Computer Science [CSC courses - includes ECE]

The following timetable information is the most current information available. All courses and meeting sections added/changed since the original upload is listed below. Courses and meeting sections cancelled since the original upload is indicated as such.

Deadlines for changing from an accelerated/enriched course.
20149, Fall session: October 3,2014
20151, Winter session: January 30, 2015

Students registered in the following courses have an extended period, beyond the normal Add Date, during which they are permitted to switch:
From CSC148H1 to CSC108H1
From CSC240H1 to CSC165H1 or
From CSC240H1 to CSC236H1 if passed CSC165H1
From CSC265H1 to CSC263H1

Students may register in their new course at their college (not at the Computer Science undergrad office). If the course is full, no students will be allowed to register. Contact the instructor of the new course to make arrangements for a tutorial section. Deadlines are strictly enforced.

Prerequisites, Co-requisites and Exclusions
Do not assume that being able to register in the course means that you satisfy the prerequisites, because prerequisites, co-requisites, and exclusions are not checked at the time of enrolment. Due to circumstances beyond our control, prerequisite, corequisite, and exclusion checks will be performed after the 100% refund period

Waiver Deadlines:
20149, Fall session: September 2 to18, 2014
20151, Winter session: January 5 to 15, 2015
These deadlines are strictly enforced.

Waivers are considered for the term in which you are taking the course.
Course waivers: These may be waived, when appropriate, according to the judgment of the instructor.

Tutorials: In courses where applicable, tutorials will be arranged after classes commence.

For CSC120H1S: students enrolled in L0101 (taught in R) are to enroll in tutorial section T0101 or T5101
For CSC120H1S: students enrolled in L0201 (taught in Python) are to enroll in tutorial section T0201

Current timetable and instructor contact information: These will be posted on the bulletin board outside BA4252/4, and on the Undergraduate Community Bulletin Board (

UTM and UTSC Minor subject POSt: The University of Toronto Mississauga and University of Toronto Scarborough computer science Minor subject POSt is not recognized as a restricted CS subject POSt for St. George courses enrolments. UTM and UTSC Minors will only be permitted enrolment in reserved sections.

Departmental Hours (September 4-6): Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (416-978-6360, email:

