Economics [ECO courses]

The following timetable information is the most current information available.

Students who enroll in ECO courses without having all the pre-requisites and co-requisites will be removed from the course(s) in question (refer to the Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar for details). If students are using a course from another institution as a pre-requisites or co-requisite, they MUST show a transcript from that institution to the Undergraduate Administrator BEFORE ENROLLING. Failure to do so will result in removal from the course.

For ECO100Y1: Commerce must enroll in section L0101 or L0201 only.

For ECO419H1, 'E' indicator course: students should contact Jenny Fan, 150 St. George Street, mid-August to September 23, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

For ECO 459H1, 'E' indicator course: please see Ms. R. Innes, 150 St. George Street, mid-August to September 23, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Explanation on codes and Enrolment Indicators
Economics [ECO courses]
Course Section
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Enrolment # Wait
List #
ECO100Y1YIntro EconomicsL0101YMWF11 Pesando/BurleyRSee Details 5004750
   L0201YMWF12 Benjamin/BurleyR 5004730
   L0301YMWF1 P. SalardiP 5004710
   L0401YT2-4 K. FurlongP 5003960
     F10 K. Furlong     
   L2001YM6-9 W. WolfsonR 65520
   L5101YM6-9 W. WolfsonP 4353300
   L5201YW6-9 K. FurlongP 5004090
ECO105Y1YPrinc Eco Non SpecL0101YM8-10 A. CohenPSee Details 5004260
     F11 A. Cohen     
ECO200Y1YMicroeconomic TheoryL0101YW10-12 K. Bernhardt-WaltherPSee Details 95680
     F9-11 K. Bernhardt-Walther     
   L0102YW10-12 K. Bernhardt-WaltherP 100850
     F12-2 K. Bernhardt-Walther     
   L5101YR6-9 W. WolfsonP 2191950
ECO202Y1YMacroecTheory PolicyL0101YT10-12 J. SteinbergPSee Details 1981720
     F11 J. Steinberg     
   L5101YT6-9 M. AnjomshoaP 1751480
ECO204Y1YMicroeconomic TheoryL0101YM1-3 S. HussainRSee Details 1171030
     F11-1 S. Hussain     
   L0201YT11-1 S. HussainR 115960
     F11-1 S. Hussain     
   L0301YT2-4 S. HussainR 1261170
     F2-4 S. Hussain     
   L0401YW3-5 K. Bernhardt-WaltherR 28210
     W6-8 K. Bernhardt-Walther     
   L0402YW3-5 K. Bernhardt-WaltherR 30250
     R3-5 K. Bernhardt-Walther     
   L0403YW3-5 K. Bernhardt-WaltherR 27220
     R6-8 K. Bernhardt-Walther     
   L0404YW3-5 K. Bernhardt-WaltherR 28170
     F3-5 K. Bernhardt-Walther     
   L0501YW6-8 K. Bernhardt-WaltherR 28210
     R10-12 K. Bernhardt-Walther     
   L0502YR10-12 K. Bernhardt-WaltherR 27230
     R3-5 K. Bernhardt-Walther     
   L0503YR10-12 K. Bernhardt-WaltherR 2770
     R6-8 K. Bernhardt-Walther     
   L0504YR10-12 K. Bernhardt-WaltherR 27170
     F3-5 K. Bernhardt-Walther     
   L5101YW6-8 S. HussainR 110640
     F2-4 S. Hussain     
ECO206Y1YMicroeconomic TheoryL0101YW2-4 K. FreitasPSee Details 1561160
     R6-8 K. Freitas     
   L5101YWR6-8 K. FreitasP 156980
ECO208Y1YMacroeconomic TheoryL0101YT11-1 M. AlexopoulosPSee Details 1521090
     F2-4 M. Alexopoulos     
   L5101YMT6-8 H. DesgagnesP 80430
ECO209Y1YMacroeconomic TheoryL0101YT10-1 G. IndartRSee Details 89700
   L0201YT2-5 G. IndartR 84700
   L0301YW2-5 G. IndartR 80580
   L0401YR2-5 G. IndartR 80540
ECO210H1FMath Meth Eco TheoryL0101YT2-5 Z. YuanPSee Details 55300
ECO220Y1YQuantitative MethodsL0101YR12-2 J. LamontagnePSee Details 1751240
     F9-11 J. Lamontagne     
   L0201YW10-12 J. MurdockP 1791640
