Economics [ECO courses]

The following timetable information is the most current information available. Courses and meeting sections added will be listed below. Courses and meeting sections cancelled will be indicated as such.

Students who enroll in ECO courses without having all the pre-requisites and co-requisites will be removed from the course(s) in question (refer to the Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar for details). If students are using a course from another institution as a pre-requisites or co-requisite, they MUST show a transcript from that institution to the Undergraduate Administrator BEFORE ENROLLING. Failure to do so will result in removal from the course.

For ECO100Y1: Commerce must enroll in section L0101 or L0201 only.

For ECO419H1, E indicator course: students should contact Ms. R. Innes or Jenny Fan, 150 St. George Street, mid-August to September 23, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

For ECO 459H1, E indicator course: please see Ms. R. Innes, 150 St. George Street, mid-August to September 23, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Explanation on codes and Enrolment Indicators

Economics [ECO courses]
Course SC Title
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Ind Controls
ECO100Y1YIntro EconomicsL0101NMWF11 J. PesandoRSee Details
   L0201YMWF12 R. GazzaleR
   L0301YMWF1 R. GazzalePSee Details
   L0401YT2-4 TbaP
     F10 Tba 
   L5101YM6-9 TbaP
ECO105Y1YPrinc Eco Non SpecL0101YTBA TbaPSee Details
ECO200Y1YMicroeconomic TheoryL0101YW10-12 R. GazzalePSee Details
     F12 R. Gazzale 
   L5101YR6-9 TbaP
ECO202Y1YMacroecTheory PolicyL0101YT10-12 J. SteinbergPSee Details
     F11 J. Steinberg 
   L5101YT6-9 TbaP
ECO204Y1YMicroeconomic TheoryL0101YM1-3 K. Bernhardt-WaltherRSee Details
     F11-1 K. Bernhardt-Walther 
   L0201YTF11-1 K. Bernhardt-WaltherR
   L0301YTF2-4 TbaR
   L5101YW6-8 TbaR
     F2-4 Tba 
ECO206Y1YMicroeconomic TheoryL0101YW10-12 L. BrandtPSee Details
     F11-1 L. Brandt 
   L0201YR11-1 TbaP
     F11-1 Tba 
   L5101YWR6-8 TbaP
ECO208Y1YMacroeconomic TheoryL0101YT11-1 M. AlexopoulosPSee Details
     F2-4 M. Alexopoulos 
   L5101YM6-8 TbaP
     T6-8 Tba 
ECO209Y1YMacroeconomic TheoryL0101YM2-5 TbaRSee Details
   L0201YT2-5 TbaR
   L0301YW2-5 TbaR
   L0401YR2-5 TbaR
   L5101YR6-9 TbaR
ECO210H1FMath Meth Eco TheoryL0101YT2-5 TbaPSee Details
ECO220Y1YQuantitative MethodsL0101YT10-12 J. MurdockPSee Details
     F9-11 J. Murdock 
   L0201YT2-4 J. MurdockP
     F9-11 J. Murdock 
   L0301YW10-12 J. MurdockP
     F9-11 J. Murdock 
   L0401YW2-4 J. MurdockP
     F9-11 J. Murdock 
   L5101YM6-8 J. MurdockP
     T6-8 J. Murdock 
ECO227Y1YQuant Meth in EcoL0101YW10-12 I. MourifiePSee Details
     F10 I. Mourifie 
ECO230Y1YInternat Econ PolicyL0101YM10-12 TbaPSee Details
     F2 Tba 
ECO302H1FComp Ec Inst in HistL0101YM2-4 A. RotsteinPSee Details
ECO306H1SAm Econ HistoryL0101YT3-6 S. EliPSee Details
ECO310H1SEmpirical Industrial OrgL0101YTBA TbaPSee Details
ECO313H1FEnvir Eco & PolL0101YR2-4 M. TurnerPSee Details
ECO313H1SEnvir Eco & PolL0101YR2-4 M. TurnerP
ECO314H1FEnergy & the EnvironmentL0101YM2-5 A. YatchewPSee Details
ECO316H1FApplied Game TheoryL0101YR10-12 TbaPSee Details
     F1-3 Tba 
   L0201YR2-4 TbaP
     F1-3 Tba 
ECO316H1SApplied Game TheoryL0101YR2-4 TbaP
     F1-3 Tba 
ECO320H1FEco Anlysis of LawL0101YM4 D. DeweesPSee Details
     W2-4 D. Dewees 
ECO322H1SCdn Eco His, 1850-1960L0101YR10-1 TbaPSee Details
ECO324Y1YEconomic DevelopmentL0101YM2-4 K. FreitasPSee Details
     F2 K. Freitas 
ECO325H1FAdv Ec Theory MacroL0101YT10-1 B. KuruscuPSee Details
