First Year Seminars [CCR199H1/Y1, LTE199H1/Y1, PMU199H1/Y1, SII199H1/Y1, TBB199H1/Y1 and XBC199Y1]

The following timetable information is the most current information available.

First-Year Seminar courses are offered as full-credit courses or as half-credit courses. Each 199Y1 or 199H1 seminar has a generic designator, which corresponds to the Breadth Category the course fulfils:

CCR - Creative and Cultural Representation
TBB - Thought, Belief and Behaviour
SII - Society and Its Institutions
LTE - Living things and Their Environment
PMU - Physical and Mathematical Universes
XBC - Cross Breadth Category - Y course seminar that counts as half in each of two breadth categories

These courses do not have waitlist. Each meeting section is a different course with a few exceptions where two sections of the same course are offered. Refer to the Faculty of Arts and Science website, for further information and full descriptions of the seminar courses.

First-Year seminar courses are restricted to first year degree students newly admitted to the first year in the Faculty of Arts and Science, St. George campus. Students admitted from other institutions or faculties with fewer than four transfer credits are also eligible to enrol in these courses.

Some first-year seminar courses have college membership as an enrolment control. During the priority period, July 30 to August 5 college sections of Innis, New, St. Michael's, Trinity, University, Victoria and Woodsworth give students associated with that college priority. On August 7, starting at 6:00 a.m., first year students from any college may enrol into these college section courses pending availability of space. For example, CCR199H1 section L0021, title, gives priority to students accepted into University College from July 30 to August 5. On August 7, students from any of the other St. George campus colleges may try to enrol. You will not be permitted to add the course if you do not satisfy the college membership during the priority period. If you "view timetable/spaces" on ROSI for the First-Year seminars, ROSI will indicate "You do not fit any enrolment control". For these sections, try on August 7.

On July 30 only, the first day of enrolment for 1st year students, a certain number of spaces is allocated to each admission stream. When you "view timetable/spaces" for the first-year seminar courses, ROSI will indicate your enrolment category is full/enrolment blocked; however, there may be spaces still remaining in the course. Try to enrol on July 31 at 6:00 a.m., when any remaining spaces will be open to students in any admission stream.

You may enrol in only ONE 199Y or TWO 199H1 courses for your degree . Students are only permitted to enrol in 1 full course equivalent (FCE) from the first-year seminar courses. Students who enrol in more than one 199Y1, two 199H1 or a combination of 199Y1 and 199H1 will be removed from the additional one(s) beyond 1 FCE. You may be removed from the additional first-year seminar course(s) without consultation as to which one(s) will be removed. The removal may occur at any time it is discovered.
If you want to enrol in 199H1 courses with the same section code (e.g. two F or two S sections) from the same designators, ROSI will not permit you to enrol in both. You should contact Ms. Deborah Shaw, 416-978-0359,, immediately after enrolling in one of the 199H1 courses on ROSI, to be enrolled in the second 199H1. The second 199H1 will be added under the course number, 198H1. NOTE: After being enrolled in the 198H1 course, if you want cancel the course, you need to contact Ms. Shaw.

