First-Year Seminars [CCR199H1, CCR199Y1, LTE199H1, LTE199Y1, PMU199H1, PMU199Y1, SII199H1, SII199Y1, TBB199H1, TBB199Y1, XBC199Y1]


The following timetable information is the most current information available. Courses and meeting sections added will be listed below. Courses and meeting sections cancelled will be indicated as such.

First-Year Seminar courses are offered as full-credit courses or as half-credit courses. Each 199Y1 or 199H1 seminar has a generic designator, which corresponds to the Breadth Category the course fulfils:
CCR - Creative and Cultural Representation
TBB - Thought, Belief and Behaviour
SII - Society and Its Institutions
LTE - Living things and Their Environment
PMU - Physical and Mathematical Universes
XBC - Cross Breadth Category - Y course seminar that counts as half in each of two breadth categories

These courses do not have waitlist on the first day of enrolment. The waitlist option will be available on July 31, at 6:00 a.m. Each meeting section is a different course with a few exceptions where two sections of the same course are offered. Refer to the Faculty of Arts and Science website, for further information and full descriptions of the seminar courses.

First-Year seminar courses are restricted to first year degree students newly admitted to the first year in the Faculty of Arts and Science, St. George campus. Students admitted from other institutions or faculties with fewer than four transfer credits are also eligible to enrol in these courses.

Some first-year seminar courses have college membership as an enrolment control. During the priority period, July 30 to August 6 college sections of Innis, New, St. Michael's, Trinity, University, Victoria and Woodsworth give students associated with that college priority. On August 8, starting at 6:00 a.m., first year students from any college may enrol into these college section courses pending availability of space. For example, SII199Y1 section L0031, title, gives priority to students accepted into Victoria College from July 30 to August 6. On August 8, students from any of the other St. George campus colleges may try to enrol. You will not be permitted to add the course if you do not satisfy the college membership during the priority period. If you "view timetable/spaces" on ROSI for the First-Year seminars, ROSI will indicate "You do not fit any enrolment control". For these sections, try on August 8.

On July 30 only, the first day of enrolment for 1st year students, a certain number of spaces is allocated to each admission stream. When you "view timetable/spaces" for the first-year seminar courses, ROSI will indicate your enrolment category is full; however, there may be spaces still remaining in the course. Try to enrol on July 31 at 6:00 a.m., when any remaining spaces will be open to students in any admission stream. There are no waitlists on the first day of enrolment, July 30. Waitlists will be turned on starting July 31 at 6:00 a.m.

You may enrol in only ONE 199Y or TWO 199H1 courses. Students are only permitted to enrol in 1 full course equivalent (FCE) from the first-year seminar courses. Students who enrol in more than one 199Y1, two 199H1 or a combination of 199Y1 and 199H1 will be removed from the additional one(s) beyond 1 FCE. You may be removed from the additional first-year seminar course(s) without consultation as to which one(s) will be removed. The removal may occur at any time it is discovered.
If you want to enrol in 199H1 courses with the same section code (e.g. two F or two S sections) from the same designators, ROSI will not permit you to enrol in both. You should contact Ms. Deborah Shaw, 416-978-0359,, immediately after enrolling in one of the 199H1 courses on ROSI, to be enrolled in the second 199H1. The second 199H1 will be added under the course number, 198H1. NOTE: After being enrolled in the 198H1 course, if you want cancel the course, you need to contact Ms. Shaw.

