Economics [ECO courses]

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Students must fulfill all Economics course prerequisites as outlined in the 2015-2016 Faculty of Arts and Science Calendar. Failure to meet prerequisites will result in REMOVAL from the course. Students who wish to use a course completed at another institution for prerequisite purposes MUST submit a transcript to Ms. R. Innes or Ms. J. Fan, 150 St. George Street, by May 9. Failure to do so will inevitably result in removal from the course. 

Explanation on codes and Enrolment Indicators
Economics [ECO courses]
Course Section
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Enrolment # Wait
List #
ECO100Y1YIntro EconomicsL0101YTWR10-12MB 128 K. Furlong See Details 2001900
   L0201YTWR2-4MB 128 K. Furlong  2001910
   L0301YM2-4SF 1105 H. Ho  196580
     WR7-9MP 202 H. Ho     
   L5101YTR6-9MB 128 K. Furlong  2001480
ECO200Y1YMicroeconomic TheoryL5101YTR6-9ES B142 W. Wolfson   100740
ECO202Y1YMacroecTheory PolicyL5101YMW6-9LM 158 M. Anjomshoa   75580
ECO206Y1YMicroeconomic TheoryL0101YTWR10-12MP 203 Freitas/WuPSee Details 196940
ECO208Y1YMacroeconomic TheoryL0101YTWR4-6GB 120Desgagnes/Tewfik   75200
ECO209Y1YMacroeconomic TheoryL0101YTR10-1WO 25 G. IndartRPSee Details 55340
ECO220Y1YQuantitative MethodsL0101YTWF11-1MP 134 Yu/Marcoux   93620
   L0201YTW2-4MP 137 Yu/Marcoux  93750
     F1-3MP 137 Yu/Marcoux     
ECO313H1SEnvir Eco & PolL0101YTR2-5SS 1073M. AnjomshoaPSee DetailsNote Room Changed: June 24, 2016 71640
ECO316H1SApplied Game TheoryL5101YMW6-9MS 2172E. XiePSee DetailsNote Room Changed: June 24, 2016 75400
ECO333H1FUrban EconomicsL5101YTR6-9BL 205 P. TomlinsonPSee Details 90810
ECO333H1SUrban EconomicsL5101YTR6-9BL 205 P. TomlinsonP 90870
ECO349H1FMoney Banking FinL0101YMW2-5SS 2106 G. GeorgopoulosPSee Details 75550
ECO349H1SMoney Banking FinL0101YMW2-5SS 1073 G. GeorgopoulosP 75670
ECO358H1FFinancial Economics IL0101YT10-12LM 158 A. MazaheriPSee Details 90550
     W2-4LM 158 A. Mazaheri     
ECO359H1SFinancial Economics IIL0101YT10-12SS 1088 A. MazaheriPSee Details 55250
     W2-4SS 1088 A. Mazaheri     
ECO362H1FEconomic GrowthL0101YTWR2-4LM 155 K. FreitasPSee Details 50100
ECO364H1FInternational TradeL0101YTR2-5LM 158 Penano/OrrPSee Details 75440
ECO365H1SIntern Monetary EconL0101YMW10-1LM 158 J. MondriaPSee Details 75450
ECO375H1SApplied Econometrics IL0101YMTW1-3LM 158 M. BurdaPSee Details 50260
ECO380H1FMarket, Compt' & StrategyL0101YTR1-4GB 221 Z. YuanPSee Details 100860
ECO381H1FPersonnel EconomicsL5101YTR5-8LM 155 J. KantarevicPSee Details 50330
ECO407H1FViews Macro TheoryL0101YTR2-5WO 35 G. IndartPSee Details 50370

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