Religion [RLG courses - includes MHB]

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Religion [RLG courses - includes MHB]
Course Section
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Enrolment # Wait
List #
MHB155H1FElem Modern Hebrew IL0101YMT4-7JH 214 Y. Nizri   1510
     W4-6JH 214 Y. Nizri     
MHB156H1SElem Modern Hebrew IIL0101YMT4-7JH 214 Y. Nizri   1520
     W4-6JH 214 Y. Nizri     
RLG100Y1YWorld ReligionsL5101YTR6-8SS 2108 D. Perley   50150
RLG200H1FStudy of ReligionL5101YMW5:30-8:30SS 1088 J. Stein  Time Change: May 19, 2016 50190
RLG210Y0S L3001NTBA J. Bryant    10
RLG230H1FRelig & Public LifeL5101YMW6-8MP 118 C. Reimer   50230
RLG231H1SReligion & ScienceL0101YTR10-12SS 1084 M. Price   40340
RLG280Y1YCompar World RelsL5101YTR6-8SS 2108 D. Perley   25150
RLG313H1FGender, Sexuality & RelL0101YMW3-5SS 2108 L. Ribeiro   70210
RLG404H1SCapstone ResearchL5101YTR6-8SS 2120 A. BrahmbhattRSee Details 2060

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