Explanation on codes and Enrolment Indicators


First-Year Seminars [CCR199H1, CCR199Y1, LTE199H1, LTE199Y1, PMU199H1, PMU199Y1, SII199H1, SII199Y1, TBB199H1, TBB199Y1, XBC199Y1]
Section Title College Time Location Instructor
CCR199H1F: Cultural and Creative Representations (1): Fall Offerings
L0051 Voices of Art and Justice St. Michael's
L0101 The Anthropology of Brands   M4-6 SS 2101 M. Danesi
L0141 Otherness in the Greco-Roman World   T1-3 WE 75 E. Gunderson
L0142 Science and Poetry in the Roman World   W1-3 UC 376 J. Welsh
L0171 The World of the Samurai  
L0172 Modern Ruins   W2-4 SS 1080 J. Poole
L0191 Fictions of the US-Canada Border   W11-1 EM108
(note: room change)
R. McGill
L0192 Culture and Conflict in Early Toronto   W10-12 BC 20 H. Murry
L0193 Pulp Fiction   T1-3 UC 177 G. Clarke
L0211 Public Art in Toronto   F10-12 UC 376 M. Cheetham
L0221 Pleasure, Pain and Nostalgia in Belle Époque   R1-3 TF 101 M. Visoi
L0251 The Grail: Medieval and Modern Imaginations   M3-5 LM 123
(note: room change)
M. Stock
L0301 Iranian Women Write Their Lives: The First Generation   T1-3 BF 214 R. Sandler
L0302 Transmissions of the Knowledge in the Ancient World   W10-12 SS 2129 M. Brosius
L0331 Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice in Her Time and Ours Woodsworth T1-3 WW 102 T. Moritz
L0332 Roll Over, Beethoven: The Experience of Music in the Age of Recording Woodsworth F10-12 SS 1080 B. MacDonald
L0381 Pushkin and Russian Opera   W3-5 TF 201
(Note: room change)
C. Barnes
L0382 Forging Identities: Roma of Central and Eastern Europe   W10-12 SS 1080 C. Kramer
CCR199H1S: Cultural and Creative Representations (1): Spring Offerings
L0101 The New Culture of Micro-Celebrity  
L0141 The Returns of Odysseus   W1-3 TF 202 (note: room change) J. Burgess
L0171 Writing Matters: Tools for Text Production in and around Japanese Literature   R10-12 RW 143 A. Sakaki
L0172 Twentieth-Century China through Film and Literature   M1-3 RL 14353 (note: room change) Y. Wu
L0173 The World of the Samurai (note: section added)   W11-1 SK 222 T. Keirstead
L0211 Visual Culture and the Ancient World   T2-4 UC 67 J. Purtle
L0212 The World of Heroes   T2-4 SS 2120 S.J. Kim
L0251 "Circles of Celluloid": Film Remakes and the Cultural Tradition   W1-3 SS 1080 S. Soldovieri
      W3-5 (Film Screening) SS 1080  
L0301 Iranian Women Write Their Lives: The Young Generation   T1-3 BF 315 R. Sandler
L0302 Transmissions of Knowledge in the Ancient World
  W10-12 BF 200 M. Brosius
L0321 Multiculturalism, Philosophy, and Film   W10-12 Robarts Library - Media Commons Room 1 (note: room updated) F. Gagliardi
      M10-12 (Film Screening) Robarts Library - Media Commons Room 1 (note: room updated)  
L0381 The Slavic Grecian Formula: From Ancient Rhapsode to Modern Rap Song   T2-4 UC 87 R. Bogert
CCR199Y1Y: Cultural and Creative Representations (1)
L0041 The Vikings and Their Descendants Trinity W2-4 LA 340 J. Herold
L0191 Reading and Writing Poetry Victoria W9-11 (note: time change) Fall: NF 205
Winter: VC 215
J. Reibetanz
L0221 More Than Just a Dinner Party: High Style and Serious Attitude in the Literary Salon of 1830s Paris Trinity T11-1 TC 22 B. Ferguson
L0251 Our Vampires, Ourselves   R10-12 UC 87 E. Boran
L0271 Italian Tales from the Age of Shakespeare   M3-5 NF 008 M. Scarci
L0272 "The Fine Art of Murder": Reading Detective Fiction   W10-12 VC 304 L. Somigli
L0273 Sorrows and Joys of the Immigration Experience and the Myth of America   M10-12 CR 106 G. Katz
L0401 Babel: The Myth of a Universal Language and the Reality of Linguistic Diversity   T10-12 NF 009 A. Limanni
