East Asian Studies [EAS courses]

The following timetable information is the most current information available. All courses and meeting sections added/changed since the original upload is listed below. Courses and meeting sections cancelled since the original upload is indicated as such.

For assistance students may call 416-946-3625 for general information or see the Program Administrator of the Department of East Asian Studies, Robarts Library, Room 14087, 130 St. George Street, Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Students who wish to take Chinese, Japanese or Korean must attend a placement interview (Chinese and Korean) or test (Japanese). The next placement interviews/tests will take place in early September, before the beginning of classes.

Students who register themselves in a language course on ROSI but do not attend the appropriate placement interview/test will be removed from the course by the department. There are a couple exceptions: (1) those who wish to take EAS120Y1Y and have absolutely no background in Japanese must submit an online form but do not need to take the placement test, and (2) those with the minimum grades in the prerequisites for Chinese and Japanese courses do not require an interview or placement test.

For language courses with PE indicators, the department will process enrolments and maintain waiting lists during the E enrolment period. Please see the EAS website for details.

Students wishing to take an EAS language course must carefully read through the complete language enrolment instructions on the EAS website at www.eas.utoronto.ca >> Languages >> Chinese, Japanese or Korean. Failure to follow the instructions on the EAS website may result in loss of your space in the course.

NON-LANGUAGE COURSES WITH E ENROLMENT INDICATORS: Students should fill out an application form (available on the EAS website: go to Students >> Forms), and submit to the department.

STUDENTS WHO WANT TO DROP OUT OF ANY COURSE WITH AN 'E' INDICATOR must send an email to natasja.vanderberg@utoronto.ca. Requests should include the course number, section and student name and number.

Explanation on codes and Enrolment Indicators

East Asian Studies [EAS courses]
Course SC Title
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Ind Controls
EAS100Y1YMod Std Chinese IL0101YM11-1 SS 1073 X.XuP*See Details
EAS101Y1YMod Chin I Pr BkgrdL0101YM2-4 UC A101 X.XuP*See Details
EAS103H1FPremodern East AsiaL0101Y R2-4
(note: time change)
NF 003L. FengPSee Details
      T0501 (note: section added) N F2      
EAS105H1SModern East AsiaL0101Y R2-4
(note: room change)
NF 003A. SchmidPSee Details
      T0501 (note: section added) N F2      
EAS110Y1YMod Std Korean IL0101YM10-12 SS 2108 Y.ChoiP*See Details
(note: time change)
SS 2128 Y.Choi P*
(note: section added)
Y M10-12 SS 2108 Y.Choi P*
          WR11 SS 2128 Y.Choi P*
   L0201YM3-5 SS 2127K. KoP*
(note: room change)
SS 1084 K. Ko P*
(note: section added)
Y M3-5 SS 2127 K. Ko P*
SS 1084 K. Ko  
EAS120Y1YMod Std Japanese IL0101YM10-12 LM 159J. ArimoriP*See Details
EAS121H1SJapanese I Pr BkgrdL0101YM10-12 LM 159J. ArimoriP*See Details
EAS200Y1YMod Std Chinese IIL0101YMW1-3 FALL: UC 261
(note: room changes)
G. PanPESee Details
EAS209H1FApprchs to East AsiaL0101YT1-3 LM 162J. PoolePSee Details
EAS210Y1YMod Std Korean IIL0101YT3-5 SS 1083K. KoPESee Details
EAS211Y1YAcc Mod Std Korean I & IIL0101YTR3-5 AH 107 Y.ChoiP*See Details
EAS215H1FHist Chi ThoughtL0101CancelSee Details
EAS220Y1YMod Std Japanese IIL0101YM12-2 SS 1085 Y.YukikoPESee Details
EAS241H1FChinese PhilosophyL0101YM10-12 SS 1074 D.MachekPSee Details
EAS241H1SChinese PhilosophyL0101Cancel
EAS243H1SJapanese Cinemas IIL0101YR4-7 Media Commons TheatreE. CazdynPSee Details
EAS247H1FHis of Cap Mod JapanL0101YW1-3 SS 2106K. KawashimaPSee Details
(Note: new offering)
S Aesthetics and Politics in 20th Century Korea L5101 Y M6-8 SS 1074 J. Poole P  
EAS257H1FChin Lit Song-QingL0101YR10-12 GIG. SandersPSee Details
EAS273H1FModern Chinese CitiesL5101YM5-7 SS 2108Y. MengPSee Details
EAS284H1FModern Chinese LitL0101YT10-12 MS 2173Y. ZhongP Enrolment Control Updated-See Details
EAS300Y1YMod Std Chinese IIIL0101YMW1-3 TF 200 Y.LiPESee Details
EAS310Y1 Y Mod Std Korean III L0101 Y M11-1 Fall: MS 3171
Winter: VC 211
K. Ko PE See Details
     W11-1 VC 211K. KoPESee Details
EAS320Y1YMod Std Japanese IIIL0101YMW3-4:30 M: UC65
W: SS 1078
Y.TomitaPESee Details
     TR3 SS 1078Y.Tomita 
EAS327H1FJap Fic & the NationL5101YR7-9 SS 1070 K.SivakPSee Details
EAS334H1 S The Chinese Novel (note: course added) L5101 Y W6-8 SS 1069 Tba P See Details
EAS347H1SEveryday Life JapanL0101YW1-3 BA 1210K. KawashimaPSee Details
EAS357H1FMao's China & BeyondL0101YW1-3 MP 137Y. WuPSee Details
EAS358Y1YClassical Chinese IL0101YF1-3 LA 211
(Note: room change) 
G. SandersPSee Details
EAS378H1 S Edo, Osaka, and Kyoto
(Urban Life in Early Modern Japan)
(note: course added)
L0101 Y T1-3 MC 254 Tba P See Details
EAS384H1FMedieval JapanL0101YM1-3 SS 1083T. KeirsteadPSee Details
EAS384H1SMedieval JapanL0101Cancel
EAS393H1FTopics in BuddhismL0101CancelSee Details
EAS393H1STopics in BuddhismL0101YF10-12 SS 2105 H.ShiuP
EAS402H1SMod Std Chinese IVbL0101YMW4-6 SS 2101TbaPESee Details
EAS408H1SMod Taiwanese LitL5101YM6-8 SS 2120 J.LauPSee Details
EAS410Y1YMod Std Korean IVL0101YT10-1 LM 123 Y.ChoiPESee Details
EAS411H1SArt & Archae Chi IL0101YM11-1 RO 603C. ShenPSee Details
EAS412H1STech & Culture Anc ChinaL0101YM3-5 RO 603C. ShenPSee Details
EAS419H1FChinese Cult Stdy Sem: May 4thL0101YR4-6 RL 14081
(Note: room change)
Y. ZhongPSee Details
EAS434H1FIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE 
EAS434H1SIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE
EAS435H1FIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE 
EAS435H1SIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE
EAS436Y1FIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE 
EAS436Y1SIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE
EAS436Y1YIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA StaffE
EAS447H1FSound Studies Mod JapanL0101YW4-6 SS 2120K. KawashimaPSee Details
EAS449H1FFuture, Arch, JapanL0101YT1-3 NF 231E. CazdynPSee Details
EAS459Y1YRethink Cold War in East AsiaL0101YR10-12 SS 2129A. SchmidPSee Details
EAS461H1FMod Std Jpnse IV BL5101YMR5-7 SS 1080J. ArimoriPESee Details
EAS474H1SAmerican Wars & AsiaL0101YW11-1 OI 4410 (note: room change)L. YoneyamaPSee Details

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