Psychology [PSY courses]

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Prerequisites: It is the responsibility of students to ensure that they hold the stated prerequisites for each course in which they enrol. If you are a non-degree/visiting student you MUST bring a copy of your transcript(s) to the Undergraduate Advising Office to provide proof to the Department that you meet ALL of the prerequisites for the course(s) PRIOR to enrolling in courses. We will NOT allow you to take any of our courses without proper prerequisites. UTM and UTSC students must also have proper prerequisites for St. George courses.

For 'P' indicator courses: unless other programs are listed, priority is given only to students enrolled in St. George Campus PSY Minor, Major or Specialist subject POSts. As a result, students not in a PSY program at the St. George campus may not obtain a space in their desired course. 

For PSY405H1 and 406H1, 'E' indicator: students must first obtain consent of an instructor in the Department to supervise their project. The proposal signed by student and supervisor should be submitted to the Undergraduate Advisor for approval.

Explanation on codes and Enrolment Indicators
Psychology [PSY courses]
Course Section
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Enrolment # Wait
List #
PSY100H1FIntro PsychologyL0101YTR10-1HS 610 D. Dolderman   2402120
PSY100H1SIntro PsychologyL5101YMW6-9MP 203 J. Vervaeke  1501490
PSY201H1FStatistics IL5101YTR6-9LM 159 M. ArmsonPSee Details 2001650
PSY202H1SStatistics IIL5101YTR6-9RW 117 A. SharplesPSee Details 100760
PSY210H1SIntro DevelopmentL5101YMW6-9SS 1085 McNeil/YoungPSee Details 96940
PSY220H1FIntro Social PsychL0101YTR10-1BA 1160 J. PlaksPSee Details 2201350
PSY230H1FIntro PersonalityL5101YMW6-9SS 2117 C. BurtonPSee Details 120890
PSY240H1SIntro Abnormal PsychL5101YTR6-9LM 161 R. LeungPSee Details 1201010
PSY260H1SLearning & PlasticityL0101YMW1-4SS 1069 S. GroppePSee Details 100840
PSY270H1SIntro Cognitive PsychL0101YTR2-5RW 110 D. ChanPSee Details 150680
PSY280H1FSensation & PerceptionL5101YTR5-8SS 1070 S. GillinghamPSee Details 60310
PSY290H1FPhysiol PsyL0101YTR2-5SS 2110 S. TanninenPSee Details 60350
PSY299Y1YRsch Opportunity PrgL0101NTBA M. BarenseE   20
   L0201NTBA D. BuchsbaumE  10
   L0301NTBA G. EinsteinE  10
   L0401NTBA J. GrusecE  40
   L0501NTBA C. HoneyE  00
   L0601NTBA H. LempertE  10
   L0701NTBA N. RuleE  10
   L0801NTBA K. TakeharaE  10
   L0901NTBA A. ChasteenE  20
PSY320H1SSoc Psy: AttitudesL0101YMW11-2SS 1072 C. BurtonPSee Details 50390
PSY322H1FIntergroup RelationsL0101YMW2-5SS 1084 J. CadieuxPSee Details 50240
PSY328H1FPsy LawL5101YTR5-8SS 2105 H. GordonPSee Details 50240
PSY329H1FSocial Psych LabL0101YTR10-1SS 581 A. Waggoner DentonPESee Details 15110
PSY331H1FSoc Psy of EmotionL0101YTR1-4SS 1074 A. LubyPSee Details 50170
PSY332H1FOrg BehaviourL5101YMW6-9SS 1084 C. ZouPSee Details 50410
PSY333H1SHealth PsychologyL5101Cancel     
PSY336H1FPositive PsychologyL0101YTR2-5SS 1087 D. DoldermanPSee Details 50440
PSY372H1SHuman MemoryL0101YTR10-1SS 2105 D. DouglasPSee Details 50460
PSY396H1FNeurochem of BehavL5101YMW6-9SS 1086 J. BrownePSee Details 50210
PSY405H1YInd ProjectsL0101NTBA  E   30
PSY406H1YInd ProjectsL0101NTBA  E   30
PSY424H1SRelationshipsL0101YTR2-5SS 1069 J. MaxwellPSee DetailsRoom Changed: May 9, 2016 50540
PSY450H1SHistory of PsychL0101YMW10-1SS 2110 M. Lipinski-HartenPSee Details 50200
PSY470H1FSem Res MemoryL0101YTR2-4SS 581 M. BarensePESee Details 1570
PSY493H1FCog NeuroscienceL0101YTR10-1SS 1087 H. MeloPSee Details 50380
PSY494H1SPhysio and Psy EmotionL0101CancelSee Details    

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