French [FRE courses - includes FCS, FSL]

The following timetable information is the most current information available.

Students may only register in the course(s) for which they have the stated prerequisites.

Determining the appropriate level of one’s first French course: The Department places students in the language course appropriate to their level of linguistic competence based on the results of its Placement Test.  Given that 100, 200, 300 and 400-level FSL courses correspond to levels of competence in French and not to years of study as is the case with FRE courses, a student may be recommended to enroll in a course at a higher level than his/her year of study. The Placement Test, available at, is mandatory for all students who wish to register in an FRE or FSL course for the first time (except true beginners with no knowledge of French who may enroll directly in FSL100). The Test can be taken only ONCE and the results of the first test will prevail in the event of multiple attempts.  Ideally, the Placement Test should be taken in the term preceding the one of the course students wish to register in (e.g., for a course starting in September, students should take the Placement Test in the summer term, prior to their registration date on ROSI and before the beginning of classes). Please allow three to five working days to obtain the test results.

For 'E' indicator courses: applicants must complete the Application form for Senior Essay and Independent Study Proposal, available at and return them, duly signed by their supervisor, by April 4 to Linda Lamisong, room 226, Odette Hall. An electronic version of the application must also be forwarded to

Explanation on codes and Enrolment Indicators
French [FRE courses - includes FCS, FSL]
Course Section
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Enrolment # Wait
List #
FRE210H1FIntro Quebec LitL5101YTR5-8NF 113 M. PascalPSee Details 60210
   T5101NTR7VC 304  P 30190
   T5102NTR7AH 204  P 3010
FRE272H1FStru of Modern Fre (An Introduction)L0101YTR1-4BL 325M.L. MamodePSee DetailsNote Room change: May 25, 2016 60210
   T0101NTR3BL 112 PNote Room Change: May 25, 2016 30150
   T0102NTR3BL 114 PNote Room change: May 25, 2016 3060
FSL100H1FFrench for Beginners IL0101YMTWR2-4SS 1073 M. Witek   75500
FSL100H1SFrench for Beginners IL0101YMTWR2-4SS 1083 K. Poulin-Thibault  75680
FSL102H1FIntrod FrenchL5101YMTWR5-7SS 1073 J. Copley   75110
FSL102H1SIntrod FrenchL5101YMTWR5-7MP 134 C. Gaffney  75280
FSL221Y1YFrench Lang IIL5101YMW5-8UC 163 Treier/PericPSee Details 50410
FSL321Y1YFre Lang IIIL5101YMW5-8UC 144 Bonnotte/ChungPSee Details 40170
FSL421Y1YFre Lang IVL5101YTR5-8WO 35 Saverino/Savard-CorbeilPSee Details 40240

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