ECO325H1SAdv Ec Theory MacroL5101YT6-9 B. KuruscuP
ECO326H1FAdv Ec Theory MicroL5101YM6-9 M. PeskiPSee Details
ECO326H1SAdv Ec Theory MicroL0101YM9-12 M. PeskiP
ECO331H1SBehavioural EconomicsL0101YT2-5 R. GazzalePSee Details
   L5101YT5-8 R. GazzaleP
ECO332H1FEco of the FamilyL0101YWF9-11 A. SiowPSee Details
ECO333H1FUrban EconomicsL0101YW10-12 J. Hall See Details
     F10 J. Hall 
   L0201YW2-4 J. Hall 
     F11 J. Hall 
ECO333H1SUrban EconomicsL5101YT6-9 Tba 
   L5201YW6-9 Tba 
ECO336Y1YPublic EconomicsL0101YT1-4 M. SmartPSee Details
ECO339Y1YEconomics of LabourL0101YT11-1 TbaPSee Details
     F10 Tba 
ECO342Y1YTwentieth Cen Ec HisL0101YT10-12 J. CohenPSee Details
ECO349H1FMoney Banking FinL0101YW4-7 TbaPSee Details
ECO349H1SMoney Banking FinL0101YW4-7 TbaP
ECO357H1SIslamic Bank & FinanceL5101YTBA TbaPSee Details
ECO358H1FFinancial Economics IL0101YW2-5 A. MazaheriPSee Details
   L5101YW5-8 A. MazaheriP
ECO359H1SFinancial Economics IIL0101YT2-5 TbaPSee Details
   L5101YT5-8 TbaP
ECO362H1FEconomic GrowthL0101YW10-1 K. FreitasPSee Details
ECO362H1SEconomic GrowthL0101YW10-1 K. FreitasP
ECO364H1FInternational TradeL0101YT10-1 K. DasguptaPSee Details
   L0201YT2-5 K. DasguptaP
ECO364H1SInternational TradeL0101YM2-5 TbaP
   L5101YM6-9 TbaP
ECO365H1FIntern Monetary EconL0101YM2-5 TbaPSee Details
   L5101YM6-9 TbaP
ECO365H1SIntern Monetary EconL0101YT10-1 J. MondriaP
ECO370Y1YEco of OrganizationsL0101YW10-12 A. HosiosPSee Details
ECO374H1FApplied EconometricsL0101YT10-12 Y. WanRSee Details
     F12 Y. Wan 
ECO374H1SApplied EconometricsL0101YW10-12 Y. WanR
     F10 Y. Wan 
ECO375H1FApplied Econometrics IL0101YR10-12 J. SuzukiPSee Details
     F10 J. Suzuki 
   L0201YR2-4 J. SuzukiP
     F11 J. Suzuki 
ECO380H1FMarket, Compt' & StrategyL0101YT2-5 Y. LuoPSee Details
   L5101YT5-8 Y. LuoP
ECO401H1STopics Econ PolicyL0101YW2-4 K. KroftPSee Details
     F1 K. Kroft 
ECO402H1STopics Health EconL0101YR11-1 S. EliPSee Details
     F12 S. Eli 
ECO403H1STop Development EcoL0101YM2-4 G. BobonisPSee Details
     F2 G. Bobonis 
ECO404H1FTopics Mgrl EconL0101YW11-2 S. HussainPSee Details
ECO407H1FViews Macro TheoryL0101YRF10-12 G. IndartPSee Details
ECO407H1SViews Macro TheoryL0101YRF10-12 G. IndartP
ECO408H1FEconomics of LifeL0101YW10-1 G. HamiltonPSee Details
ECO409H1STop Money, Bnk, FinL0101YT10-12 J. HynesPSee Details
     F10 J. Hynes 
ECO410H1FMergers & Compt'n PolicyL0101YMF2-4 J. MurdockPSee Details
ECO414H1SEnergy & RegulationL0101YM2-4 A. YatchewPSee Details
ECO416H1SMacro ForecastingL0101YR2-5 TbaPSee Details
ECO418H1FEmpir Appl Ec TheoryL0101YW2-4 Y. LuoPSee Details
ECO419H1FInt'l MacroecoL0101NT11-1 J. FloydE 
ECO425H1FBusiness CyclesL0101YW11-1 M. AlexopoulosPSee Details
     F11 M. Alexopoulos 
ECO426H1SMarket DesignL0101YM2-5 E. DamianoPSee Details
ECO428H1FClassical Eco ThoughtL0101YW9-12 TbaPSee Details
ECO429H1SEco Thought after 1870L0101YW9-12 TbaPSee Details
ECO430Y1YReading or ThesisL0101NTBA StaffE 
ECO431H1FReading or ThesisL0101NTBA StaffE 
ECO431H1SReading or ThesisL0101NTBA StaffE
ECO431H1YReading or ThesisL0101NTBA StaffE
ECO434H1SPolitical EconomyL0101YR2-4 Y. HalberstamPSee Details
     F1 Y. Halberstam 
ECO435H1SChinese EconomyL0101YR2-4 L. BrandtPSee Details
ECO459H1FInt Trade RegulationL0101NW2-4 TbaE 
ECO461H1SRisk ManagementL0101YM11-1 A. MazaheriPSee Details
ECO462H1FFin EconometricsL0101YR11-1 C. GourierouxPSee Details
ECO464H1FEmpirical Fin EconL0101YF1-3 P. CzirakiPSee Details
ECO475H1FApplied Econometrics IIL0101YF10-1 J. SuzukiPSee Details
ECO475H1SApplied Econometrics IIL0101YR10-12 I. MourifieP
     F11 I. Mourifie 

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