     F9-11 J. Murdock     
   L0301YW2-4 J. MurdockP 1771590
     F9-11 J. Murdock     
   L0401YR10-12 J. MurdockP 1751390
     F9-11 J. Murdock     
   L5101YMT6-9 P. YuP 1751430
ECO227Y1YQuant Meth in EcoL0101YR2-4 I. MourifiePSee Details 90530
     F10 I. Mourifie     
ECO230Y1YInternat Econ PolicyL0101YM10-12 M. AnjomshoaPSee Details 1751140
     F2 M. Anjomshoa     
ECO299Y1YRsch Opportunity PrgL0101NTBA K. Bernhardt-WaltherE   20
   L0201NTBA J. HallE  00
ECO306H1SAm Econ HistoryL0101YR3-6 S. EliPSee Details 60530
ECO310H1FEmpirical Industrial OrgL0101CancelSee Details    
ECO310H1SEmpirical Industrial OrgL0101YT2-4 D. ErshovP 70430
     R2 D. Ershov     
ECO313H1FEnvir Eco & PolL0101CancelSee Details    
ECO313H1SEnvir Eco & PolL0101YR2-5 M. AnjomshoaP 1391150
ECO314H1FEnergy & the EnvironmentL0101YM2-5 A. YatchewPSee Details 1501380
ECO316H1FApplied Game TheoryL0101YR10-12 M. OsbornePSee Details 150850
     F1-3 M. Osborne     
   L0201YR2-4 M. OsborneP 150620
     F1-3 M. Osborne     
ECO320H1FEco Anlysis of LawL0101YM11 R. BarberPSee Details 1201020
     R2-4 R. Barber     
ECO321H1FCan Ec Hist prior to 1850L0101YR10-12 G. HamiltonPSee Details 75290
     F10 G. Hamilton     
ECO322H1SCdn Eco His, 1850-1960L0101YR10-1 K. FurlongPSee Details 65580
ECO324H1FEconomic DevelopmentL0101YR10-12 K. FreitasPSee Details 100240
     F10-12 K. Freitas     
   L0201YR2-4 K. FreitasP 100150
     F10-12 K. Freitas     
ECO325H1FAdv Ec Theory MacroL0101YT3-6 B. KuruscuPSee Details 80390
ECO325H1SAdv Ec Theory MacroL5101YT6-9 B. KuruscuP 75530
ECO326H1FAdv Ec Theory MicroL0101YM10-1 M. PeskiPSee Details 90480
ECO326H1SAdv Ec Theory MicroL5101YM6-9 M. PeskiP 75400
ECO333H1FUrban EconomicsL0101YW10-12 J. HallPSee Details 120780
     F10 J. Hall     
   L0201YW2-4 J. HallP 120690
     F11 J. Hall     
ECO333H1SUrban EconomicsL5101YT6-9 P. TomlinsonP 1201080
   L5201YW6-9 P. TomlinsonP 1201080
ECO334H1SPolitical EconomyL0101YR11-1 Y. HalberstamPSee Details 65440
     F2 Y. Halberstam     
ECO336H1FPublic EconomicsL0101YT1-3 M. SmartPSee Details 55200
     R2 M. Smart     
ECO337H1FPublic Eco for Commerce (for Commerce)L0101YT10-12 M. SmartRSee Details 55170
     R10 M. Smart     
ECO339H1FLabour Economics : Employment Wages, and Public PolicyL0101YT11-1 M. BakerPSee Details 100390
     F10 M. Baker     
ECO340H1SLabour Economics : Distribution of EarningsL0101YT11-1 Isabelle/LalibertePSee Details 100430
     F10 Isabelle/Laliberte     
ECO342Y1YTwentieth Cen Ec HisL0101YW12-2 Cohen/EliPSee Details 1301130
ECO349H1FMoney Banking FinL0101YW4-7 G. GeorgopoulosPSee Details 1201170
ECO349H1SMoney Banking FinL0101YW4-7 G. GeorgopoulosP 1201140
ECO357H1SIslamic Bank & FinanceL5101CancelSee Details    
ECO358H1FFinancial Economics IL0101YT2-5 E. MalinovaPSee Details 1401290
   L5101YT5-8 E. MalinovaP 135790
ECO359H1SFinancial Economics IIL0101YT2-5 E. MalinovaPSee Details 1181040
   L5101YT5-8 E. MalinovaP 110510
ECO362H1FEconomic GrowthL0101YT9-11 D. RestucciaPSee Details 120240
     F12 D. Restuccia     
ECO362H1SEconomic GrowthL0101YR10-12 K. FreitasP 120190
     F10-12 K. Freitas     
   L0201YR2-4 K. FreitasP 120210
     F10-12 K. Freitas     
ECO364H1FInternational TradeL0101YM10-1 K. DasguptaPSee Details 165840
   L0201YM2-5 K. DasguptaP 1651150
ECO364H1SInternational TradeL0101YM2-5 P. MorrowP 1651400
   L5101YM6-9 P. MorrowP 165660
ECO365H1FIntern Monetary EconL0101YR2-5 M. AnjomshoaPSee Details 165990
   L5101YR6-9 M. AnjomshoaP 165650