Explanation on codes and Enrolment Indicators

Computer Science [CSC courses - includes ECE]
Course SC Title
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Ind Controls
CSC104H1FComputational ThinkingL0101YMWF9 WB 116D. Heap  
CSC104H1SComputational ThinkingL0101YTRF9 WB 116G. Baumgartner 
CSC108H1FIntro to Comp ProgL0101YTBA On-line courseP. GriesPSee Details
   L0201YMWF10 MB 128J. CampbellP
   L0202YMWF10 WB 116T. FairgrieveP
   L0301YMWF1 HS 610J. CampbellP
   L5101YW6-9 MS 3153T. FairgrieveP
CSC108H1SIntro to Comp ProgL0101YTBA On-line courseJ. CampbellP
   L0201YMWF10 HS 610T. FairgrieveP
   L5101YW6-9 MS 3154T. FairgrieveP
CSC120H1SCompSci for SciencesL0101YMW10 BA 1170Tba  NOTE: Yr 1 CSC St. George campus not eligible for this course
(note: section added)
MP 202
R. Neal
NOTE: Only students enrolled in L0101 are to enrol in T0101 (or T5101)  T0101NT3-5   
NOTE: Only students enrolled in L0201 are to enrol in a T0201 T0201
(note: section added)
N W1-3      
NOTE: Only students enrolled in L0101 are to enrol in T5101 (or T0101)  T5101NT5-7   
CSC148H1FIntro to Comp SciL0101YMW9 LM 159D. LiuPSee Details
   L0201YMW10 SF 1101D. LiuP
CSC148H1SIntro to Comp SciL0101YMW9 WB 116D. HortonP
   L0201YMW10 WB 116D. HeapP
   L5101YW6-8 MS 3153D. HeapP
CSC165H1FMath Expr&Rsng for CsL0101YMWF11 M: SS 2102
WF: UC 140
D. HeapPSee Details
     T9-11 UC 140D. Heap 
   L0201YMWF12 MP 203D. HeapP
     M7-9 BA 1130D. Heap 
   L5101YT6-9 BA 1130TbaP
     R7-9 BA 1130Tba 
CSC165H1SMath Expr&Rsng for CsL0101YMWF11 MP 103TbaP
     T2-4 MP 203Tba 
   L0201YMWF2 MF: MP 102
W: MP 103
     R2-4 MP 103Tba 
CSC200Y1YEco & Soc NetworksL0101YMWF3 Fall: SS 1069
Winter: LM 161
CSC207H1FSoftware DesignL0101YM12 CDF LabsM. Abdelrazik Mansour AbdelkPSee Details
     WF12 BA 1170M. Abdelrazik Mansour Abdelk 
   L0201YM2 CDF LabsM. Abdelrazik Mansour AbdelkP
     WF2 BA 1170M. Abdelrazik Mansour Abdelk 
   L5101YW5 CDF LabsM. Abdelrazik Mansour AbdelkP
     W6-8 BA 1170M. Abdelrazik Mansour Abdelk 
(note: section added)
Y M6 MC 252 M. Abdelrazik Mansour Abdelk P
          M7-9 MC 252 M. Abdelrazik Mansour Abdelk  
CSC207H1SSoftware DesignL0101YM1 CDF LabsJ. CampbellP
     WF1 SS 1085J. Campbell 
      L0201 (note: section added) Y M12 CDF Labs Tba R See Details
          WF12 SS 1087 Tba
      L2003 Y M1 CDF Labs J. Campbell R See Details
        WF1 SS 1085    
CSC209H1FSoft Tools & Sys ProgL0101YTR1 MP 102M. CraigPSee Details
   L2003YTR1 MP 102M. CraigR See Details
CSC209H1SSoft Tools & Sys ProgL0101YMW12 MP 203K. ReidP See Details
      L0201 (note: section added) Y MW10 WI 1016 Tba R See Details
          F10 CDF Labs      
   L5101YW6-8 BA 1130K. ReidP See Details
CSC236H1FIntro to Theory CompL0101YM11 MP 102G. BaumgartnerP Enrolment Control updated - See Details
     WF11 MP 102G. Baumgartner 
   L0201YR10 LM 162 P
     R11-1 LM 162  
   L5101YR6 BA 1180G. BaumgartnerP
     R7-9 BA 1180G. Baumgartner 
