Computer Science [CSC courses]

The following timetable information is the most current information available.

Deadlines for changing from an accelerated/enriched course.
20165, Summer session: June 3, 2016

Students registered in the following courses have an extended period, beyond the normal Add Date, during which they are permitted to switch:
From CSC148H1Y to CSC108H1Y

Students may register in their new course at their college (not at the Computer Science undergrad office). If the course is full, no students will be allowed to register. Contact the instructor of the new course to make arrangements for a tutorial section. Deadlines are strictly enforced.

For E enrolment indicator courses: Please consult the CS undergraduate Office (contact below).

Prerequisites, Co-requisites and Exclusions

Do not assume that being able to register in the course means that you satisfy the prerequisites, because prerequisites, co-requisites, and exclusions are not checked at the time of enrolment. Due to circumstances beyond our control, prerequisite, corequisite, and exclusion checks will be performed after the 100% refund period.

Course waivers: Course prerequisites will only be be waived if you demonstrate equivalent preparation to the course instructor. Waivers are considered for the term in which you are taking the course, and do not transfer from session to session.

Visiting students: To ensure that you have the course pre-requisite(s), please present your transcript to the course instructor no later than the first lecture.

Waiver Deadlines:
20165, Summer session: May 9, 2016
This deadline is strictly enforced. If you add the course after the waiver deadline, you must contact the instructor immediately after enrolling or waitlisting.

Tutorials: In courses where applicable, tutorials will be arranged after classes commence.

Current timetable and instructor contact information:
This will be posted on the bulletin board outside BA4252/4, and on the Undergraduate Community Bulletin Board (

CS Undergraduate Office hours:
Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (416-978-6360, email:

Explanation on codes and Enrolment Indicators
Computer Science [CSC courses]
Course Section
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Enrolment # Wait
List #
CSC108H1YIntro to Comp ProgL5101YR6-9BA 1180 Y. AlyPSee Details 1201090
CSC148H1YIntro to Comp SciL5101YM6-8SF 1105A. ChinaeiPSee DetailsNOTE ROOM CHANGE: May 18, 2016 1501180
     R6-9SF 1105A. Chinaei NOTE ROOM CHANGE: May 18, 2016    
CSC165H1YMath Expr&Rsng for CsL5101YTW6-9SF 1105 S. CohenPSee Details 2001700
CSC204H1YCollab with CompSciL0101NTR12-2ZZ DEPT L. Kaufman-SimpkinsE  2030
     R2-5ZZ DEPT L. Kaufman-Simpkins     
CSC207H1YSoftware DesignL5101YR6-8BA 1190 I. DemaPSee Details 1201110
     R8BA 1190 I. Dema     
CSC209H1YSoft Tools & Sys ProgL5101YM6-8BA 1180 M. BarskyPSee Details 100760
     M8BA 1180 M. Barsky     
CSC236H1YIntro to Theory CompL5101YW6-8BA 1180 S. CohenPSee Details 100910
     W8BA 1180 S. Cohen     
CSC258H1YComputer OrganizatnL5101YMT6-9BA 1190 B. HarringtonPSee Details 100830
CSC263H1YData Struct & AnalL5101YW6-8BA 1190 T. StrangwayPSee Details 1201000
     W8BA 1190 T. Strangway     
CSC299Y1YRsch Opportunity PrgL0101NTBA S. EngelsE   120
CSC309H1YProg on the WebL5101YM6-8BA 1200 K. SeabornPSee Details 80720
     M8BA 1200 K. Seaborn     
CSC343H1YIntro to DatabasesL5101YR6-8SF 1101M. BarskyPSee DetailsRoom changed: SF 1101 80700
     R8SF 1101M. Barsky Room Changed: July 13, 2016    
CSC369H1YOperating SystemsL5101YT6-8BA 1180 S. MerajiPSee Details 100790
     T8BA 1180 S. Meraji     
CSC373H1YAlgo Design & AnalysisL5101YW6-9SF 1101L. MouatadidPSee DetailsRoom Changed: July 15, 2016 100820
     R6GB 120 L. Mouatadid     
CSC454H1YBusiness SoftwareL0101NT2-5BA 1220 M. GrechE Room Changed: July 15, 2017 50150
CSC490H1YCapstone Design Proj (ASEP)L0101NTR12-2  E  30110
     R2-5ZZ DEPT Y. Freund     
CSC494H1YProject in CSCL0101NTBA  E   70
CSC495H1YProject in CSCL0101NTBA  E   20

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