Environment, School of [ENV courses]

The following timetable information is the most current information available.

For ENV200H1: tutorials are offered in alternate (A) weeks.

For ENV233H1: This course is administered by the Department of Earth Sciences.

For ENV234H1, 334H1 and 432H: These courses are administered by the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

For ENV237H1, 238H1: These courses are administered by the Department of Physics.

For 'E' and 'PE' indicator courses: To request enrolment in E courses, as well as in PE courses in the second round of course enrolments, contact D.Powell at 416-946-8100 or by david.powell@utoronto.ca (the latter is preferred).

For The School of the Environment information:
www.environment.utoronto.ca see or contact Undergraduate Student Advisor, D.Powell 416-946-8100, ES 149A (Earth Science Building, at the end of the long foyer inside entrance from 5 Bancroft) or by email david.powell@utoronto.ca (the latter is preferred).

Explanation on codes and Enrolment Indicators
Environment, School of [ENV courses]
Course Section
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Enrolment # Wait
List #
ENV100H1FIntro to EnvironmentL0101YTR1-3LM 162 S. Scharper   110920
   T0101NT12LM 123    22140
   T0201NT3LM 123    22210
   T0202NT3SS 2111    22200
   T0301NR12LM 123    2260
   T0401NR3LM 123    22170
ENV200H1FEnvironmental ChangeL0101YMW12-2LM 161 R. VermaPSee Details 1251150
   T0101NM11LM 123  P 25180
   T0201NM2LM 123  P 25240
   T0301NW11LM 123  P 25230
   T0401NW2LM 123  P 25250
   T0402NW2BF 315  P 25230
ENV221H1SMultidiscpln EnvironL0101YMW2-4BA 1220 D. PondPSee Details 65610
   T0101NM1LM 123  P 22200
   T0201NW12LM 123  P 22170
   T0301NW1LM 123  P 22220
ENV299Y1YRsch Opportunity PrgL0101NTBA M. DiamondE   10
ENV492H1FIndep Studies ProjectL0101NTBA StaffE   20
ENV493H1FIndep Studies ProjectL0101NTBA  E   10
ENV493H1SIndep Studies ProjectL0101NTBA StaffE  00

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