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Political Science [POL courses]
Course Section
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Enrolment # Wait
List #
POL200Y1YPolitical TheoryL5101YTR6-8SS 1069 E. Planinc   90780
POL201Y1YPolitics of DevelopmentL5101YMW6-8GB 303 A. Gnamo   60280
POL203Y1SUS Govt & PoliticsL0101YMTWR2-4SS 1070 R. Levine   60320
POL208Y1YIntroduction to I.R.L5101YMW6-8SS 1069 M. Yaniszewski   106690
POL214Y1YCanadian PoliticsL5101YMW6-8LM 161 D. Pond   110620
POL222H1FIntro to Quant Reason IL5101YTR6-8SS 2110 I. Wilson   80600
POL232H1SIntro Quant Reason IIL5101Cancel     
POL300H1FTopics in Comp Pol (Beyond the Welfare State: Social Welfare Provision in Comparative Perspectives)L0101YMW12-2SS 1070D. Bodruzic   50350
POL301Y1YGovt & Pol in AfricaL0101YTR2-4SS 1072 Handley/Gnamo   60240
POL302Y1YState & Society in C20th ChinaL0101YMW2-4SS 1072 V. Falkenheim   60230
POL320Y1YModern Pol ThoughtL5101YMW6-8SS 1072 M. Hamilton   60250
POL321Y1FEthnic Pol Comp PersL0101YMTWR10-12BA 1240 P. Triadafilopoulos   60300
POL326Y1FU.S. Foreign PolicyL0101YMTWR4-6SS 1069 A. Jurgensen   70420
POL328H1FPolitics & Gov in South AsiaL0101YTR4-6SS 1072 N. Ali   50160
POL340Y1YInternational LawL5101YTR6-8SS 1083 Kennedy/Kolenda   70550
POL380H1STopics in I.P. (Natural Resources, Power and Conflict in Africa, Latin America and Asian)L0101YMW4-6SS 1070M. Gagne   50270
  (The International Politics of Mobility: Understanding Migration in Time of 'Crisis')L5101YMW6-8SS 2111Banerjee/Smith Room Change. June 24, 2016. 40240
POL381H1STopics in Pol Theory (Religion and Politics)L0101YTR12-2SS 1070A. Paquin-Pelletier   50330
POL382H1FTopics Canadian Pol (Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations in Canada)L0101YTR12-2SS 1070A. Davidson   50200
POL417Y1YGlobal South in Int PolL0101YMW12-2SS 1078 A. Gnamo   25240
POL431Y1YPol & Soc Cont ChinaL0101YTR12-2SS 1078 V. Falkenheim   20200
POL447H1FPol Economy of DevL0101YMW2-4LA 214 K. Ahmed   25160
POL486H1STopics Inter Pol I (Democracy and the International System)L5101YMW6-8HS 100V. Gunitskiy  Room Change. June 24, 2016. 20190
POL491Y1YTopics in Can Pol II (Democracy in Decline? Renewing Civic Engagement)L5101YTR6-8AH 206A. Careless   20140
POL495Y1FIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA TbaE   00
POL495Y1SIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA TbaE  00
POL495Y1YIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA TbaE  00
POL496H1FIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA TbaE   10
POL496H1SIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA TbaE  10
POL497H1FIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA TbaE   00
POL497H1SIndependent StudiesL0101NTBA TbaE  00

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