Statistical Sciences [STA courses - includes ACT]

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Statistical Sciences [STA courses - includes ACT]
Course Section
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Enrolment # Wait
List #
ACT230H1FMath of FinanceL5101YTR6 (tutorial)SS 1072S. Smart   50390
     TR7-9SS 1072 S. Smart     
ACT240H1FFund Invest & CreditL5101YMW6 (tutorial)Contact DepartmentS. Smart   80440
     MW7-9SS 1085 S. Smart     
ACT245H1SFinancial Principles IL5101YMW6 (tutorial)SS 1074 Y. Wang   50360
     MW7-9SS 1074 Y. Wang     
ACT247H1SIntro Life Conting IL5101YTR6 (tutorial)SS 1072 S. Zaman   50360
     TR7-9SS 1072 S. Zaman     
STA220H1FPrac of Statistics IL5101YTR6 (tutorial)Contact DepartmentZ. Liu See Details 2802130
     TR7-10MC 102 Z. Liu     
STA221H1SPrac of Statistics IIL5101YTR6 (tutorial)SS 1070 B. Chen See Details 65380
     TR7-10SS 1070 B. Chen     
STA247H1FProb Comp ApplL5101YTR7-10SS 1073 L. Al LabadiPSee Details 100590
STA248H1SStats For Comp SciL5101YMW6-9SS 1073 S. Sue-Chee  Tutorial Time Removed. Apr 7 2016. 100600
STA255H1SStatistical TheoryL5101YTR6 (tutorial)Contact DepartmentL. Al LabadiPSee Details 1501240
     TR7-10LM 162 L. Al Labadi     
STA257H1FProbability & Stat IL5101YMW6 (tutorial)Contact DepartmentS. Sue-Chee   160720
     MW7-10MP 203 S. Sue-Chee     
STA261H1SProbabilty & Stat IIL5101YMW6 (tutorial)Contact DepartmentZ. Liu   1751500
     MW7-10BA 1160 Z. Liu     
STA302H1FMeth Data AnalysisL0101YTR2-5MC 102 C. BurkettPSee Details 3002430
   L5101YMW6-9MS 3153 C. BurkettP 2641520
STA303H1SData Analysis IIL5101YMW6-9LM 162 M. GuerzhoyPSee Details 144800
STA304H1FSurvey Sam & Obs DataL5101YTR6-9MS 3153 D. Banjevic   2401710
STA305H1SDesign SCI StudiesL5101YTR6-9MS 3154 M. Ebden   2201600
STA347H1SProbability IL5101YTR6-9BA 1130 G. JangPSee Details 1401200
STA457H1STime Series AnalysisL5101YMW6-9MS 3153 J. Lin   1901320
STA496H1SReadings in StatsL0101NTBA F. YaoE   10
STA496H1YReadings in StatsL0101NTBA C. BurkettE  10
STA497H1YReadings in StatsL0101NTBA      10
STA498Y1YReadings in StatsL0101NTBA D. RoyE   00
STA499Y1YReadings in StatsL0101NTBA A. FeuervergerE   10

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