Explanation on codes and Enrolment Indicators
First Year Seminars [CCR199H1/Y1, LTE199H1/Y1, PMU199H1/Y1, SII199H1/Y1, TBB199H1/Y1 and XBC199Y1]
Course Section
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Enrolment # Wait
List #
CCR198H1F1st Yr Sem Cat 1L0141NT10-12 J. BurgessESee Details 010
CCR198H1S1st Yr Sem Cat 1L0171NR10-12 A. SakakiE 110
CCR199H1FIntroduction to Digital HumanitiesL0021NM2-4 S. O'FlynnRSee DetailsCollege Priority: University, Category 1: Cultural and Creative Representation 24230
  Middle Eastern BiographiesL0022NT2-4 J. ReillyRCollege Priority: University 2490
  The Anthropology of BrandsL0101NM4-6 M. DanesiR 24220
  Homer's Iliad Down Through TimeL0141NT10-12 J. BurgessR 23130
  The City of RomeL0142NW3-5 S. BernardR 24120
  The Cultural Politics of PleasuresL0143NM3-5 E. GundersonR 24140
   Pulp FictionsL0191NT1-3 G. ClarkeR 24200
  The Coming-Out NovelL0192NW10-12 D. TownsendR 24170
  Public Art in TorontoL0211NF10-12 M. CheethamR 24200
  Pleasure, Pain and Nostalgia in Belle EpoqueL0221NR1-3 M. VisoiR 24180
  Iranian Women Write Their Lives: The First GenerationL0301NT1-3 R. SandlerR 24130
  Multiculturalism, Philosophy, and FilmL0321NMW10-12 F. GagliardiR 24160
  The CossacksL0381NT1-3 M. TarnawskyR 24170
  Literature and Painting in Russia and the WestL0382NW1-3 T. SmolyarovaR 2490
CCR199H1SThe "New" Visual CultureL0021NW10-12 A. LeskRCollege Priority: University, Category 1: Cultural and Creative Representation 24160
  Hoboes, Geniuses, and Immigrants: Otherness in Contemporary CultureL0091NW10-12 J. PatersonRCollege Priority: Innis. Room Change: Jan 14, 2016 24230
  Writing Matters: Tools for Text Productions in and around Japanese LiteratureL0171NR10-12 A. SakakiR 23170
  The Voice, Politics, and World HistoryL0172NT4-6 K. KawashimaR 24120
  The Worlds of HeroesL0211NW2-4 S. KimR 24190
  On FootL0212NW2-4 C. AndersonR 24200
  The Grail: Medieval and Modern ImaginationsL0251NM3-5 M. StockR 24100
  Technology and the HumanL0252NW10-12 C. LehleiterR 24200
  Iranian Women Write Their Lives: The Young GenerationL0301NT1-3 R. SandlerR 24200
  Transmissions of Knowledge in the Ancient WorldL0302NW10-12 M. BrosiusR 20140
  Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice in Her Time and OursL0331NT1-3 T. MoritzRCollege Priority: Woodsworth 24180
  The Slavic Grecian Formula: From Ancient Rhapsode to Modern Rap SongL0381NT2-4 R. BogertR 24110
CCR199Y1YThe Vikings and Their DescendantsL0041NW2-4 J. HeroldRSee DetailsCollege Priority: Trinity, Category 1: Cultural and Creative Representation 24150
  The Environmental ImaginationsL0191NR1-3 A. MostR 24220
  More than Just a Dinner Party High Style & Serious Attitude Literary Salon of 1830's ParisL0221NM2-4 B. FergusonRCollege Priority: Trinity 24200
  Our Vampires, OurselvesL0251NT2-4 E. BoranR 24160
  From Manuscripts to Print, Print to ElectronicsL0271NM3-5 F. GuardianiR 24220
  The Fine Art of Murder: Reading Detective FictionL0272NW10-12 L. SomigliR 24210
  Fatal Attraction: The Lure of Villains and now Vampires! in LiteratureL0331NR3-5 B. RoseRCollege Priority: Woodsworth 24220
  Making Differences: Reading Disability and Race in the AmericasL0401NT2-4 S. AntebiR 24160
  Myths of French SensualityL5071NW6-8 D. ClandfieldRCollege Priority: New 24230
