Rotman Commerce [RSM courses]

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RSM (Rotman School of Management) courses are restricted to students in Rotman Commerce and other approved programs in the summer session. All students are responsible for fulfilling prerequisites and co-requisites; students enrolled in courses for which they do not have the published prerequisites will have their registration in those courses cancelled at any time without warning. Students must also observe exclusions. Failure to meet these requirements may result in academic difficulties. If students withdraw from a course they must also withdraw from any course for which it is a co-requisite.

1) Rotman Commerce students are given priority in enrolling in RSM courses until Tuesday, April 12, 2016.

2) First year Rotman Commerce Students may enrol in 200-level RSM courses in the summer (pending class space) starting on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 4:00pm as long as the following courses and credits have been completed by the end of April 2016: ECO100Y1 and RSM100Y1 with a grade of at least 67% in each; MAT133Y1 or equivalent with a grade of at least 63%; at least 4.0 credits. MAT equivalents include: MAT135H + MAT136H each with a final mark of at least 60%: MAT137Y with a final mark of at least 55%; MAT 157Y with a final mark of at least 55%. 

3) St. George campus students in an approved program other than Rotman Commerce may enrol in 200+ level RSM courses as required for their programs (pending class space) starting on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 4:00pm. Approved programs other than Rotman Commerce in the summer session include: Actuarial Science Specialists; Woodsworth Employment Relations students; and Woodworth Human Resource Management students.

Consult the Rotman Commerce website for RSM course timetable information.

Explanation on codes and Enrolment Indicators
Rotman Commerce [RSM courses]
Course Section
Time Location Instructor Enrolment
Enrolment # Wait
List #
RSM100Y1YIntro to ManagementL0101YMW9-11WW 126 Oesch/KlakurkaRSee Details 80670
RSM219H1FIntro to Financial AcctL0101YMW4-6WO 20E. ZulianiRPSee DetailsNOTE ROOM CHANGE: May 13, 2016 65520
   T5101NMW6WO 20 RPNOTE ROOM CHANGE: May 13, 2016 65480
RSM220H1FInt Financial Acctng IL0101YMW5-7WO 35  RSee Details 50230
   T0101NMW7WO 35  R 50210
RSM221H1SInt Financial Acctng IIL5101YMW5-7WO 30  RSee Details 50230
RSM222H1SManagement Acctg IL0101YTR4-6WO 20 W. ZhaoRPSee Details 50360
   T0101NW4-6WO 20  RP 50340
RSM250H1FPrinciples MarketingL0101YTR10-12WO 20 S. Shahrokhi TehraniRPSee Details 57470
RSM260H1FOrganizational BehavL0101YMW1-3WO 25 E. MarziRPSee Details 50260
RSM270H1SOperations MgmtL0101YMW11-1WO 30 Y. ZhouRPSee Details 50250
RSM324H1FCan Income Tax IL0101YMW12-3WO 30 B. RockxRSee Details 50270
RSM332H1FCapital Mkt TheoryL0101YMW11-1WO 20 A. SharifkhaniRSee Details 57480
   L0201YMW3-5WO 25M. Danesh JafariRNOTE ROOM CHANGE: May 13, 2016 52330
   L5101YMW5-7WO 25H. BurkeRNOTE ROOM CHANGE: May 13, 2016 50370
RSM333H1SIntro Corp FinanceL0101YMW2-4WO 30 C. SchillerRSee Details 50280
   L0201YTR1-3WO 30 O. YungR 50360
   L5101YTR6-8WO 30 O. YungR 50280
RSM392H1SStrategic MgmtL5101YMW5-7WO 25 J. KlakurkaRSee Details 50400
RSM402H1SIndependent StudyL0101NTBA  E   10
RSM424H1FCan Income Tax IIL0101YMW2-5WO 35 B. RockxRSee Details 50350
RSM435H1FFutures & OptionsL0101YMW3-5WO 30 O. YungRSee Details 50390
RSM490H1SInternational StrategyL5101YMW7-9WO 25J. KlakurkaRSee Details 50290

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