ECO365H1SIntern Monetary EconL0101YT10-1 J. MondriaP 165950
   L0201YT2-5 J. MondriaP 1651070
ECO368H1FEconomics of ConflictL0101YM4-6 P. SalardiPSee Details 50330
     W4 P. Salardi     
ECO370Y1YEco of OrganizationsL0101CancelSee Details    
ECO374H1FApplied EconometricsL0101YM3-5 Y. WanRSee Details 70190
     W3 Y. Wan     
ECO374H1SApplied EconometricsL0101YW10-12 Y. WanR 70390
     F10 Y. Wan     
ECO375H1FApplied Econometrics IL0101YR10-12 J. SuzukiPSee Details 80390
     F10 J. Suzuki     
   L0201YR2-4 J. SuzukiP 80500
     F11 J. Suzuki     
ECO375H1SApplied Econometrics IL0101YR2-4 M. BurdaP 100340
     F11 M. Burda     
ECO380H1FMarket, Compt' & StrategyL0101YT2-5 Y. LuoPSee Details 1351300
   L5101YT5-8 Y. LuoP 1351250
ECO380H1SMarket, Compt' & StrategyL0101YM9-11 Z. YuanP 1301070
     W10 Z. Yuan     
ECO381H1SPersonnel EconomicsL0101YW10-12 A. HosiosPSee Details 60300
     F2-4 A. Hosios     
ECO401H1FTopics Econ PolicyL0101YM10-12 K. KroftPSee Details 35280
     F1 K. Kroft     
ECO401H1STopics Econ PolicyL0101Cancel    
ECO402H1STopics Health EconL0101YR11-1 A. KarimovaPSee Details 35300
     F11 A. Karimova     
ECO403H1STop Dev Eco PolicyL0101YM2-4 G. BobonisPSee Details 35240
     F2 G. Bobonis     
   L0201YT10-12 A. BlouinP 35320
     R10 A. Blouin     
   L0301YR10-12 G. IndartP 35290
     F10 G. Indart     
ECO404H1FTopics Mgrl EconL0101YW11-2 S. HussainPSee Details 33120
ECO404H1STopics Mgrl EconL0101YW11-2 S. HussainP 35100
ECO407H1FViews Macro TheoryL0101YR10-12 G. IndartPSee Details 35290
     F10 G. Indart     
ECO407H1SViews Macro TheoryL0101Cancel    
ECO408H1FEconomics of LifeL0101CancelSee Details    
ECO410H1FMergers & Compt'n PolicyL0101YTR2-4 J. MurdockPSee Details 35290
ECO414H1SEnergy & RegulationL0101YM2-5 A. YatchewPSee Details 1590
ECO416H1SMacro ForecastingL0101YR2-4 D. DunganPSee Details 15110
ECO418H1FEmpir Appl Ec TheoryL0101YW2-4 Y. LuoPSee Details 1580
ECO419H1FInt'l MacroecoL0101NT11-1 J. FloydE  1530
ECO425H1FBusiness CyclesL0101YW11-1 M. AlexopoulosPSee Details 2020
     F11 M. Alexopoulos     
ECO426H1FMarket DesignL0101YM2-5 E. DamianoPSee Details 35310
ECO426H1SMarket DesignL0101Cancel    
ECO428H1FClassical Eco ThoughtL0101YW9-12 K. FurlongPSee Details 75420
ECO429H1SEco Thought after 1870L0101YW9-12 K. FurlongPSee Details 50340
ECO430Y1YReading or ThesisL0101NTBA StaffE   00
ECO431H1FReading or ThesisL0101NTBA StaffE   00
ECO431H1SReading or ThesisL0101NTBA StaffE  00
ECO431H1YReading or ThesisL0101NTBA StaffE  00
ECO434H1STop: Political EconomyL0101YR2-4 Y. HalberstamPSee Details 1530
     F1 Y. Halberstam     
ECO435H1FChinese EconomyL0101YW2-4 L. BrandtPSee Details 35180
ECO439H1SEmp Methods in MicroeconomicsL0101YT3-5 A. BlouinPSee Details 2580
     R3 A. Blouin     
ECO446H1SAdv Public EconomicsL0101YT1-3 M. SmartPSee Details 3540
ECO451H1SMacroeconomic GrowthL0101YT10-12 D. RestucciaPSee Details 20120
     F12 D. Restuccia     
ECO459H1FInt Trade RegulationL0101NT2-4 M. TrebilcockE  1030
ECO461H1SRisk ManagementL0101YM11-1 A. MazaheriPSee Details 25240
ECO462H1FFin EconometricsL0101YR11-1 C. GourierouxPSee Details 1560
ECO464H1FEmpirical Fin EconL0101YF1-4 P. CzirakiPSee Details 15100
ECO465H1FInternational FinanceL0101YT10-12 J. MondriaPSee Details 40270
     R10 J. Mondria     
ECO475H1SApplied Econometrics IIL0101YR10-12 I. MourifiePSee Details 50310
     F11 I. Mourifie     

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