LTE199H1FBiotechnology and SocietyL0421NM1-3 J. ColemanRSee DetailsCategory 4:
Living Things and Their Environment 
  Topics in Biotechnology and AgricultureL0422NT11-1 T. BerlethR 24210
  Biotechnology and SocietyL5421NM6-8 J. ColemanR 24210
LTE199H1S Human DevelopmentL0121NW11-1 M. SokolowskiRCategory 4:
Living Things and Their Environment 
  Human Evolution and EcologyL0122NT10-12 M. GrossR 24200
  Human Evolution and EcologyL0123NT2-4 M. GrossR 24240
  Animal Behaviour and Biodiversity Up CloseL0124NF1-3 B. RaboyR 24210
  Psychology and History of Drug Use and AbuseL0361NW10-12 S. GroppeR 24180
  Human VirusesL0421NM10-12 M. AbouhaidarR 24190
LTE199Y1YPlants as We See ThemL0121NT3-5 J. EckenwalderRSee DetailsCategory 4:
Living Things and Their Environment 
PMU198H1F1st Yr Sem Cat 5L0341NW11-1 R. LoganE  110
PMU198H1S1st Yr Sem Cat 5L0342NW2-4 A. PeetE 020
PMU199H1FGreat Astronomical IssuesL0111NM3-5 J. BovyRSee DetailsCategory 5:
The Physical and Mathematical Universe 
  Astronomy at the FrontierL0112NT3-5 H. NeilsonR 24180
  Computing the ClimateL0161NW1-3 S. EasterbrookR 20170
  Mathematical ExplorationsL0291NT3-5 S. RayanR 2480
  The Poetry of Physics and the Physics of PoetryL0341NW11-1 R. LoganR 23210
  Modern Physics for The CuriousL0342Cancel    
PMU199H1SGreat Astronomical IssuesL0111NM3-5 M. ReidRCategory 5:
The Physical and Mathematical Universe 
  Astronomy at the FrontierL0112NT3-5 R. AbrahamR 24230
  The Quantum World and Its Classical LimitL0131NM4-6 P. BrumerR 24130
  Climate ChangeL0132NM3-5 A. DhiraniR 24170
  The Universe in Zero WordsL0291NR2-4 D. BurbullaR 24160
  Modern Physics for the CuriousL0342NW2-4 A. PeetR 18160
  Chiral Drugs and CatalystsL5131NW7-9 J. ChinR 24180
PMU199Y1YPhysics and Technology for World LeadersL0341NR10-12 J. SipeRSee DetailsCollege Priority: Trinity, Category 5:
The Physical and Mathematical Universe 
  Statistics for LifeL0411NM10-12 V. CraiuR 24190
  Statistics: A Journey to Information Behind NumbersL0412NW2-4 F. YaoR 24110
  Mathematics in Current EventsL5291NT6-8 N. DerzkoR 2470
SII198H1S1st Yr Sem Cat 3L0041NW2-4 I. KalmarE  010
SII199H1FLiving on the Water's Edge in TorontoL0101NT10-12 B. McElhinnyRSee DetailsCategory 3: Society and Its Institutions 24200
  Gender and the Making of MaryL0102NT10-12 V. NapolitanoR 24150
  Computer Networks and SocietyL0161NW10-12 Y. GanjaliR 24180
     W12 Y. Ganjali     
  Political SpacesL0231NM1-3 M. FarishR 24160
  Cities and Everyday LifeL0232NM2-4 J. HackworthR 24150
  Barack Obama as History - Barack Obama in HistoryL0261NR10-12 R. PruessenR 24220
  Middle Eastern Minorities Under the Islamic StateL0301NF4-6 A. HarrakR 24210
  Flows and LogisticsL0391NW10-12 W. MageeR 2470
  How to Study Everyday LifeL0401NW10-12 I. KalmarR 24230
SII199H1SWhy go to University? Debates on the Changing Role of Higher EducationL0021NT10-12 A. WilliamsRCollege Priority: University, Category 3: Society and Its Institutions 24220
  Health for the 21st CenturyL0041NW2-4 L. BoehmRCollege Priority: Trinity 24200
  Debating and Understanding Current Environmental IssuesL0201NW2-4 K. IngR 24170
  Cities and Everyday LifeL0231NM12-2 S. WakefieldR 24220
  Environmental Change: Producing New NaturesL0232NR3-5 S. PrudhamR 24170
