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A few First-Year Seminars give preference during the first round of enrolment to students with membership in the college offering the course - if this is the case, the college name will be listed beside the course title. During the second round of enrolment, first-year students at any college may enroll if space is available.

Refer to the 2016-17 Arts & Science Timetable for the schedule information of each offering.

2016-2017 LTE 199Y1Y: Living Things and Their Environment (4)

Section Title College
L0121 Plants as We See Them  


2016-2017 LTE 199Y1 Living Things and Their Environment: Category 4

LTE 199Y1Y | Section L0121

Plants As We See Them
The intent of this seminar is to overcome the animal perceptual bias that leads us to see plants simply as part of the landscape, the background upon which the seemingly more interesting animals play out their lives. In the process, students will learn about how plants are put together and how they interact with the physical environment, animals, and each other, and will discover that the lives of plants are eminently suited to their spectacular success on Earth.

Instructor: J. Eckenwalder, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Breadth category: 4 Living Things and Their Environment