L5071 Myths of French Sensuality NewCollege W6-8 WI 523 D. Clandfield
TBB199H1F: Thought, Belief, and Behaviour (2): Fall Offerings
L0041 The Age of Love: An Invitation to Medieval Culture Trinity M11-1 TC 22 J. Billett
L0221 Music, Language and the Human Experience   R1-3 TF 102 J. Steele
L0281 The Languages of Names   W10-12 WE 74 A. Dinkin
L0282 Languages of Canada: Identity and Culture   R10-12 SS 1080 E. Gold
L0321 The Nature of Love   T1-3 SS 2101 A. Hall
L0381 Literature and Censorship   T10-12 WE 75 D. Obradovic
TBB199H1S: Thought, Belief, and Behaviour (2): Spring Offerings
L0101 Tragically Unhip: Great Thinkers of the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries
  W4-6 SS 2129 G. Gillison
L0131 Innovative Teaching Methods in Chemistry   F10-12 SS 2120 C. Kutas
L0261 Medieval Medicine Trinity W2-4 TC 22 N. Everett
L0281 Language in Canadian Society   R10-12 LM 123 J. Chambers
L0282 Exploring Heritage Lanuages   W10-12 SK 218 (note: room change) N. Nagy
L0331 Cultural Literacy in the Information Age Woodsworth T1-3 WE 74 T. Moritz
TBB199Y1Y: Thought, Belief, and Behaviour (2)
L0041 Great Ideas in Social and Political Thought Trinity T11-1
(note: time change)
AH 103 I. Zeitlin
L0051 Communication and Consciousness St. Michael's
L0052 Cloud of Witnessess: Saints, Ancient and Medieval St. Michael's
L0321 Ethics, Fiction, and Film   W1-3 FALL: LA 214
(note: room changes)
M. Kingwell
L0361 The Nature of Psychological Enquiry   T11-1 SS 581 G. Walters
L0371 Embarassment of Scriptures   T10-12 SS 570 H. Fox
L5391 Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad: Sociology of the Monotheistic Religions   T6-8 UC 175 I. Zeitlin
SII199H1F: Society and Its Institutions (3): Fall Offerings
L0031 How to Study Everyday Life Victoria W10-12 NF 235 I. Kalmar
L0041 Health Policy in Canada: Past, Present and Future Trinity T3-5 LA 340 L. Boehm
L0141 Alexander the Great  
L0181 Contemporary Economic Systems  
L0182 Contemporary Economic Systems  
L0201 Debating and Understanding Current Environmental Issues   W2-4 UC 67 K. Ing
L0231 Cities and Everyday Life   M11-1 SS 5017A
(Note: room change)
R. Difrancesco
L0232 Cities and Everyday Life   M2-4 SS 2101 J. Hackworth
L0233 Environmental Change: Producing New Natures   W2-4 SS 2120 D. McGregor
L0261 The First World War: Experience and Memory   M3-5 SS 2111 J. Jenkins
L0331 Pacifists, Peaceniks and Popular Protests: Canadian Peace Movements in Transnational Context Woodsworth R10-12 123 St. George St., Rm 102
(Note: Room change)
T. Socknat
L0351 China in the World   R10-12 UC 148 L. Ong
L0352 Explaining in Political Transitions   F10-12 TC 22 V. Falkenheim
L0391 The Sociology of Home   T2-4 FE 41 J. Taylor
L0401 How to Study Everyday Life Victoria R2-4 NF 235 I. Kalmar
SII199H1S: Society and Its Institutions (3): Spring Offerings
L0031 How to Study Everyday Life Victoria W10-12 NF 235 I. Kalmar
L0101 The Process of Archaeological Discovery (note: section added)   R10-12 VC 211 M. Chazan
L0141 Alexander the Great   M1-3 OI 2289 E. Lytle
L0231 Political Spaces   M2-4 WE 74 M. Farish
L0401 How to Study Everyday Life Victoria R2-4 NF 235 I. Kalmar
L0411 Business as Unusual: Post-Crises Market and Regulation of Insurance and Finance Cancel
SII199Y1Y: Society and Its Institutions (3)
L0031 Ideas and Fine Thoughts Victoria M1-3 EM 205 D. Cook
L0032 World War II France: Resistors, Bystanders, Collaborators and Nazis Victoria M1-3
(note: time change)
NF 009 E. Jennings
L0181 Seminar in the History of Economic Thought   M9-11 UC 248 K. Furlong
      M11 (t) UC 248 K. Furlong