CSC236H1SIntro to Theory CompL0101YTR1 RW 117G. BaumgartnerP Enrolment Control updated - See Details
     R2 RW 117G. Baumgartner 
   L0201Cancel See Details
      L0301 (note: section added) Y TR3 LM 161 Tba R See Details
          R4 Contact department for more information R
   L2003YTR1 RW 117G. BaumgartnerR See Details
     R2 RW 117G. Baumgartner 
CSC240H1SEnr Intro Theor CompL0101YMWF11 RW 110F. EllenPSee Details
CSC258H1FComputer OrganizatnL0101CancelSee Details
   L5101YT6-9 MB 128S. EngelsP
     R6-9 ECE LabsS. Engels 
CSC258H1SComputer OrganizatnL0101YMWF11 BA 1170S. EngelsP
(note: time change)
ECE LabsS. Engels 
      L0201 (note: section added) Y MWF12 BA 1190 Tba R See Details
          R12-3 Contact department for more information R
   L5101YM6-9 ECE LabsS. EngelsP See Details
     T6-9 BA 1170S. Engels 
CSC263H1FData Struct & AnalL0101YT10 BA 1170F. PittPSee Details
     R10-12 LM 161F. Pitt 
   L2003YT10 BA 1170F. PittR See Details
     R10-12 LM 161F. Pitt 
CSC263H1SData Struct & AnalL0101YMWF2 BA 1170M. CraigP See Details
   L0201YMWF3 BA 1170M. CraigP
      L0301 (note: section added) Y TR10 SF3202 Tba R See Details
          F12 Contact department for more information
   L5101YR6-8 BA 1160F. PittP See Details
     R8 BA 1160F. Pitt 
CSC265H1FEnr Data Struct AnalL0101YM10-12 SS 1069F. EllenPSee Details
     R11 SS 1069F. Ellen 
CSC299Y1YRsch Opportunity PrgL0101NTBA TbaE 
   L0201NTBA TbaE
CSC300H1FComputers & SocietyL0101YW3-6 SS 2127 M. ZaleskiPSee Details
(note: section added)
Y W6-9 MP 137 J. Gonzalez R
CSC300H1SComputers & SocietyL5101YR6-8 BA 1180M. Abdelrazik Mansour AbdelkP
     R8 BA 1180M. Abdelrazik Mansour Abdelk 
CSC301H1FIntro to Soft EngL0101YTR10 BA 1200M. Abdelrazik Mansour AbdelkPSee Details
     R11 BA 1200M. Abdelrazik Mansour Abdelk 
(note: section added)
Y M6-9 GB 120 J. Freund P
CSC301H1SIntro to Soft EngL2503YM6-9 BA 1200M. Abdelrazik Mansour AbdelkR See Details
   L5101YM6-9 BA 1200M. Abdelrazik Mansour AbdelkP See Details
CSC302H1SEng Lrg Soft SysL0101YTR10 BA 1200M. Abdelrazik Mansour AbdelkPSee Details
     R11 BA 1200M. Abdelrazik Mansour Abdelk 
CSC309H1FProg on the WebL0101YT2 UC 161E. DelaraPSee Details
     R1-3 UC 161E. Delara 
   L0201YMWF3 BA 1170E. DelaraP
   L2001YT2 UC 161E. DelaraR See Details
     R1-3 UC 161E. Delara   
CSC309H1SProg on the WebL0101YMW10 LM 162 TbaP See Details
     F10 BA 1170Tba 
   L2001YMWF10 MW: LM 162
F: BA 1170
TbaR See Details
   L5101YW6-9 BA 1170TbaP See Details
CSC310H1FInformation TheoryL0101Cancel  
CSC318H1FInteract Comp MediaL0101YR12 UC 179 I. PosnerPSee Details
     R1-3UC 179 I. Posner 
   L2001YR12UC 179 I. PosnerR See Details
     R1-3UC 179I. Posner 
   L2501YM6 BA 1200 V. PandelievR
     M7-9BA 1200V. Pandeliev 
   L5101YM6BA 1200V. PandelievP See Details
     M7-9BA 1200V. Pandeliev 
CSC318H1SInteract Comp MediaL0101YT4-6 BA 1200V. PandelievP
     T6 BA 1200V. Pandeliev 
   L0201YMWF11 LM 161V. PandelievP
