Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations [NMC courses - includes NML]

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Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations [NMC courses - includes NML]
Course Section
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Enrolment # Wait
List #
NMC104H1FThe Biblical WorldL0101YTR1-3BF 200BR. Holmstedt  Room Changed: May 9, 2016 50100
   T0101NTR3BF 200B  Room Changed: May 9, 2016 50100
NMC261Y1YField ArchaeologyL3001NTBA  E Added. April 1, 2016.  20
NMC277H1STopics in Near&ME Civilization (The Crusades: Islamic Perspectives)L0101YMW1:30-3:30UC 163    50380
  Topics in Near&ME Civilization (Jerusalem: The Holy City of Three Religions)L0201Cancel    
NMC380H1FRel & Myth Anc NEL5101YTR5-7BF 215 D. Frayne   50130
NMC471H1FAdv Topics in Near & ME Civ (Religious Revolts, Popular Uprisings, & Internal Conflicts throughout Islamic History)L0101YWF12-2BF 215    50210
NMC499Y1YSenior ThesisL0101NTBA      10
NML110Y1YIntroductory ArabicL0101YMTWR10-12BF 215 Ali/AliPSee Details 30120
     TR12:30BF 215 Ali/Ali     
NML155H1FElem Modern Hebrew IL0101YMT4-7JH 214 Y. Nizri   2530
     W4-6JH 214 Y. Nizri     
NML156H1SElem Modern Hebrew IIL0101YMT4-7JH 214 Y. Nizri   2550
     W4-6JH 214 Y. Nizri     

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