  Religion and ViolenceL0261NW10-12 D. BergenR 24180
  How to Study in Everyday LifeL0401NW10-12 I. KalmarR 24230
  Why We Work: Understanding Work Through the Prism of Art and CultureL0441NR10-12 R. GomezRCollege Priority: Woodsworth 24210
SII199Y1YComputer Networks and SocietyL0161CancelSee Details    
SII199Y1YComputer Networks and SocietyL0161Cancel    
  Seminar in the History of Economic ThroughtL0181NM11 K. FurlongR 2490
     M9-11 K. Furlong     
  Economics and Sustainable, Green DevelopmentL0182NR10-12 M. AnjomshoaR 2380
     R12 M. Anjomshoa     
  Capitalism, the First 3000 YearsL0261NT2-4 P. CohenR 24100
  Marx and the CityL0351NW10-12 Enright/AslanR 2460
  Explaining Political TransactionsL0352NM10-12 V. FalkenheimR 2450
  How Christianity Became the World's Largest ReligionL0371NW1-3 C. McIntireR 2440
  How We Use Time in Everyday LifeL0391NW4-6 W. MichelsonR 24190
TBB199H1F1st Yr Sem Cat 2 Thought, Belief and Behaviour- Language and PoliticsL0281NW10-12 S. TagliamonteRSee DetailsCategory 2:
Thought, Belief and Behaviour 
  Language DiversityL0282NR10-12 D. MassamR 24210
  Languages of Canada: Identity and CultureL0283NR10-12 E. GoldR 24210
  The Puzzle of Human CooperationL0321NW10-12 J. HeathR 24140
  A History of KnowledgeL0322NM1-3 M. MorrisonR 24170
TBB199H1SThe Age of Love: An Invitation to Medieval CultureL0041NW1-3 J. BillettRCollege Priority: Trinity, Category 2: Thought, Belief and Behaviour 20130
  Animality: The Social Anthropology of Humans and AnimalsL0101NT4-6 P. DaveR 24120
   Innovative Teaching Methods in ChemistryL0131NF10-12 C. KutasR 24170
  Nomos Basileus 'Law the King': The Idea of Law in Ancient Greek ThoughtL0141NT1-3 R. BarneyR 24130
  Exploring Heritage LanguagesL0281NW10-12 N. NagyR 24230
  The Individual and SocietyL0361NT1-3 C. HelwigR 24180
  The Criminal MindL0381NR10-12 K. HollandR 24200
TBB199Y1YGreat Idea in Social and Political ThoughtL0041NT11-1 I. ZeitlinRSee DetailsCollege Priority: Trinity, Category 2: Thought, Belief and Behaviour 24160
  Language, Technology, and SocietyL0042NW1-3 G. PennRCollege Priority: Trinity 2440
  The Nature of LoveL0321NT1-3 A. Franklin-HallR 24200
  The Nature of Psychological EnquiryL0361NT11-1 G. WaltersR 24180
  Embarrassment of ScripturesL0371NR10-12 H. FoxR 24120
XBC199Y1YVision in Chinese Philosophy and ArtL0171NT10-12 C. ViragRSee DetailsCross Breadth Categories:
CCR1 + TBB2 
  Fiction and Women of ColourL0221NR11-1 G. Beeharry ParayRCross Breadth Categories: CCR1 + TBB2 24150
  Life and Death in the Solar SystemL0241NT3-5 Sherwood Lollar/HendersonRCross Breadth Categories: LTE4 + PMU5 24170
  Thinking about Planet EarthL0242NW3-5 Finkelstein/MungallRCross Breadth Categories: LTE4 + PMU5 24210
  From Ray-Guns to Light Sabres: Science Fiction in Modern CultureL0331NM1-3 MacDonald/MoritzRCollege Priority: Woodsworth, Cross Breadth Categories: CCR1 + SII3 24200
  Ideologies and Social Movements in China's Modern TransformationL0351NT3-5 V. FalkenheimRCross Breadth Categories: TBB2 + SII3 24190
  Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad: Sociology of the Monotheistic ReligionsL5391NT6-8 I. ZeitlinRCross Breadth Categories: TBB2 + SII3 24130

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