & Pol PrL0101YR10-12 TbaPSee Details  
GGR340H1SHealth GGRL0101YM3-5 S. WakefieldPSee Details  
GGR341H1SGGR Latin AmericaL0101YM11-1 C. AbizaidPSee Details  
GGR343H1FChng Ggrphy of ChinaL5101YR5-7  TbaPSee Details  
GGR348H1FCarbon-Free EnergyL0101YW4-6 L. HarveyPSee Details
Time Added:
May 22, 2015
          W6   L. Harvey  
GGR357H1SHousing & Commun DevL0101YM3-5 J. HulchanskiPSee Details  
GGR359H1SComp Urban PolicyL0101YW12-2 J. HackworthPSee Details  
GGR360H1FCul Hist & LandscapeL0101YW4-6 TbaPSee Details  
GGR363H1SCritical GeographiesL0101YT10-1 K. GoonewardenaPSee Details  
GGR373H1FAdv Geog Info SystL0101YT1-3 D. BoyesPSee Details  
GGR374H1FUrban Dynamics Cancelled May 25, 2015
GGR381H1FField EnviroL0101NF12-2 TbaE   
     F2-4 Tba 
GGR382H1FField HumanL5101NM5-7 D. CowenE   
GGR390H1FField MethodsL5101NTBA J. ChenE   
GGR400H1SSpecial Topics IL0101YW10-12  M. WidenerPSee Details  
GGR405H1SSustain Nat Res MgmtL0101YM3-5 C. SmithPSee Details  
GGR413H1SWatershed HydroecolL0101YW11-1 J. LiuPSee Details
Time Changed:
May 22, 2015
      R2 J. Liu 
GGR416H1FEnviron Impact AssesL5101YT5-7  TbaPSee Details  
     T7  Tba 
GGR419H1SENV JusticeL5101YW6-8 TbaPSee Details  
GGR424H1STrans Ggr & PlanningL0101YT11-1 M. SiemiatyckiPSee Details  
GGR430H1FGeographies MarketL0101YT12-3 J. ZhangPSee Details  
GGR431H1SRegional DynamicsL0101YT1-3 R. DifrancescoPSee Details  
GGR433H1SBuilt Env & HealthL0101YR12-3  P. KaufmanPSee Details  
GGR457H1 F Post War Suburbs L5101 Y T5-7   Tba P See Details
Course Added:
May 22, 2015
GGR458H1FAdv Top in Urban GGRL0101YW2-4 J. HackworthPSee Details  
GGR462H1SGIS ResearchL0101YT1-3 D. BoyesPSee Details  
GGR491Y1YResearch ProjectL0101NTBA StaffE   
GGR492H1FSenior PracticumL0101NTBA StaffE   
GGR492H1SSenior PracticumL0101NTBA StaffE
GGR492H1YSenior PracticumL0101NTBA StaffE
GGR492Y1YSenior PracticumL0101NTBA StaffE   
GGR493Y1YGeography ProfessionalExperL0101N M11-1 D. LeslieE  Time Changed:
May 22, 2015
GGR497H1FIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE   
GGR497H1SIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE
GGR498H1FIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE   
GGR498H1SIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE
GGR498H1YIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE
GGR498Y1YIndependent StudyL0101NTBA  StaffE   
GGR499H1FIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE   
GGR499H1SIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE
GGR499H1YIndependent ResearchL0101NTBA StaffE
JGE321H1SMulticultural EnvironL0101YR10-12 C. AbizaidPSee Details  
JGE331H1SRes & Envir TheoryL0101YW2-4  TbaPSee Details  
JGI216H1SUrbanizationL0101YR4-6 D. RobertsPSee Details  
JGI346H1FUrbn Planning ProcesL0101YT12-2  TbaPSee Details  
JGI454H1 F Role of the Planner L0101 N T10-1   Davidson/Bowron P See Details
Course Added:
May 22, 2015

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