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Art [FAH courses]
Course Section
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Enrolment # Wait
List #
FAH101H1FMonuments Art HistoryL0101YR10-12 StaffPSee Details 1881760
FAH102H1SPractice Art HistoryL5101YT6-8 C. AndersonPSee Details 2641620
FAH206H1SAegean Art&ArchaeologL0101YR10-12 C. KnappettPSee Details 188290
FAH207H1FGreek&Roman Art&ArchL0101YW10-12 S. KimPSee Details 188710
FAH215H1FEarly Medieval ArtL0101YR10-12 A. CohenPSee Details 188540
FAH230H1FRenais Art & ArchitL5101YM6-8 G. PeritiPSee Details 188870
FAH246H1SArt Since 1900L5101YW6-8 TbaPSee Details 1881100
FAH262H1SModern East AsiaL5101YT6-8 J. PurtlePSee Details 188670
FAH270H1FArchitecture: RitualsL0101YW2-4 C. AndersonPSee Details 1501480
   L5101YW6-8 C. AndersonP 150950
FAH311H1SGreek SculptureL0101YT2-4 S. Kim   188810
FAH318H1FMonastic Art and ArchL0101YF10-12 A. Cohen   188520
FAH319H1SIllumin ManuscriptL0101YW2-4 Tba   188590
FAH331H1FNetherlandish ArtL0101YT10-12 E. Kavaler   188650
FAH337H1SRivalry, ImitationL5101YM6-8 G. Periti   188790
FAH340H1F17th Cent NetherlandL0101Cancel     
FAH341H1FVenetian Renais ArtL0101YR2-4 P. Sohm   108580
FAH348H1SDada & SurrealismL0101YR4-6 E. Legge   1881320
FAH354H1FRecent CanadianL0101YW10-12 M. Cheetham   100760
FAH355H1SEco ArtL0101YW10-12 M. Cheetham   97440
FAH363H1FMechanics of ImageL0101YM10-12 J. Purtle   188940
FAH368H1FArt Beyond East AsiaL0101Cancel     
FAH370H1SEuropean RenaissanceL0101Cancel     
FAH407H1FStudies in RomanL0101YW3-5 TbaPSee Details 20140
FAH420H1FStudies in MedievalL0101YTBA A. CohenPSee Details 20160
FAH420H1SStudies in MedievalL0101YW10-12  P    
FAH433H1SLeonardo in Ren ItalyL0101YT2-4 G. PeritiPSee Details 18187
FAH434H1F1st Art HistoriansL0101YW2-4 P. SohmPSee Details 10105
FAH440H1SDutch Genre PaintingL0101YW10-12 TbaPSee Details 1850
FAH449H1SContemporary ArtL0101YF1-3 TbaPSee Details 20205
FAH457H1FIssues Cdn ArtL0101YM4-6 D. ReidPSee Details 20100
FAH465H1FExhibiting ChinaL0101YT2-4 J. PurtlePSee Details 18186
FAH470H1SStudies Ren & BaroqueL0101YW9-11 C. AndersonPSee Details 20203
FAH481H1FInternshipL0101NTBA StaffE   00
FAH481H1SInternshipL0101NTBA StaffE  00
FAH481Y1YInternshipL0101NTBA StaffE   00
FAH483H1SIntro to ConservationL0101YR2-4 Coxon/SobolPSee Details 15158
FAH484H1SFashion & TextilesL0101YT2-4 Palmer/AnuPSee Details 15158
FAH485H1SCollecting CanadaL0101YT10-12 A. GehmacherPSee Details 1260
FAH486H1FCase Studies: ROML0101YT1-3 R. FoxPSee Details 15155
FAH491H1FInd. Studies: AncientL0101NTBA TbaE   00
FAH491H1SInd. Studies: AncientL0101NTBA  E  00
FAH491Y1YInd. Studies: AncientL0101NTBA TbaE   00
FAH492H1FInd. Studies: MedievalL0101NTBA TbaE   00
FAH492H1SInd. Studies: MedievalL0101NTBA StaffE  00
FAH492Y1YInd. Studies: MedievalL0101NTBA TbaE   00
FAH493H1FInd. Studies: Ren & BaroqueL0101NTBA TbaE   00
FAH493H1SInd. Studies: Ren & BaroqueL0101NTBA  E  00
FAH493H1YInd. Studies: Ren & BaroqueL0101NTBA TbaE  00
FAH493Y1SInd. Studies: Ren & BaroqueL0101NTBA StaffE   00
FAH493Y1YInd. Studies: Ren & BaroqueL0101NTBA TbaE  00
FAH494H1FInd. Studies: ModernL0101NTBA TbaE   00
FAH494H1SInd. Studies: ModernL0101NTBA TbaE  00
FAH494Y1SInd. Studies: ModernL0101NTBA TbaE   00
FAH494Y1YInd. Studies: ModernL0101NTBA TbaE  00
FAH495H1FInd. Studies: CanadianL0101NTBA TbaE   00
FAH495H1SInd. Studies: CanadianL0101NTBA TbaE  00
FAH495Y1YInd. Studies: CanadianL0101NTBA TbaE   00
FAH496H1FInd. Studies: Asian Art & ArchL0101NTBA TbaE   00
FAH496H1SInd. Studies: Asian Art & ArchL0101NTBA TbaE  00
FAH496Y1YInd. Studies: Asian Art & ArchL0101NTBA TbaE   00
FAH497H1FInd. Studies: ArchitectL0101NTBA TbaE   00
FAH497H1SInd. Studies: ArchitectL0101NTBA TbaE  00
FAH497Y1YInd. Studies: ArchitectL0101NTBA TbaE   00

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