CSC320H1FIntro Visual ComptL0101
See Details
See Details
CSC320H1SIntro Visual Compt L0101
(note: section added)
Y MWF2 SS 2110 Tba P See Details
(note: section added)
Y MWF2 SS 2110 Tba R See Details
      L2501 Y W6-9 BA 1210 K. Kutulakos R See Details
   L5101YW6-9BA 1210K. KutulakosP See Details
CSC321H1SNeural NetworksL0101YTR1 BA 1200TbaPSee Details
     R12 BA 1200Tba 
   L2001YTR1 BA 1200TbaR See Details
     R12 BA 1200Tba 
   L2501YT6-9 BA 1220TbaR
   L5101YT6-9 BA 1220TbaP See Details
CSC324H1FProg LanguagesL0101YMWF11 BA 1170 PSee Details
   L2003YMWF11 BA 1170 R See Details
   L5101 Cancel  
CSC324H1SProg LanguagesL0101YMW2 SS 1073D. LiuP See Details
     F2 SS 1073D. Liu 
(note: time change)
 D. LiuP
CSC336H1FNumerical MethodsL0101YMWF11 LM 161K. JacksonPSee Details
CSC336H1SNumerical MethodsL5101YM6 BA 1130C. ChristaraP
     M7-9 BA 1130C. Christara 
CSC343H1FIntro to DatabasesL0101YT1-3 BA 1180D. HortonPSee Details
     R1 BA 1180D. Horton 
   L0201YW1-3 RW 117D. HortonP
     F1 RW 117D. Horton 
   L2001YT1-3 BA 1180D. HortonR See Details
     R1 BA 1180D. Horton 
   L2003YW1-3 RW 117D. HortonR See Details
     F1 RW 117D. Horton 
   L2501YT6-9 BA 1170 E. PapangelisR See Details
   L5101YT6-9 BA 1170 E. PapangelisP See Details
CSC343H1SIntro to DatabasesL0101YMWF12 MP 102D. HortonP See Details
   L0201YMWF2 M: LM 161
WF: RW 117
D. HortonP
   L2001YMWF12 MP 102D. HortonR See Details
   L2201YMWF2M: LM 161
WF: RW 117
D. HortonR See Details
   L2501Y R6-9
(note: time change)
BA 1130D. LiuR
   L5101Y R6-9
(note: time change)
BA 1130D. LiuP See Details
CSC358H1SIntro Comp NetworksL0101YM10 SS 2102P. MarbachPSee Details
     R3-5 SS 2102P. Marbach 
   L5101YT6-9 BA 1190TbaP
CSC369H1FOperating SystemsL0101YMWR12 LM 158K. ReidPSee Details
   L0201YMWR2 MP 134K. ReidP
CSC369H1SOperating SystemsL0101YM3 RW 110K. ReidP
     TR2 RW 110K. Reid 
   L5101YR6-9 BA 1170A. Demke BrownP
CSC372H1FMicroprocessor SftwrL0101Y M1, F4-6
(note: time change)
BA 1180 H. TimorabadiPSee Details
     T3-6 ECE Labs H. Timorabadi 
CSC373H1FAlgo Design & AnalysisL0101YMWF10 BA 1200F. PittPSee Details
(note: ec added)
     R2 Contact Department for Information
(Note:room change)
F. Pitt 
   L5101YW6-9 BA 1200S. CookP
     R6 BA 1200S. Cook 
CSC373H1SAlgo Design & AnalysisL0101YMWF11 BA 1200F. PittP
     M4 BA 1170F. Pitt 
   L0201YMWF3 BA 1200F. PittP
     M4 BA 1200F. Pitt 
CSC384H1FIntro Artif IntellL0101YTR1 BA 1170 E. DelislePSee Details
     R2 BA 1170 E. Delisle 
   L2001YTR1 BA 1770TbaR See Details
     R2 BA 1770Tba 
CSC384H1SIntro Artif IntellL0101YMWF12 BA 1170F. BacchusP See Details
   L0201YMWF1 BA 1170F. BacchusP
   L2001YMWF12 BA 1170F. BacchusR See Details
CSC401H1SNatural Lang ComptL0101YMWF10 RW 110TbaRSee Details
   L2001YMWF10 RW 110TbaR See Details
CSC404H1SVideo Game DesignL0101YT10 BA 2175S. EngelsE 
     R10-12 BA 2175S. Engels 
CSC410H1SSoftware Test & VerifL0101YM12 BA 1200TbaPSee Details