L0182 Economics and Sustainable , Green Development (note: section added)   R10-12 Fall: WE 75
Winter: UC 148
M. Anjomshoa
      R12 (t) (note: time added) Fall: WE 75
Winter: UC 148
M. Anjomshoa
L0352 MetroMarxism   W10-12 UC 67 T. Enright
L0371 How Christianity Became the World's Largest Religion   W1-3
(note: time change)
EM 205 T. McIntire
L0391 How We Use Time in Everyday Life   W2-4 FE 41
(Note: room change)
W. Michelson
LTE199H1F: Living Things and Their Environment (4): Fall Offerings
L0121 Wild Toronto   T10-12 RW 142 D. McLennan
L0421 Biotechnology and Society   M1-3 RW 15 J. Coleman
L5421 Biotechnology and Society   M6-8 RW 15 J. Coleman
LTE199H1S: Living Things and Their Environment (4): Spring Offerings
L0101 People, Food and Health: Applied Anthropological Perspectives  
L0121 Human Development  
L0122 Animal Behaviour and Biodiversity Up Close   F11-1 RW015 (note: room change) B. Raboy
L0421 Human and Biological Viruses   M10-12 ES 3087 M. AbouHaidar
L0422 Genes, Genomes and Us   W3-5 RW 15 A. Bruce
LTE199Y1Y: Living Things and Their Environment (4)
L0121 Plants as We See Them   T3-5 ES 3087 J. Eckenwalder
L0361 Time   T3-5 SS 581 M. Ralph
PMU199H1F: The Physical and Mathematical Universes (5): Fall Offerings
L0111 Great Astronomical Issues   M3-5 AB 114 Pheiffer/Rodriguez
L0112 Astronomy at the Frontier   T3-5 AB 114 Mochnacki/Reid
L0131 The Quantum World and Its Classical Limit  
L0291 Mathematical Explorations   R3-5 UC 85 S. Rayan
L0292 Math: Here, There and Everywhere   T10-12 BA 2135 S. Tanny
L0341 The Poetry of Physics and the Physics of Poetry   W11-1 MP 408 R. Logan
L0342 The Poetry of Physics and the Physics of Poetry   W3-5 MP 408 R. Logan
L0411 Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics   T10-12 SS 2101 N. Ried
PMU199H1S: The Physical and Mathematical Universes (5): Spring Offerings
L0111 Great Astronomical Issues   M3-5 AB 114 Pheiffer/Rodriquez
L0112 Astronomy at the Frontier   W4-6 SS 2111
(Note: room change)
L0131 The Science of Energy Choices and their Impact on the Environment   W10-12 LM 123 J. Abbatt
L0132 Climate Change   M3-5 LM 123 A. Dhirani
L0133 The Quantum World and It's Classical Limit (note: section added)   W4-6 WE 74 (Note: room change) P. Brumer
L0291 Aha! Mathematical Discovery and Creative Problem Solving   R3-5 SS 621 R. McCann
L0292 The Universe in Zero Words   R2-4 UC 85 D. Burbulla
(Note course added)
Business as Unusual: Post-Crises Market and Regulation of Insurance and Finance   T4-6 SS 1080 V. Zhang
PMU199Y1Y: The Physical and Mathematical Universes (5)
L0341 Modern Physics in Perspective Trinity W2-4 MP 606 A. Peet
L0411 Statistics: A Journey to Information Behind Numbers   W2-4 SS 570 F. Yao
XBC199Y1Y: Cross Breadth Categories, Count as Two Breadth Categories
Categories: CCR (1) & TBB (2)
L0221 Fiction and Women of Colour   R11-1 CR 107 G. Paray
Categories CCR (1) & SII (3)
L0261 The Past Within the Present Trinity R10-12 TC 22 B. Bowden
L0262 Journeys and Stories   M3-5 TC 24 K. Mills
L0331 From Ray-Guns to Light Sabers: Science Fiction in Modern Culture Woodsworth M1-3 WW 102
(note: room change)
Categories TBB (2) & SII (3)
L0051 Schools, Culture & Society St. Michael's
L0171 Ideologies and Social Movements in China's Modern Transformation   M3-5 Winter - UC 248 (note: room change)
V. Falkenheim
L0351 Ideologies and Social Movements in China's Modern Transformation   M10-12 LA 214 V. Falkenheim
Categories LTE (4) & PMU (5)
L0241 Life and Death in the Solar System   T3-5 ES 2119 Ghent/Berquist/Bollermann
L0242 Thinking About Planet Earth   W3-5 ES 2119 Henderson/Maill


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