     W11-1 SS 2110Tba 
CSC411H1FMachine LearningL0101YMWF12 MP 134R. ZemelPSee Details
   L0201YMWF3 BA 1200R. UrtasunP
   L2001YMWF12 MP 134R. ZemelR See Details
CSC412H1SUncertainty & LearngL0101Y T3-5
(note: time change)
BA 1210R. NealPSee Details
(note: time change)
BA 1210R. Neal 
CSC418H1FComputer GraphicsL2501YW6 BA 1190 L. MooreRSee Details
     W7-9 BA 1190 L. Moore 
   L5101YW6 BA 1190TbaP See Details
     W7-9 BA 1190Tba 
CSC418H1SComputer GraphicsL0101YM3 MP 134TbaP
     W3-5 MP 134Tba 
   L2001YM3 MP 134TbaR See Details
     W3-5 MP 134Tba 
   L5101YT6 BA 1130TbaP See Details
     T7-9 BA 1130Tba 
CSC420H1FIntro Image UnstandL0101YTR3 BA 2185S. FidlerPSee Details
     R4 BA 2185S. Fidler 
CSC428H1 F Human-Comp Interact L0101
(note: section added)
Y M10
(note: time change)
BA 2185 O. St-Cyr P See Details
(note: time change)
BA 2175 O. St-Cyr  
CSC428H1SHuman-Comp InteractL0101   Cancel  
   L2501Y M6-8 BA 1230O. St-CyrR See Details
      M8-9 BA 1230O. St-Cyr 
   L5101Y M6-8 BA 1230O. St-CyrP See Details
      M8-9 BA 1230O. St-Cyr 
CSC436H1FNumerical AlgorithmsL0101YM1-3 BA 1200C. ChristaraPSee Details
     R2 SS 2127C. Christara 
CSC438H1FComputabil & LogicL0101Y M4-6
(note: time change)
BA 1230T. PitassiPSee Details
     F12 BA 1230T. Pitassi 
CSC438H1SComputabil & LogicL0101Cancel
CSC443H1FDatabase Sys TechnL2501NM6-9 BA 1210 RSee Details
   L5101NM6-9 BA 1210 P See Details
CSC443H1SDatabase Sys TechnL0101Cancel  
CSC446H1SComput Meth for PdeL0101CancelSee Details
   L5101YT6-9 BA 1230TbaP
CSC454H1FBusiness SoftwareL5101 N
(note: WL change)
W6-8 BA 1210Tba E
(note: indicator change
     W8 BA 1210Tba 
CSC454H1SBusiness SoftwareL5101 N
(note: WL change)
W6-8 BA 1240Tba E
(note: indicator change
     W8 BA 1240Tba 
CSC456H1FHigh-Perf Sci CompL0101Cancel 
CSC458H1FComputer NetworksL0101YT1-3 BA 1200Y. GanjaliPSee Details
     F1 BA 1200Y. Ganjali 
   L0201YR1-3 BA 1200Y. GanjaliP
     F11 BA 1200Y. Ganjali 
CSC463H1SComplex & ComputL0101YMWF2 MP 134S. CookPSee Details
CSC465H1FSoftware DesignL5101NR6-8 BA 1240TbaPSee Details
     R8 BA 1240Tba 
CSC469H1FOper Sys DesignL0101YR10-12 SS 2106A. Demke BrownPSee Details
     R1 SS 2108A. Demke Brown 
CSC485H1FComp LinguisticsL0101YW1-3 BA 1200G. HirstPSee Details
     R4 BA 1200G. Hirst 
CSC486H1SKnowledge Rep & ReasL0101YW1 BA B024TbaPSee Details
     F12-2 BA B024Tba 
CSC488H1SCompilers & InterpretersL0101YT2 GB 248 (note: room change)TbaPSee Details
     R1 GB 244 (note: room change)Tba 
     R2 GB 244 (note: room change)Tba 
CSC490H1FCapstone Design ProjL0101
(note; course added)
RS 208
CSC490H1SCapstone Design ProjL0101Cancel
CSC494H1FProject in CSCL0101NTBA StaffE 
CSC494H1SProject in CSCL0101NTBA StaffE
CSC494H1YProject in CSCL0101NTBA StaffE
CSC495H1FProject in CSCL0101NTBA StaffE 
CSC495H1SProject in CSCL0101NTBA StaffE
CSC495H1YProject in CSCL0101NTBA StaffE

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